Who’s The Cast In The TV Show 1923? The Yellowstone Spin-Off 

Find out everything we know about 1923, including its cast in the TV show 1923. Which characters they play, what the show is about, and where you can watch it.

Fans couldn’t be happier with the news that Taylor Sheridan is once more working on a sequel to add to the Yellowstone universe.

Yellowstone, currently in its fifth season, follows John Dutton and his children as they try to protect their land from forces without and within. 1923 is a sequel to 1883, and both are prequels to Yellowstone. 

What Is 1923 About 

Hailing from Academy Award winner Taylor Sheridan 1923 is a Yellowstone prequel set after the events of 1883. According to the official show synopsis, 1923 introduces a new generation of the Duttons.

It takes a look at the early twentieth century during a time when the pandemics, historic drought, the Great Depression, and the end of Prohibition are all plaguing the West. 

With such a synopsis, the future of the Duttons might seem grim. However, the family always retains their land. In addition, they fight to survive during one of the most challenging periods in the state.

1923 Cast; Who Are They 

When it comes to shows that Taylor Sheridan has produced, one thing you can count on, “perfect” writing included, is an incredible powerhouse of a cast.

While Yellowstone had the likes of Kevin Costner and Luke Grimes, 1883 had Faith Hill, Sam Elliot, and Tim Mcgraw, and 1923 has an incredible cast lineup that has award winners to first-timers who shine in their scenes.

Here is the full cast breakdown and what characters they play ; 

Cara Dutton 

Elegantly played by Helen Mirren, Cara Dutton is the matriarch of the Dutton family after James and his wife die. She’s Jacob Dutton’s wife and is the heartwarming presence on the ranch.

However, she’s fearless in bringing the fight to you if the need arises. Mirren’s character is of Irish descent, which she was a huge proponent of.

When speaking to the press, she commented that she’s always been uneasy about most American westerns featuring characters with a modern American accent. 

Fans may recognize her from her works in The Queen as Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Suspect.

Jacob Dutton 

Played by Harrison Ford, Jacob Dutton is James Dutton’s brother and the husband to Cara Dutton. Like many Dutton men, he has a dominant and formidable exterior, his defining characteristic.

In addition, he finds a great deal of strength in Cara. 

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren have worked together in previous years on various projects (The Mosquito Coast, 1986), which might add to why their onscreen chemistry feels genuine and superb.

Additionally, Harrison Ford has appeared onscreen in Indiana Jones, Star Wars, the Fugitive, and Blade Runner.

Spencer Dutton 

The prodigal family son, Spencer Dutton, played by Brandon Sklenar, is Jacob’s nephew, James and Margaret’s youngest son, and John Dutton Sr brother.

He was born a few years after the family had settled in Montana. We meet him in the first episode, where we see him wild game hunting in Africa.

Before he moved to Africa, he was a soldier akin to his father. He fought in World War I. However, the horrors of the war still haunt him.

Sklenar has previously worked with Paramount on the limited series The Offer as Burt Reynolds. He’s also appeared in Vice, Westworld, and The Big Ugly.


Played by Julia Schlaepfer, Alexandra is a British aristocrat who meets one of the Duttons while abroad.

As of now, not much is known regarding her role. However, she might be getting married to one of the Duttons.

Schlaepfer has appeared in The Politician, The Sky Is Everywhere, and Charlie Says.

Jack Dutton 

Darren Mann plays Jack Dutton. Jack is the only son of John Dutton Sr. and Emma Dutton.

Jacob is his great-uncle, and as such, they spend a lot of time together looking after the ranch as he might one day take ownership of it. 

Jack is very loyal to the ranch and will go to the ends of the earth to ensure its protection. However, he needs help to balance his home life with the expectations and responsibilities of the ranch.

His role is going to be pivotal to the show’s storyline. He has also appeared on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and Van Helsing.

Elsa Dutton 

The narrator for the season, fans of 1883, will recognize her voice from her appearances in 1883. She was James and Margaret’s eldest daughter.

However, she passed on during their travels and became why they homesteaded in Montana. She’s played by Isabel May.

John Dutton Sr. 

James Badge Dale plays John Dutton Sr., the oldest son of Margaret and Jacob, whom we first met in 1883. In 1883, he was five years old (played by Audie Rick).

However, in 1923, we met him as an adult. John is James and Margaret’s son and Spenser and Elsa’s brother. He is the oldest nephew to Jacob and, as such, is his right-hand man. 

Some of his movie appearances include The Empty Man, Safety Coach, and Spectral.

Emma Dutton

The dutiful wife to John Dutton Sr., Emma Dutton, is played by Marley Shelton. She and John Dutton Sr. have one son, Jack Dutton.

In addition, she and Cara are the ones who hold down the fort when the men aren’t around. As such, they are close to each other. Fans may recognize her from The Sandlot, Scream 4, and Planet Terror.

Elizabeth Strafford

Michelle Randolph stars as Elizabeth Strafford, an aggressive and capable young woman set to marry into the Dutton family. She’s engaged to Jack, and her family probably used to live on the nearby ranch that Whitfield bought.

Bob Strafford

Played by Tim Dekay, Bob is Elizabeth’s father and the future father-in-law to Jack. He sells his ranch to Whitfield under yet-to-be-known circumstances.

Bob is described as a Montana rancher anticipating his daughter’s wedding to one of the Duttons. 

Runs His Horse 

Played by Michael Spears, Runs His Horse is a neighbor to the Duttons and the chief of the Brocken Rock Reservation. 


As played by Peter Stormare, Lucca’s description is of a weathered but wise sailor tann from decades on the ocean. His accent is a concoction of a thousand dialects.

Teonna Rainwater 

Played by Amina Nuves, Teonna Rainwater is an ancestor to Yellowstone Chief Rainwater. In the series, she plays a vital role in highlighting the lives of native kids forced to go to a government residential school. 

She attends the boarding school run by the Catholic church. However, her spirit shines through.

Zane Davis

Played by Brian Geraghty, Zane Davis is the ranch’s foreman. There has yet to be a discussion about his storyline. However, we are sure his storyline, similar to Rip’s, will play an integral part in the season.

Donald Whitfield

The show’s main villain, Timothy Dalton, may take up the role of Donald Whitfield. Donald is a billionaire who is new to the American West.

From the trailer, he can see him looking out over the valley setting his sights on acquiring its entirety. 

Timothy Daltons’ most notable appearances include License To Kill and The Living Daylights as agent 007. 

Sister Mary 

Played by Jeniffer Ehle, Sister Mary is one of the nuns who teach at the school for American Indians in Montana. Like Cara, Sister Mary is of Irish descent. She works with her father, Renaud.

Her most notable appearances include Pride and Prejudice and The King’s Speech.

Banner Creighton 

Another character who will prove to be a thorn in the Dutton’s backside, Jerome Flynn, plays Banner Creighton, a Scottish sheep herder and leader of the local sheepmen.

Banner is a hard-headed Scot who butts heads with Jacob over cattle ownership and teams up with Whitfield for revenge.

You may recognize him from his role on Game of Thrones, John Wick, Chapter 3, and Black Mirror.

Sherrif William McDowell 

Robert Patrick plays the sheriff, a friend to the Duttons. He has known Jacob quite a bit and built a friendship with him. In addition, he has been with him during gracious crimes, and he’s like Donnie Haskell to Yellowstone John Dutton. 

Father Renaud 

Sebastian Roche takes the part of father Renaud. He’s the headmaster of Teonna Rainwater’s boarding school, and fans may know him from his Supernatural and Burning at Both Ends roles.

Jimmy Cricket 

Played by Jacques Schembri, Jimmy Cricket is a mobster hailing from Birmingham. He has a little run-in with Emma Dutton. Whether it’s a good encounter or not is yet to be seen. 

Where Can I Watch 1923?

The first episode of 1923 already premiered on the Paramount Network on December 18. They will stream each new episode weekly on the Paramount+ network.

The weekly streaming did stop for a winter break; however, season 5 will resume on February 5, 2023, at 3 am ET For US and Canada.

For those in the UK and Australia, the episode will resume on Monday, February 6, 2023. Later episodes will follow the weekly release dates as before.


The casting for 1923 is incredible, and while some of the cast members bring with them more experience, one thing is for sure, 1923 is an astonishing masterpiece.

Whether you watch it to get a sense of what the wild West was like or for the brutality that Taylor Sheridan showcases masterfully in his shows, you are in for one hell of a ride that you’re not going to forget anytime soon.