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Why Does Beth Hate Jamie So Much In Yellowstone?

Whether you’re a long-time viewer of Yellowstone or just gotten to Montana, you’ve probably heard of the strife between Beth and Jamie. So, why does Beth hate Jamie so much in Yellowstone? Our favorite duo of adoptive siblings. 

Yellowstone is a world where foes are taken to the train station. The best familial relationships are between a ranch hand and the family’s patriarch. The setting is beautiful Montana.

While not all relationships in Yellowstone are like that of these two, they do make for entertaining TV, especially when Beth is ripping into Jamie. 

Who Is Beth?

Beth is the oldest and most outspoken of the Dutton’s children. She’s determined, driven, and fiercely loyal to her family.

In addition, she is a force to be reckoned with and doesn’t take no for an answer. On the other hand, Jamie is more subdued and quiet, preferring to remain in the shadows while still managing to stay in control.

He’s a lawyer with ambitions to become a powerful politician, using his family name to help him along the way.

So why does Beth hates Jamie so much?

Why Beth Dutton Hates Jamie Dutton on Yellowstone

The rivalry between the two Duttons has been a defining factor throughout the Yellowstone series. As siblings, Beth and Jamie have tumultuous relationship from day one (episode one).

What could be why Beth’s intense dislike for her brother Jamie? Here are some possible explanations.

Past Betrayals

One of the primary reasons Beth Dutton hates Jamie Dutton is his past betrayals. The troubles between Beth and Jamie seem to stem from sibling rivalry going back to season one.

However, in season 3, in a flashback, we get to learn why Beth hates her brother so much. 

It’s revealed that Beth became pregnant when she was 15 years old and requested Jamie to help her out.

In the flashback, we see a young Jamie and Beth headed to the local clinic located on the Native American reservation, seeing as it was too much of a risk to go anywhere else.  

However, the staff tells Jamie that she can only do the abortion through sterilization. He agrees, his mistake being that he doesn’t let Beth know about the sterilization.

Leaving her in the dark about the consequences is a betrayal Beth cannot easily forgive.

Conflicting Personalities

Another reason why Beth Dutton hates Jamie Dutton is because of their conflicting personalities.

While Beth is a strong, independent, and determined woman who knows what she wants, Jamie is more laid back and often goes with the flow.

This difference in personalities often leads to clashes between the two siblings. Beth is not used to her brother stepping out of line and disobeying orders.

Jamie is also the only weakness that Beth has. While with Jamie, she cannot use logic and, most of the time, is ruled by her emotions, and this doesn’t fly well for someone who likes to be in control like Beth, making her even angrier.

Two Completely Different People 

Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton may share the same last name. However, that’s about the only thing these two have in common. Beth (played by Kelly Reilly) is a sharp-tongued businesswoman with a heart of ice.

At the same time, Jamie (Wes Bentley) is an ambitious lawyer who has made it no secret that he’d like to take over the family business.

For the past four seasons, it has become more apparent that these two are entirely different, not only in their conduct but also in their morals.

Beth believes in going all the way for the family legacy. She burns whoever and whatever is in the way in favor of her father.

She believes Jamie is self-serving, only looking after his interests while planning his moves to benefit himself, even if it comes at the cost of their dad, which also plays a role in her disdain for Jamie.

Lack Of Trust

Finally, a fourth reason why Beth Dutton hates Jamie Dutton is that in previous seasons, he decided to run for Attorney General despite the conflict of interest thanks to his connection to the Dutton family name.

John is against the decision. However, Jamie goes forward with his plan, even going as far as making his dad look bad to win votes. 

Beth cannot understand his thinking. Jamie decides to step down from the election at the last hour. However, this is not enough to make Beth want to unleash hell on him, but it certainly adds salt to the wound.

Is Their Relationship Doomed Forever?

A relationship like the one between the two siblings has only played out in the worst of ways.

Beth has gone to extreme lengths to get Jamie under her thumb, even getting him to kill Garett, and Jamie is the one responsible for Beth’s hysterectomy. A little too much for one family. 

And the fact that he knowingly got her sterilized can only continue adding salt to the injury.

While we might hope that everything pans out better soon, it’s less than possible that their relationship will be salvageable, especially if Beth learns that Christina (Jamie’s girlfriend) is pregnant and they now have a son together.

However, we only hope that Beth can come to terms with everything that happened and be involved in her adoptive brothers’ life and vice versa. 

Kelly Reilly And Wes Bentley On Their Relationship 

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Reilly said the scenes involving the two are usually challenging to drop into, and she sometimes feels bad for Jamie.

However, Beth understands their relationship is toxic and filled with betrayal, which is why she feels so angry because she once loved her brother.

However, Wes hopes that Beth will find some peace in the future and can deal with some of the things she is holding. 

On the other hand, Wes Bentley (Jamie) is somewhat optimistic about a future where their relationship is less volatile.

While he thinks there might be a way to redeem himself, Jamie knows there’s a fight to be had, and they may soon be getting to it, but it won’t be pleasant. 

Does Beth Kill Jaimie In Season 4 

There have been so many instances that seemed to be the trigger for Beth to kill her half-brother. After the coordinated attacks on the family in season 4, Beth knows that Jamie is the one who set it up. 

She even confronts him, promising to kill him should he be the culprit. Later in the episode, John asks Beth if he still has a son, fearing what his daughter might have done.

We later learn that she didn’t kill him. She only has videos and photos of him doing evil things.

In a previous scene in season 3, she tells her brother that she knows one day, one time, someone is going to love him just as much as he loves them, and Beth cannot wait to take it from him even if she has to kill it with her bare hands.

Though we’ve never actually seen them fight, nothing has felt truer in the instances where she has laid on her threats. 

However, these are the only two instances where we can feel Beth’s threats. She might soon have to act on them, especially now that she has evidence of Jamie loading Garret’s body onto his car.

With a cornered Jamie, fearing what she has in store, he might try to kill her.

Does The Entire Family Hate Jamie Too? 

Jamie has always been the family’s black sheep, not entirely having a great relationship with the rest. When it comes to his relationship with Kayce, Jamie always gets the benefit of the doubt from his brother.

While Kayce understands evil and darkness in him and their world, he also tries to see the good. 

His love for his brother makes him treat him better than most family members. He might also serve as the saving grace when Rip discovers what happened all those years ago.

In addition, Jamie’s relationship with John leaves a lot to be desired. Even though he took him in when his dad murdered his mom, their relationship has always been rocky. 

John announces that he is running for governor. However, Jamie feels dismissed and betrayed by his father, which makes sense because he thinks he would endorse him.

This wedge was furthered by Garret (his biological dad) telling him that John was only using him. These two relationships are better than the one with dear old Beth.

However, they sure could use a little dusting, only if Jamie proves that he is with the Duttons through thick and thin, blinded by nothing else.


The rivalry between Beth Dutton and Jamie Dutton is a defining factor throughout the Yellowstone series.

From past betrayals to conflicting personalities, power struggles, and lack of trust, there are countless reasons why Beth harbors such hatred for her brother.

Ultimately, it’s clear that Beth’s dislike for Jamie stems from the fact that she feels he is a threat to her authority and control of the family business. 

Whatever the case, it will be interesting to see how this rivalry plays out in future seasons. In addition, Beth and Jimmy may never resolve the animosity between them.

This part leaves the viewers with the impression that the two will never have a cordial relationship. However, this rivalry between the two siblings makes for exciting and gripping storylines throughout Yellowstone.

As such, it leaves viewers wondering where their characters will go next. Despite their differences, Beth and Jamie still share a strong bond as family members – even if it is one of hatred.