Whos The Cast In The TV Show 1923?

In 1923, the show synopsis as we follow the Duttons once more in the 20th century as they face a new set of challenges. So, who are the cast in the TV show 1923?

With every expansion the Yellowstone universe takes, we get a glimpse into the generations of Duttons that came before John.

In 1883, we saw the Duttons travel from Tennessee, fleeing poverty and embarking towards Montana for a better life. 

Just as with the other prequels and sequels, we can expect to see Dutton women take charge and lead, and the Dutton men face off with anyone threatening their way of life and livelihood. 

Whether that be drought, the start of prohibition, or the Great Depression, one thing remains certain. The Duttons will come out on top. However, crossing them will most certainly have a piece of different luck.

The Cast In The Show?

If there’s one thing that Taylor Sheridan and the Yellowstone universe know how to do is give us an incredible cast lineup who deliver unmatched talent to our screens.

Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, and Cole Hauser graced our screens from the original masterpiece. Tim Mcgraw, Sam Elliot, and Isabela May are doing justice to 1883. 

The newest show, 1923, is expected to have some big names attached to the project.

Harrison Ford 

Harrison Ford plays Jacob Dutton, James Dutton’s (Tim Mcgraw ) brother and Cara Dutton’s husband.

In 1883, we watched as James Dutton made the treacherous trek from texas to build a better life for his family. After James’s passing, Margaret writes a letter to Jacob. 

Jacob (Ford) becomes the patriarch of the Dutton Ranch and takes on the interests of the ranch as his own. He plays a massive part in the handling of Yellowstone.

In addition, he’s the Livestock Commissioner, a role that becomes a legacy for the family.

Where Have You Seen Harrison Ford Before?

An Academy Award winner, Harrison Ford has been a part of franchises such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. 1923 isn’t Harrison Ford’s first western.

Early on in his career, he appeared on the TV Western Gunsmoke.

His other acting credits include 

  • American Graffiti (1973)
  • The Conversation (1974)
  • Apocalypse Now(1979)
  • The Empire Strikes Back(1980)
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)
  • Blade Runner (1982)
  • Return of the Jedi (1983)
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
  • Witness(1985)
  • Working Girl(1988)
  • Patriot Games (1992)
  • The Fugitive(1993)

Hellen Mirren As Cara Dutton

Hellen Mirren once again stars opposite Harisson Ford as his wife. She’s the family matriarch and looks after the house.

After the death of John and Margaret Dutton, Cara takes in Spencer Dutton and John Dutton Senior and cares for them as her own. However, she and Jacob don’t have biological children of their own.

Where You’ve Seen Her Before 

The British actress is most prominently known for her role as detective Jane Tennison on the TV show Prime Suspect and Elizabeth II in The Queen (2006). A part that saw her win an Academy Award.

In addition, she has performed on stage as Cleopatra in Antony and Cleopatra and Cressida in Troilus and Cressida.

Some of her other works include National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007), State of Play (2009), The Last Station (2009) she portrayed Leo Tolstoy’s wife, Sofya, and Hitchcock.

The Debt (2011), Woman in Gold (2015), F9: The Fast Saga (2021), The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018).

She has won several awards, including a BAFTA Award, Cannes Best Actress Award, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, Prime Time Emmy, and several others throughout her notable acting career.

Brandon Sklenar As Spencer Dutton

Spencer Dutton is Jacob Duttons nephew and John Dutton Sr brother. He has witnessed many horrors of World War 1, which have left him broken.

We first met him in a flashback in Yellowstone season 4 when he was with his brother and father speaking to the people of the First Nation.

Where Have You Seen Him Before

Sklenar is no stranger to Paramount+. Recently he portrayed Burt Reynolds in the limited series The Offer.

The actor has several acting credits, including Westworld, Jonesin’ Indigo Valley, Mapplethorpe, London Calling, The Magic Lantern, Vice, and the Big Ugly.

James Badge Dale As John Dutton Sr.

James Badge Dale takes on the character of John Dutton Senior. John is the oldest of the kids and Jacob’s right-hand man. John marries Emma, and together they have a child, Jack.

Where Have You Seen Him Before 

He is most known for his portrayal of Chase Edmunds in 24.

His other works include Lord Of The Flies (1990), The Pacific (2010), The Departed, Stretch, Only the Brave, 13 hours The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, Little Woods, Mickey and The Bear, and several others.

Marley Shelton As Emma Dutton

Emma is John Dutton’s wife, Cara’s right-hand woman, and Jack Dutton’s mother. Through her marriage to John, she is John Dutton’s great-grandmother.

Where Have You Seen Her Before 

The actress is best known for her role as Wendy in Sandlot.

She has appeared in several movies, including Pleasantville (1998), Eleventh Hour, Rise, The Lottery, Never Been Kissed, The Bachelor, Scream 4, Just A Kiss, Nixon, Sugar and Spice, and several others. 

Darren Mann As Jack Dutton 

Darren Mann plays Jack Dutton, the youngest Dutton family member and Jacob Dutton’s great-nephew with a dedication to the ranch.

However, he finds himself in a challenging situation of learning how to balance being a rancher with being newly married.

Where Have You Seen Him Before

He has appeared in movies such as Giant Little Ones as Ballas Kohl, Embattled as Jett, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina as Luke, House Of The Witch, and several others.

Michelle Randolph 

Michelle Randolph takes on the role of Elizabeth Strafford. She’s described as aggressive and capable and is engaged to Jack Dutton.

While we’re not sure what married life has in store for her and Jack, we know that marrying into the Duttons is not for the fainthearted or easily wounded.

Where Have You Seen Her Before?

Her movie credits include A Snow White Christmas, Chasing Nightmares, House of The Witch, The Resort, Undertaker’s Wife, and many more.

Aminah Nieves (Teonna Rainwater)

Nieves plays Teona, a young woman who attends a government-run boarding school in Montana.

From the trailer, we can only assume that she is Chief Rainwater’s ancestor. However, she also plays a big part in highlighting the abuses the First Nations children went through. 

Despite being a young actor, Nieves brings to light her character that only she could do.

Jerome Flynn (Banner Creighton)

Perhaps best known for his role as Bronn in the hit series Game of Thrones, Paddy Garvey in Soldier, and Bennet Drake in Ripper Street.

In addition, he has appeared in John Wick, Loving Vincent, Black Mirror, and a Summer Story, among many others.

In 1923, he played a Scottish-born immigrant who wasn’t afraid of the Livestock minister (Jacob Dutton).

His role will be a major one, as his livelihood (sheep) depends on his ability to fight.

Timothy Dalton (Donald Whitfield)

One of the primary villains of the season, Whitfield is an Englishman with considerable wealth looking to build his empire in America.

He purchases a neighboring ranch next to the Duttons and is hell-bent on getting the whole valley. 

His character is going to be central to the show’s first season.

Where Have You Seen Him Before?

His most memorable role is probably as agent 007 James Bond in the 80s for the movies License to Kill and The Living Daylights. His other films include Jane Eyre, The Crown, Hot Fuzz, and Penny Dreadful.

Joseph Mawle 

Mawle will star as Captain Shipley. The captain of a British who has seen many things during his years at sea.

Where Have You Seen Him Before 

His most notable appearances have been in Game Of Thrones as Benjen Stark, The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power, Shell, Mr. Jones, and Birdsong.

Jeniffer Ehle As Sister Mary 

Jeniffer Ehle will take on the role of Sister Mary, an Irish nun who works at the boarding school. She has several roles in movies such as Pride and Prejudice, A Little Chaos, Take Point, Saint Maud, The King’s Speech, and She Said.

Additional Cast Members 

  • Julia Schlaepfer, as Alexandra, a British woman who meets one of the Duttons abroad 
  • Sebastian Roche plays father Renaud 
  • Robert Patrick plays William McDowell,
  • Brian Geraghty as Zane Davis, a foreman on the ranch 
  • Tim Dekay plays Bob Strafford 

Where Is 1923 Streaming?

The first episode of 1923 expected stream date is on 18th December 2022. The show will be streaming on Paramount + for its entirety, with new episodes dropping every Sunday at 3:00 AM ET on the app.

The first episode will debut after the Yellowstone season 5 midseason finale.

How Many Seasons Are There?

With season 1 released on 18th December, there is a rumor that the show has two seasons. We expect season one to run for eight episodes.


There’s nothing better than watching the Duttons defend their land in modern times or the 1900s. We can’t wait to see what 1923 has in store and what these characters get up to.