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Who Is June Bartlett On Heartland TV Show?

Shaun Johnstone playing Jack Bartlett encounters some painful flashbacks in the 13th season. What should we expect that digs up Jack’s past? Who is June Bartlett on Heartland TV Show? Will his flashback give us the honor to meet other characters? 

Heartland fans have longed to see Bartlett’s family’s secrets and past encounters, and it looks like season 13 has got something cooking for us all. 

Through the 15 seasons, we have seen new faces coming up in almost every season, and we can’t help it. Though we have tasted some of them, June Bartlett’s appearance was relatively brief. 

Meet June Bartlett

June Bartlett, a role Carol Huska portrays, is the daughter of Jefferson Bartlett and younger sister of Jack Bartlett. There is not much of the character due to her untimely death. She only appears in season 13, episode 3, first in Rearview Mirror, and finally in Eye of the Storm. 

Jack and June were close siblings, given the fact they had to choose to live with their alcoholic and abusive father. Unlike Jack, June doesn’t give up taking care of the ranch. Instead, she encourages Jack to consider becoming a rodeo (his dream since childhood) and help their father with the ranch. 

Though Jack leaves Heartland for some days, he still comes back to take care of the ranch as he had promised his grandfather. After all, it’s a treasure passed down to six generations, and he wouldn’t cut the cycle for his family’s sake. 

Interesting facts:

  • Like Amy and Marion, June loved horses.
  • June loves drawing – that’s where she reveals the symbol she loves. It was this symbol that Jack aspired to make the Heartland Ranch symbol.

The Family

Jefferson Bartlett (father)

There is not much we can talk about Jefferson Bartlett, like the wife. However, Jack tells Ty how he turns an offer of work at Toronto St. Patrick to continue helping his father in Heartland. All exposed about the father is his drunk and abusive character, making Jack so determined to leave Heartland.

Jack Bartlett (brother) 

On the other hand, Jack is a loving brother to June and probably June’s only one addressed as family. Except for Jack’s days for the rodeos in his youth, Heartland has been a lifetime home for him. 

June’s brother is a legend to both the Heartland family and ranch. He is the show’s heart as he is responsible for uniting most characters. Unlike June, Jack has created a large family and many friends in his long stay at Heartland. Here is his large family that depends on him as a father figure, friend, and husband.

  • Son to Jefferson Bartlett
  • Brother to late June Bartlett – Jack is so close to June that he promises her a tour after he comes back from the rodeos
  • Husband to late Lyndy Bartlett – unfortunately, cancer snatched her from him, but not the memories. 
  • Husband to Lisa Stillman – starts as a general friendship but grows more after a few episodes.
  • Father to Marion Fleming – another heartbreak as the daughter dies from a car accident.
  • Ex father in law to Tim Fleming – Tim and Lou are Marion is Lou’s parents.
  • Grandfather to Lou Fleming and Amy Fleming – Jack was the father figure Amy and Lou never had since Tim was absent in their childhood. 
  • Ex grandfather-in-law to Ty Borden – Jack and ty are not great buddies at first, but the relationship softens later in the later episodes.

Lisa Stillman (sister in law)

Lyndy Bartlett (sister in law)

Amy Fleming (niece)

Lou Fleming (niece)

Tim Fleming (nephew in law)

Marion Fleming (niece)

Peter Morris (nephew in law)

Ty Borden (nephew in law)

Samuel Bartlett (great grandfather)

Season 13 Episode 3 Recap – ‘Rearview Mirror’

It’s where we see Jack’s flashback memories reflect Jacks’ history. We will also glimpse Mitch and Lou sneaking around, Caleb and Ty with cunning plans, and Jade and Amy keeping up with the rodeo for team roping. 

Now let’s see what this is all about; 

Ringo’s Treatment

The episode opens with Jade and Georgie admiring Ringo for the new roping event. But there’s something weird with Ringo. He got out of control when coming out of the box. Considering the horses were calm and a veteran at roping, Georgie and Jade had to ask for Amy’s hand. 

Jade and her rodeo school friend had a weekend plan to join the team roping event in Hudson. Rodeo was their only to win the competition’s jackpot. 

After a few scans, Amy confirmed that Ringo was indeed unwell. Ringo’s back was a total mess and in severe pain. That only meant Ringo was on sedated drugs. 

Ringo could now stand on its feet, thanks to Amy and Ty. Jade also had to massage the horse’s back regularly. Unfortunately for Jade, Ringo’s care would need a considerable investment – after all, she needed Ringo badly for the competition. 

Jamie still refuses to pay up Jade’s money. With Ringo’s price and continuous treatment, Jade will go ‘bankrupt’ soon – that was quite unfair. 

Justice for Jade and Ringo

Caleb wasn’t happy with Jade’s situation and desired to help out. Jamie was auctioning another house, and Caleb approached him as a fake buyer. Before the business was complete, Ty took the blood samples and concluded that Jamie was selling problem horses and drugging them for more profit. 

As usual, the plot twist continues, and the plan doesn’t go as we expected. Ty lost the blood samples. Caleb had no choice but to try tracing the samples. Good thing they managed to get Scott the piece and proved Jamie’s malicious business to be true. 

The next step was predictable; Caleb and Ty confronted Jamie about their findings and warned her to surrender him to the authorities if he continued with the evil trade. Jamie had to give in to the terms since he would have to suffer lots of losses if not – an auction ban would be hard to bear.

The good news is that Jade and Ringo succeeded in the competitions. Cassandra’s and Amy’s treatment and support made Ringo well for future endeavors. Jade winning the contest and Ringo getting well was justice for both of them and a loss for Jamie. 

Mitch Is Screwed

In another setting, we see Katie and Lou returning from Europe. We see Mitch around, and he doesn’t enjoy the ladies. Instead, he sneaks out with Lou so that Katie will never know about the relationship. 

Amy is always on Lou’s nose, and the sneak-outs were no secret to him. But Lou continued to keep the affair a secret until she gathered enough courage to spill the beans to Katie. Jack almost shot Mitch as he was sneaking through Lou’s windows, marking the end of the sneaks. That means Lou had no option but to make her relationship known. 

On one side, Katie reveals to Georgie that she’s aware of Lou’s relationship. On the other end is Mitch promising Lou a future together. They plan to move in together and make the relationship official. 

What happened to June Bartlett?

How can this recap be complete without June’s story? The show has been sarcastic about Jack’s youth since season 13, episode 1. And Jack’s flashbacks were carefully added to the plot to quench the audience’s wait finally. 

It starts with Luke finding a box in the root cellar that belongs to June Bartlett. He showed it to Jack, who became angry about it and stormed out. Probably it’s the painful memories of how his sister died while she was too young. 

At the same time, we see a flashback that reveals June’s story to the audience. We learn how alcoholic Jack’s and Jude’s dad was. He is also abusive – hitting Jack for deciding to venture into American rodeos away from Heartland was rude. 

June supported Jack against their father’s contentment. She prepares Scout, Jack’s horse, to set out for Nashville. In addition, Jack promises her a tour of the Grand Ole Opry once he gets enough money from the rodeos. 

Since June was the only one left for her father, she took the ranch responsibilities. Her father gave full support to the stone boat

As June worked on the ranch, she stumbled hence falling off the storm boat. Plus, one of the reins snags her leg, dragging her to death. When her dad tried to reach out, it was already late. 

June’s death burns Jack with guilt. He even told Amy that he was to blame for her sister’s death. The following episodes see Jack battling with guilt from the painful memories. In turn, it changes his life and how he treats Georgie. 

Does Jack Bartlett Die Too?

Jack Bartlett does not die. Though the character’s heart attack in the 18th episode of season 6 made our hearts still and fans have second thoughts about Jack appearing in season 7. The good thing is it was just one of the suspense pauses for the finale. 

Who Is Carol Huska?

Carol Huska and June Bartlett share one thing in common – they don’t have much to dig from. However, she is a Canadian actress famous for taking roles in Heartland, Baroness Von Sketch Show, and Production. She has also featured in ‘The Island,’ ‘The Boys,’ ‘Daughter,’ ‘Inconvenience,’ and more. 

Huska is not married but is currently dating Luke Rudyk, judging from the romantic photos she shares on her Instagram wall. 


Heartland is one of the longest TV Show, and the fans have grown fond of the recurring characters. As for brief appearances in the likes of June Bartlett, we would wish to see more of what the Bartletts had in store for us in the twists. However, Jack is still in Heartland, and we hope to see more of the new character.