Why did Mallory leave heartland

Why Did Mallory Leave Heartland TV Show?

What rings in mind when Mallory from Heartland is mentioned? Probably a gossip and fun Heartland family neighbor that everyone adored. So, why did Mallory leave the Heartland TV Show?

Just so you know, Mallory, a role Jessica Amlee plays, was only 12 when Heather Conkie brought her in in 2007. 

But one day, as adorable as she was, still one of the Heartland casts’ fan’s favorites, she suddenly left the show. It was the first cast departure in Heartland TV Show in the records. 

When Ty Borden left in Season 14, he left us all shocked. Maybe it was driven by the fact that he was a core character of the series that couldn’t leave the plot story. 

Since the Heartland series is a long-running series, currently Canada’s longest, who would have thought that there would be casts packing up? Maintaining its cast for a long time would make anyone fall for the thought. 

Surprisingly, Mallory was the first to leave the show, thanks to our poor memories. She was an essential cast in the series. Fitting in the main cast list is still a long debate, considering how she grew to be the fan’s favorite. 

So, the shock Ty left the fans with equals Mallory’s. If you are waiting to see her back, you’re not alone. 

This article will answer your question why did Mallory leave Heartland TV Show? Ready for some reminiscence? Keep on reading!

Why Mallory Left Heartland

Everybody goes through transitions. Yes, change is part of life. Characters and casts at one time in life explore other abilities and skills to enhance their acting careers. That said, it’s no more, no less for Mallory. 

Mallory was the youngest of the cast when Heartland started. At only 13, she was already cast in the show. Also, she was one of the main casts continuously for seven seasons. So, why did she quit? 

Heartland fans couldn’t hide their love for Mallory’s jokes and sense of humor. Her relationship with Jake also added to the show’s spark for the moment. It was the reason to cover Amlee’s leave from Heartland. In Season 7, Mallory confessed her feelings to Jake and decided to start a life in Paris with him. 

In 2014, Mallory left the show to do more than be a comedian actress. However, it was not all about adventure but pursuing her acting. She has done more like starring in a Netflix series and various hit thriller and horror movies in that period. 

Should You Wait For Mallory’s Return?

This return is one of the news you wouldn’t want to hear, but Jessica Amlee is out of the picture – this time for good. 

Jessica Amlee leaving the Mallory character was quite heartbreaking to her fans. Season 10 proved to be a light in the tunnel as Mallory returned to Heartland. 

Note that Mallory’s return was due to the massive obsession on social media for Mallory’s return. Though Amlee only appeared for two episodes, fans still appreciated seeing Mallory revisit Heartland, even briefly. 

The two episodes, 13 and 14, were about how Mallory changed since she left. The main reason she returned was after Jake proposed to her. Wondering how to go about the proposal, she believed to find answers at home.

Back in Heartland, Mallory tries to fake the beautiful life she is currently living in London. But the reality is her life was a total mess back in Paris. 

Mallory’s Love Life

Mallory is a nurse, taking care of others but herself. She is also a good daughter; therefore, her life should be the most perfect. This time, Mallory didn’t care that all eyes were on her, making her ready to take risks. But this time, her love story came at crossroads when she crushed for Ty Garrison. 

Ty is the new guy in town. Recognizing his sexy smile, hard body, and perfect lean, we can’t blame Mallory for her instant chemistry. But glad for Mallory, they shared a kiss. 

It’s the first time Ty feels like leaving his military life for the blonde girl’s seduction, which it’s the most terrible mistake he can ever make. However, Ty was just there for a short period, which served Mallory pretty well.

Unfortunately for Mallory, it’s all but a one-sided love. She has tried many times to confess her feelings but to no avail. However, Ty regards her as just a friend due to the age differences. 

Badger shows much interest in Mallory, on which she is not keen. After a while out of Heartland, he shows up while making things get more profound. As Mallory sees her sketch on one of his sketch sheets, she is impressed and kisses him. 

More Boyfriends?

Austin Mars is another of Malory’s ex-boyfriends, ruthless for that matter. The fact that he fakes his love for Mallory to get to his father wasn’t pleasing for most of the fans. However, his singing in the show got a little spark for him.

Jake is another of Mallory’s boyfriends who tries to steal Mallory’s attention in most early episodes. He talks with Amy about her show and gets attracted to Mallory the first time he sees her. It was all nice until he realized how often and intentionally Mallory backs him off. 

After several hangouts, Mallory begins to be keen on the friendship as it continues to melt into something intense. But when Badger returns to Heartland, Mallory forgets about Jake’s plans and ‘dates’ Badger. 

Jack dates Jamie for a brief period to hurt Mallory as part of vengeance. That’s when Mallory realizes that he loves both boys and is in a dilemma of who to choose. But when Badger leaves, Jake gets back to Mallory and clings to the relationship tightly. 

Do Jake and Mallory Marry in Heartland?

After Mallory’s old friends start buying her painted current life, we see Jake joining her in Heartland. The two come to a solution and agree to marry.

As we all know, Heartland never lacks plot twists. Mallory disregarded her earlier decision during the engagement ceremony and moved to London. 

On the other hand, we are thankful for the break. During that distancing period, the two realized how much they couldn’t hold without one another. This time it was a final decision, as they married at the ranch, with their old friends as witnesses.

After the wedding, it has not been clear if we will see the two again. The demand for Mallory’s comeback is still strong. Season 14 marked the end of those hopes. The Heartland TV show producers haven’t made any statement concerning the couple’s return.

Mallory’s Parents on Heartland 

Mallory is the daughter of Charlie Wells and Jess Wells. They don’t have regular appearances but have received lots of mentions.

The parents only appear in Season 2, with the mom playing Jack Bartlett’s friend and neighbor. Jess helps Charlie perform at Amy’s party in the Ghost Horse episode. It is the first time we get a taste of Canyon’s song ‘Just Like You’ that he performs at the party.

In ‘ Gift Horse, Jack takes Mallory on a summer tour that Jess is happy about.

Jess and Charlie appear in ‘Showdown’ coming back for Mallory from Heartland. Mallory has to join boarding school since her father has a gold record, and they need to attend a tour. Though Mallory has second thoughts about the idea, Jack convinces her to follow her parents.

What Is Mallory Doing In Real Life?

Mallory is a humorous character that has taken up the Heartland TV Show for 6 Seasons. As your favorite cast, you would love to know her outside her comic world. 

Jessica Amlee is a Canadian born in 1994. She has been a busy little actor, given that she started acting as early as five. Apart from acting, you will find Amlee contributing to society, having beautiful moments with her family, listening to music, dance, and participating in sports. 


Jessica Kelsey Amlee is the daughter of Douglass and Steffie Amlee, born in Maple Ridge and raised in Vancouver. She has one sibling, Mason Amlee, who is the younger one. 

Jessica’s parents have kept their lives a secret, and there is not much known about their life. But they can’t hide how supportive they are of their daughters’ careers. Jessica mentions that in almost all her interviews. 

Mr. and Mrs. Amlee is still in Vancouver, while their daughter resides in Los Angeles. 


Jessica Amlee is not yet married and is not single either. So that you know, David Jones is the lucky Australian dating her. He is famous on the screens for playing in ‘Home and Away’ as Xavier Austin. 

Besides acting, Jones is a gymnastic fanatic, which he has been crazy about since childhood. 

The soon-to-be couples are very supportive of each other and their acting careers. They are not secretive about their relationship life and dating status, so it will be easy to stock them on Instagram.

Equestrian life

Jessica is no new to equestrian life. Her parents owned horses and put her on her first horse when she was six months old. At nine, she was already in her riding lessons. 

Acting career

Mallory in Heartland has boosted Jessica’s fame in the industry. However, she has had significant roles in ‘Beneath,’ ‘Greenhouse Academy,’ and ‘Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story’ among other hit series and TV Shows. 

Jessica Amlee has won one nomination and one award so far. She won the Leo awards in 2005, marking as the youngest actor to win the prize. In 2021, she was nominated for the Festival Awards at London International Film Festival. 


Heartland Seasons 1 through 14 has clarified Mallory’s place in the show. But who knows? Mallory’s future lies in the producers’ hands. We can conclude that let’s keep the hopes burning for Season 15.