Who Plays Monica On Yellowstone?

If you’ve watched Yellowstone or newly found love for the show, you know that this series is full of a remarkable cast. So if you’re wondering who plays Monica on the Yellowstone TV show you have come to the right place?

This actress, Kelsey Asbille, is from Columbia, South Carolina. Kelsey attended Hammond High School and later enrolled at Columbia University, where she studied Human Rights. 

While in High school, she developed a passion for theatre and film and began exploring how she could pursue that interest professionally.

Although starting in her community theatre groups, her role as Monica Dutton on Yellowstone put Kelsey Asbille on the map. She’s since appeared in all four seasons of the show and has become a fan-favorite character.

Since it first premiered on Peacock TV in 2018, Yellowstone has garnered a considerable following offline and online. 

And it’s easy to see why, from the juggernaut that is Kevin Costner leading the cast of Wes Bentleys, Jamie Dutton, Luke Grime Kayce, Kelly Reilley, Beth Dutton, and Kelsey Asbilles as Monica. It’s a cast that delivers on all fronts.

Monica’s Talent

The talented Kelsey Asbille has also brought a lot to the table with her portrayal of Monica, bringing warmth and authenticity to her character.

Monica, who Kelsey Asbille plays, is one of the main characters in Yellowstone. She’s a young Native American woman and the granddaughter of Indian tribe leader Felix Long. In addition, she grew up on the reservation and now works as a teacher and professor.

 She is in love with John Dutton’s son, Kayce, and they have a young son together, Tate.

 Monica is a strong, intelligent woman who fiercely protects her family and loved ones. She often faces adversity as she fights to defend Kayce and their son from external forces that threaten them. Overall, Monica is a complex and compelling character who adds depth to the show.

We first see Monica in season 1 with Kayce’s Luke grimes their son, Tate Brecken Merill, on the reservation after years of the latter not talking to his father.

Kelsey Asbille Brings Monica To Life At Yellowstone 

Kelsey Asbilles Monica has been on Yellowstone since the TV show first premiered and quickly became a fan favorite. 

Throughout four epic seasons, Monica has gone through a lot. In addition to almost getting killed three times, she has brought to justice a serial rapist and, at one point, was managing her injuries from season 2 while being a single mom.

She remains a compelling character and a source of morality and a light in a somewhat dark and evil world.

Where Have You Seen Her Before 

In addition to playing the daring, charismatic Monica, she has appeared in other major movies and TV shows, portraying an array of different characters.

Asbille is also known for playing: 

  • Tracy Stewart in Teen Wolf, 
  • Gigi Silveri in one tree hill ,
  • Natalie Hanson in Wind River 
  • Mikayla Pair Of Kings 
  • Brit in the Wine of Summer 
  • Emily Baltimore in Run, 
  • Most recently, she portrayed Swanee Capps in Fargo. 

Her other television credits include guest-starring on the suite life of Zack and Cody, Splitting Up Together, and Baby Daddy. In addition, she has also appeared in Hayley Kiyoko’s Girls like a Girls music video and Bonnie Mckees 2013 single SleepWalker.

Monica And Kayce; A relationship In Healing 

Besides Rip and Beth, you can’t help but root for these two. They have a highly complex relationship and a Romeo and Julietesque romance.

In addition, they always choose each other. Kelsey Asbille says Kayce is an endgame for Monica. Their relationship has been tested numerous times. 

In season 2, after Monica gets hurt trying to break up a fight between two kids, which begins to strain her marriage with Kayce. She seemingly forms a relationship with her therapist. However, she stops herself before things move any further.

In season 4, after she and Tate get attacked by a gunman in the house, they are left traumatized. Especially Tate, who killed the man meant to bring harm to his mother.

He continues to be traumatized, and even though Kayce wants to protect him, he feels that Monica coddles the boy. 

The episode ends with Monica saying, ‘i hate you to him. However, they can patch things up, even moving to their ranch.

Monica And Tate

There’s nothing that Monica won’t do for her family. And that is one thing that she seems to agree on with John.

After Tate is kidnapped and has a hard time living on the ranch, she chooses to move both her and Tate out and away to protect her child.

After Tate is again put in harm’s way after the coordinated attacks in seasons 3 and 4, she decides that maybe the ranch isn’t the safest place for a child and has Kayce move them out.

Now that she is pregnant, she can’t help but feels the need to protect her kids, even if that means having them as far away from their grandfather and the ranch, which Tate has grown to love.

After she, Kayce, and Tate move from the ranch, all seems to be going well. After seeing a wolf lurking around the compound, Kayce is thrown into the wolf’s den. On the advice of Chief Rainwater and Mo, he is directed to the wilderness for a ritual. 

It’s not precisely confirmed what his two contrasting visions mean. However, we can only hope that the ominous ‘I saw the end of us’ isn’t as bad.

But, with Avery back in their lives and Monica throwing fits of jealousy, there’s no knowing the future for these two.

Monica And The Rest Of The Duttons 

Even before Monica had any interactions with any of the Duttons, she negatively viewed them from Kayce. Kayce hadn’t talked to his father in a long time, and John was against his marrying a then-pregnant Monica. 

In the following episodes and seasons, she began having a relationship with her in-laws, even though it was rough.

She and Beth have become close confidants, and she and John have realized that they might be more similar than they care to admit.

We cannot wait to see what happens to their relationship, especially now that they have moved away from the ranch.

What We Love About Monica

We love Monica because she is a strong, independent woman who is not afraid to stand up for herself or the people she loves.

She is always there to support Kayce, even when things are tough, and we can’t help but admire her strength and resilience.

Monica In Season 5

What can we expect to see from Monica’s character in season 5?

Now that it’s official that Yellowstone will be back on our screens in Spring, we can’t help but wonder what is in store for some of our favorite characters, starting with Monica.

We can expect to see a lot of growth and development in Monica’s character in season 5.

She will continue to be a fierce advocate for her family. Still, we may also see her take on more leadership roles as she navigates Yellowstone’s complicated and sometimes dangerous world.

We can also expect to see Monica facing some tough decisions as she tries to balance her career, family, and romantic relationships.

Overall, we don’t doubt that Monica will continue to be one of the most compelling characters on Yellowstone in season 5.

Why Is Kelsey Asbilles Character So Important 

She represents the inner strength and resilience of all women. Her character serves as a powerful role model for young girls everywhere.

Whether she’s facing down dangerous threats or navigating the complexities of family life, Monica always sticks to her guns and stands up for what she believes in. 

With so much turmoil around her, she could easily buckle under the pressure. However, she always manages to rise to the occasion.

She also serves as a cool head compared to Kelly Reillys, Beth. Even Beth agreed that having Monica around the ranch is suitable for everyone, especially Kayce. 

She keeps everyone on the ranch grounded. Her no-nonsense attitude is a refreshing change of pace from all the macho posturing. Monica isn’t afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in, and we love her for it.

She acts as a bridge between the broken rock reservation and the Dutton Ranch. In addition, she serves as an essential link between the two sides.

Is Kelsey Asbille Leaving Yellowstone 

No, Kelsey Asbille is not leaving Yellowstone any time soon. Although she was involved in earlier episodes of Q CODES Gaslit this season, she’s still an integral part of the show. We can expect to see her continue to play Monica’s complex, dynamic character for many seasons to come. 

Despite rumors that Kelsey Asbille had quit or been fired from Yellowstone, she has confirmed on social media that she remains a crucial member of the cast and will continue to play Monica for seasons to come. 

So fans can rest assured that Kelsey Asbille is not going anywhere. We will continue to see her fantastic performance as Monica on Yellowstone as she confronts Kayce about his family. 


Whether you’re a long-time fan of the show or just discovering it for the first time, there’s no denying that Monica is one of the most captivating and complex characters on Yellowstone.

Overall, Monica is one of our favorite characters on Yellowstone because she’s a complex, compelling woman who adds so much depth to the show.

Whether fighting to protect her family or stand up for herself, we can always count on Monica to be a force to reckon with. Hopefully, we’ll see more of her fantastic character in the coming seasons!