Who Plays Rip On Yellowstone 

This article may be your first time hearing about Rip and the Yellowstone universe. Let’s pursue who plays Rip on Yellowstone.

Maybe you’ve been a die-hard fan since the show first premiered in 2018. Thus, there’s no denying the Dutton family’s immense hold on us.

The constant fights between the Duttons and those that wish them harm, the forces to reckon that is John Dutton and daughter Beth, Yellowstone has brought back the western genre, cowboys and all, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Hailing from showrunner Taylor Sheridan, the show’s compelling backstory is only half of why we stick around season after season.

The other half is the star-studded cast filled with the likes of Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilley, Wes Bentley, and Cole Hauser.

Not only do they make Yellowstone enjoyable to watch, but as each character grows, we grow with them, and one of the best characters who has continually grown is Rip Wheeler.

Who Plays The Rip Character

At first glance, Rip doesn’t seem like much, the ranch foreman and the on-and-off-again romantic interest of the boss’s daughter.

However, Rip is as complex as they come and is skillfully played by Cole Hauser.

An Oregon, Florida, and Santa Barbara native Hauser, a Hollywood legacy, is the son of award-winning actor and director Wings Hauser and Cass Warner, founder of the production company Warner Sisters. 

Spending his formative years in Eugene, Oregon, after his parents’ divorce.

Hauser was around horses, chickens, and goats for most of his childhood, relocating to California when he was 15 years.

His connection with Yellowstone was through his friendship with the show’s co-creator, John Linson, who ensured Rip got the pilot out to him.

Despite Rip’s scenes only being two in the pilot, he felt an immediate connection with the character, seeing some real potential in him. We are thankful he chose to go with Rip.

Who Is Rip Wheeler

One of the show’s favorite good guys, Rip Wheeler, who sometimes does horrible things, is the ranch foreman.

In addition, he is John Dutton’s leading man and the only person Beth Dutton will listen to.

Arguably one of the ‘worst’ cowboys of all time, Rip found himself living on the Dutton Ranch after his father murdered his mother, and John Dutton took a liking to him. 

Despite his dark past and many trips to the train station, his love for Beth and the ranch, his loyalty to his friends, and his honor easily make him a fan favorite. 

What Has Rip’s Character Brought To Yellowstone?

While some might argue that the show’s heart lies within the ranch, we’d like to say it’s Rip.

Since the Pilot episode, Rip has proved to be extremely useful not only in matters of disposing of bodies.

But he has gone beyond his duties, drawing fire to himself in season 2 during a brutal attack in Beth’s office.

In getting John to the medics in season 4 after he is gunned down and in giving Kayce the job and the cabin that was originally his. 

He is undoubtedly a central character on the show. Even though his relationship with some of the guys of the Bunkhouse is a little rough around the edges.

He never misses a step whenever one of them needs him. 

How Did Cole Hauser Prepare For The Role? 

Riding horses all day and shooting with these majestic animals seems like a dream.

However, that is not all. Horseback riding provides you a freedom that is hard to come by, but you must be willing to ache everywhere.

Before the show started filming, Jack Ream, an actor and horseman for the show, took out the cast, excluding Kelly Reilly and Kevin Coster, to a cowboy camp for a couple of days for some riding. 

Coupled with his background of riding from his time in Oregon.

Hauser took and still takes the time a couple of weeks before filming to get in some riding.

This was to get him in tip-top horse riding shape, which is different from being in gym shape. 

Do Rip And Beth End Up Together?

After what seemed like an eternity of bad things that could go wrong, Beth and Rip make things official at the end of season 4, granted in the most Beth fashion.

They are married by a kidnapped priest, but that doesn’t take away from the moment, and we couldn’t be happier. 

Where Have You Seen Rip? 

Hauser has a long career and is named one of the sexiest men alive in 2020.

Starting his acting career early on as Jack Connor in School ties opposite Brandan Fraser and Matt Damon, he starred in Richard Linklater’s Dazed and Confused as Benny and Scott Moss in Higher Learning. 

In 1997, he appeared in Good Will Hunting as Billy and William J. and John in Pitch Black.

His appearance in the 2000s film Tigerland as Sergeant Cota got him nominated for a Spirit Award. He has also appeared in 2 Fast Two Furious as Carter Verone, Ethan Kelly in Rogue, John Wring in The Last Champion, and Deklan in Acts Of Violence. 

In addition, he has appeared in numerous crime thrillers, including A Good Day To Die Hard, The Family That Preys, Panama, Running With The Devil, Jarhead 2, Tears Of The Sun, Transcendence, Olympus Has Fallen, Dead Drop, Chase, The Hit List, Paparazzi, Tortured, Damages, Dirty and Hope For The Addicted. 

Is Rip From Yellowstone Married In Real Life?

While his onscreen relationship with Beth Dutton is riveting, their romance is only on screen.

In real life, he is married to Cynthia Daniel, a professional photographer, and actress notably known for her role as Elizabeth Wakefield in Sweet Valley High (1994-1997).

The pair got hitched in 2006, and they have three kids, one girl and two boys. 

Is Rip Leaving Yellowstone?

With the renewal of the Yellowstone season, some fans were worried that Cole Hauser would not reprise his role of Rip.

However, Hauser revealed on his social media that he planned to reprise his role and couldn’t wait to start filming.

Throughout four seasons, we have seen Rip Wheeler grow into one of the most compelling and loved characters on TV. 

His appeal comes from his say less do more attitude and one-liners that often pack a punch. 

The Punches

  •  Who needs kids when you can be alone? “I don’t want a bunch of kids running around this f–king house,” “I don’t even like dogs. Hey, you’re all I need. I’ll call you whatever you want.” These words are from a conversation between him and Beth. 
  • “I’d rather kill a thousand men than shoot another horse.”
  • There are sharks and minnows in this world, Jimmy, and if you don’t know which one you are, then you ain’t an f–king shark.”
  • I wish they’d come back to life so I could kill them again.”
  • You must be kidding me, Jimmy. You risked your life for an f–kin’ belt buckle?”
  • What kind of childhood bullsh*t are you working out at the dinner table?
  • What a f*ckin’ mess you’ve made of your last second chance? Life is a lesson, boy, one long lesson, but you’ve got to look to learn them, and you ain’t f*ckin’ lookin’!
  • There’s a man in there somewhere. Sometimes, it just takes another man to find it.
  • There’s fruit in the salad.
  • “You have lost two times, Jimmy. One more violation and they throw away the keys. You know what? You might do all right in prison, and you got the lips for it.”
  • And not forgetting the iconic, “I look at every day with you as a gift. My tomorrows are, well, they’re all words. There’s no word. I’d instead call you if that’s what you want.

What Can We Expect For Cole Hauser’s Rip In Season 5?

Season 4 threw us for a loop regarding the friendship between Rip and Llyold.

We saw what seemed to be the end of their friendship when Llyold went after Walker, and Rip had to put him back in line.

Although this would sour any relationship, we saw Llyold stand beside Rip when he married Beth, so maybe there’s hope for them.

So what is in store 

A New Dutton Family 

With the addition of Carter (Finn Little), we might see an unorthodox but happy family. With all the parenting exercises Rip got from hanging out with Jimmy, this should be a piece of cake.

Rip’s Backstory 

With the confirmation that Kyle Red Silverstein will be rejoining the cast for season 5, we will have a deeper look at his backstory, probably before and after he joined the ranch.

What Is Cole Hauser’s Net Worth?

With a lengthy career in Hollywood like the one that Cole Hauser has, it isn’t unimaginable that the veteran actor has made bank over the years.

From his time on hit shows Dazed and Confused to his time on School Ties, he has made a name for himself and his wallet. 

With his continued appearance on Yellowstone, he is reportedly getting paid 200,000 dollars an episode, the same as Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, and Kelsey Asbille.

His current net worth is estimated at 8 million dollars. 


Cole Hauser, Rip Wheeler is undoubtedly a fan favorite, from his smoldering looks to his fierce protection and loyalty to Beth and John.

We cannot wait to see what new hell he brings in season 5 and how the family he has made for himself grows.