Heartland Season 15

Will There Be A Season 15 Of Heartland 

The news about the series renewal for season 15 of Heartland couldn’t be more exciting. It isn’t shocking, seeing as the series has been a rating success for CBC, regularly averaging around 1 million viewers per episode.

Since it first premiered in 2007, Heartland has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. Thus, earning its title of the longest-running one-hour scripted tv show on Canadian television.

From the beautiful Albertan countryside to following the lives of the Bartlett-Fleming family as they navigate different chapters of their lives, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this family drama.

In addition, the show is one of the network’s most famous exports, airing in over 119 countries. With such a large and loyal fan base, it seems unlikely that CBC will cancel the series soon.

Who Is In Season 15

Since season 14 concluded in 2021, we’ve all been waiting for season 15 to return, and we couldn’t be happier to see the return of our favorite horse family.

Returning for season 15 are some of our favorite actors and actresses, including;

  • Amber Marshall is cast as Amy Fleming-Bartlett
  • Michelle Morgan plays Lou Fleming-Bartlett
  • Shaun Johnston as Jack Bartlett
  • Chris Potter plays Tim Fleming
  • Ruby with Emmanuella Spencer as Lyndy 

And many more!

After Ty’s (Graham Wordle) abrupt departure from the show, it seemed possible that other cast members might also exit the show. Especially after Chris potter (Tim Fleming) was rumored to be leaving the show because of the distance between the filming location and where his family lives. However, we are happy to report that most of the Heartland family stays intact.

Any Guests Characters Bumped Up To Series Regulars 

There haven’t been any guest stars from the cast list. However, a few regulars are set to return, and a couple of new cast members will be taking center stage.

  • Ava Tran will be back as Parker yang, the young activist who gave hell to Lou in season 14 
  • Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly 
  • Nathaniel Arcand will be back as Scott Cardinal
  • Kate Drummond, who played Paula, Westfiled Val’s friend, will also be reprising her role.
  • Emma Fitzroy will be back as Jemmy Steele – she is the donor of Cooper’s horse therapy center.
  • Adrian Spencer as Cooper Hues

Some Of The New Actors Who Will Be Joining Include

Canadian actress Baye McPherson will be replacing Ziya Matherson, the actress who has played Katie, Lou, and Peter’s biological daughter for the last three seasons.

Even though this will be the 3rd time Katie is gaining a new look, we cannot wait to see what Baye has in store for her character.

Drew Davies will also be joining the cast as logan, a 17-year-old troubled teen who, despite his cockiness, is a sweet soul who has untapped gifts that he gets to uncover once he meets Amy.

Significant Events From Season 15 

After losing Ty the past season, it seemed as if the dark cloud hovering over the family’s heads wouldn’t let up anytime soon. However, in season 15, we see the Bartlett-Fleming family slowly but surely start to rebuild.

The family starts to pull together and support each other as they discover that even when life doesn’t go the way you want it to, there is still a lot of good to be found if you’re willing to look for it.

Work Relations

With the new season comes new challenges for our favorite characters. For Amy, in the first episode, that includes working with the lead Reinard trainer, Sylvie (played by Sarah Booth), who needs help training their two horses who keep attacking each other.

At first, they both have a hard time working together. Sylvie feels she was the second choice for Reinard and can’t compete with Amy, and Amy questions whether not taking Reinard up on his offer in season 5, episode 1, was the right choice.

They talk about how each one chooses the path that was right for each of them at the time, Sylvie being the lead trainer at the Darkhorse Show, and Amy choosing to stay in Heartland and have a family. 

Amy also comes face to face with Grady, the man who shot her and Ty. At first, she is hesitant to face him. However, with Jack’s wise counsel and Tim’s fists finding their way to Grady’s mouth, they all begin to heal.

Schooling For Lyndy

Another major event in season 15 is Lyndy starting school. Her schooling is a big step for the young girl. She has been schooled at home for most of her life. It’s also a big adjustment for Amy, who is used to having Lyndy around. Even though it’s not a school but a week-long day camp, the trial run seems to help Amy. Hopefully, she will have less of a hard time when the time comes.

Love Life

While there are a lot of new challenges for the characters in season 15, there are also some significant changes happening in their personal lives. One of the most significant changes is Tim getting married. Tim has been a widower for many years, so it’s great to see him finding happiness again with Jessica after their whirlwind romance where they traveled the world together and took photos. 

As the season progresses, Jessica begins to create roots for herself in Hudson, where she continues to bond with Lou, Amy, and the girls.

She even sets up shop at Maggie’s, hoping to sell some of her photos, and even though it ends up not succeeding, it shows signs of progress. They also have a wedding in Hudson when Tim realizes that his family felt left out when they decided to get hitched outside the country.


Jack remembers his past and works through the trauma he has regarding his sister. In episode 4, following numerous break-ins in Hudson, the Heartland Ranch gets stolen, triggering Jack. We get glimpses of June Bartlett and Jack’s father throughout the episode. June dies, and into the rabbit hole, he goes.

Even though he thinks he hasn’t made the ranch a safe place for Lisa and the girls. He can work through it with Lisa’s help and gets some closure in the process.

The Youth Centre

There are plenty of heartwarming moments in season 15. One of the most touching moments is when Amy decides to open an equestrian youth center dedicated to Ty. Incredibly, Amy is healing, but she opens a place where youths can bond with horses and act as a haven starting with Logan.

Together Again

Lou and Peter get back together. In season 14, we left Peter and Lou’s engagement broken off after Peter admits to Lou that he still has feelings for her.

In this whole season, Lou debates whether or not she and Peter should give it another shot. However, despite having strong feelings for each other, she is still hesitant. It’s made worse when Katie tells her she loves their life as is and wouldn’t change a thing.

In episode 10, Katie tells her mom that she was scared to get her hopes high, only to be heartbroken after seeing them cozy upto each other at the dinner. However, this seems to push Lou in the right direction as she goes to Peter. At last, they decide to give it another go.

New Ventures

Lisa works on a new business venture. In the past season, Lisa’s story arc hasn’t been the focus of Heartland. However, this season, we see her buy a horse that she hopes would be the beginning of something new for her. At first, it seems as if she has made a huge mistake. However, Jack reminds her to trust herself, and in the end, we see her emerge the winner.

How Many Episodes Are In Heartland Season 15

There will be 10 – 60 minute long episodes following the previous season’s footsteps. The focus will be mainly on how the family manages and lives to the fullest, from Amy, now being a single parent, to Jack, Tim, and Lou embracing the future, creating new dreams, and fulfilling old ones.

Where Can I Watch Heartland Season 15? 

You can watch season 15 on CBC and CBC Gem if you live in Canada. Sadly for fans in Canada looking to stream the season on Netflix, this won’t be possible till late March or April 2023.

The new season is available on Up Faith and Family for fans living in the United States, where fans will also get VIP access to never seen bonus footage and behind-the-scenes produced exclusively for UP Faith and Family.

If you want to watch it on Netflix, you might have to wait a little longer. However, the previous seasons 1-13 are available for streaming. 

You can watch Heartland on Netflix for viewers outside Canada and the US, as it already premiered in the UK on March 19th, 2022.

Who Directed Season 15 

Michele Morgan, who plays Lou on the show, directed episode 7, Bluebird and Brand New Day, while Pierre Tremblay, ken Filewych, potter, Kristin Lehman, morgan, Gloria Kim, and Benett ran the rest.


While season 15 is full of challenges and changes, it’s also packed with the same heart and humor that fans have come to love about Heartland. In addition, this season will be another emotional roller coaster ride for viewers, but it’s worth taking!