Who Is Amber Marshall Married To In Real Life

Who Is Amber Marshall Married To In Real Life?

You are probably on this page because you are interested in knowing who Amber Marshall is married to in real life.

Graham Wardle (Amy’s husband, Ty Borden) and Amber Marshal undoubtedly make a good couple. Contrary to our wish, she married her Canadian boyfriend, Shawn Turner. 

With such a long-running TV show like Heartland, we can blame fans’ tight bond with the characters. For instance, Amy Fleming, a role Amber Marshall plays, always wows her fans with how she connects with horses

Heartland season 14 opened with an emotional rollercoaster as a gunshot wound took Ty Borden from Amy. As a result, fans are eager to know who the genuine husband is in Amy’s real life.

As we console her misfortune in the show, she enjoys a happy marriage and blessed life in real life. Though Shawn Turner has kept a low profile, we have tried to include most things that would answer your question about the couple. 

Has Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall Ever Dated?

We all love the tight bond between the two. Unfortunately, both Graham and Amber have different lives and are not together.

It’s surprising and sad at the same time that 14 years of acting together as a couple did not bring forth true love. But that’s how professional actors do.

Now that Amber and Graham are neither dating nor married, who are their significant other in real life?

Before the series began, Amber was known to live a life surrounded by animals, but Graham was not as committed to equine life.

As a result, there was no chance for Amber to be committed to a serious relationship at the time. Amber didn’t keep her 2012 engagement with Shawn Turner a secret.

They later married in July 2013, and they have a happy love affair to date. On the other hand, Graham married the love of his life, Allison Wardle, in 2015. Like Amber, there have been no marital problems to the public lately, which was a second reason true love had no chance between the co-stars. 

It’s worth noting that, although Graham and Amber are not together in real life, they hold each other in high esteem.

During an interview, Graham confessed that he doesn’t care about the on-set and the real relationship; he believes in the scripts. We are as happy as they are and still great friends. 

Amber Marshall’s Wedding

Shawn was Amber’s boyfriend for three years. He later engaged her in early 2012 and tied the knot in 2013. 

How Did Shawn And Amber Meet?

Shawn met Amber at a horse trade show in London, ON. In March 2010, when Heartland was in its third and fourth season.

Shawn happened to be in the trade fair under his parents’ sponsorship. He was doing the signings when Amber approached him to get one. 

As Amber reveals, she was attracted to Shawn, having the same passion and interest in the rural lifestyle. After a few conversations as they rode to the hotel, they started dating shortly. 

Shawn Proposed With Amber’s Great Grandmothers’ Ring

While Amber thought of Turn as a perfect fit for a long-lasting relationship, Shawn was busy asking her father for her daughter’s hand in marriage. To his surprise, Amber’s father not only said yes but gifted him with his grandmother’s wedding ring. 

On June 27, 2012, after Amber was done with the day’s filming, Shawn took her up the mountain for a walk. Shawn proposed to her as they reached the river banks, with their dogs as the witnesses. 

The Western Wedding At The Couple’s Ranch

In July 2013, Shawn and Amber became husband and wife officially on a fine day. They had the wedding at their ranch in Alberta, just a few miles from the filming location.

Present were family, friends, and most of the Heartland cast members and crew. Since the couple first met at an equine show, their horses played major roles in the romantic ceremony. 

With the help of her loved ones, the ranch was filled with personal touches. For instance, Shawn crafted and made the beautiful alter by himself.

Also, Amber’s grandmother arranged for the bride’s gown and bouquet she got from Private Label by G. The most stunning part of the occasion was riding to the aisle on horseback!

She rode on Hawk, one of her six beautiful horses, and had her father as her sidesaddle. It was so perfect that no one would know he only had a little training on how to handle the horse before the ceremony. 

After the vows, the couple headed for the reception, each on their horses – Amber on Hawk and Shawn on Cash. The horses got frightened as the audience clapped for the couple’s exit, which called for an unusual fast exit.

Unlike most celebrity weddings, Amber wanted a simple dressing code for her wedding. Whether in full western attire, jeans, boots, and probably a cowboy hat or on stiff formal wear, she wanted her guests to be at ease and have fun.

The Horses

Amber has a variety of animals on her farm. One of them is the loving Quarter Horse, Hawk. He is a quiet horse that looks like Spartan on Heartland.

However, he has never had a role in Heartland. Amber rode on him to the reception during Amber and Shawn’s wedding. On the other hand, Shawn rode on Cash, a Quarter easy-going horse owned by Amber Marshal.

The Reception

Like the wedding, the reception was glamourous and charming and held in a white marquee to celebrate the new couple.

The caterers who prepared and served the meals were those in the Heartland set. One of the songs played was Garrette Hedlund’s in “Timing is Everything.”

Shawn’s and Amber’s fathers gave their speeches to wish the couple a happy and long life in marriage. Amber’s father, Chris Potter, onscreen sister Michelle Morgan and other casts also wished them well.

Who Planned Amber Marshall’s Wedding?

Ambers’ wedding was a dream wedding, though she hadn’t dreamt of it like most girls. The couple planned their wedding, and everything was more than expected.

Since they are both homebodies, having their ranch as their wedding venue is all that came to mind. 

The couple decorated the ranch and arranged entertainment and meals. Shawn made the alter from timber and engraved “Shawn” and “Amber” on each pillar. 

Amber Marshall’s Home

Amber lives on her 100-acre ranch with his husband in Alberta. They have kept horses and other animals like cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, etc.

The filming location is also nearby, so she sometimes goes there on horseback. The cast members also regularly visit the ranch. 

Is Amber Marshall Still Married To Shawn Turner?

It’s happy to say that Amber and Shawn are still a happy couple. They are still strung, celebrating nine years of marriage. Amber regularly posts pics of her and her husband on her social media accounts.

Though Heartland fans always think aloud about Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall being together, it has proved to miss from the books.  

Amber Marshall’s Family

Unlike Amber Marshall, none of her family members is in the limelight. All that is known are the names; her father, David Marshall, her mother, Wenda Marshall, and she has only one brother. 

Amber Marshall’s Children

Although Amy Fleming plays a mother role in the show, she has no children in real life. However, she has shared her interest in becoming a mother one day.

In the meantime, she is focused on becoming the onscreen mother of Lyndy Borden (role played by twin sisters Emanuella and Ruby Spenser).

Since Amber Marshall has spent most of her life with animals, especially horses, having children will see her complicate most of her projects.

She doesn’t want to compromise her appearance in the ongoing TV show. If she got pregnant, she would need to be off screens for at least one year. However, we should expect a big announcement soon. 

Is Shawn Turner In Heartland?

Shawn Turner is not among the Heartland cast. However, he is always in the background supporting his wife. In addition, Shawn is a photographer that loves to lead a low life.

Perhaps he would also choose a low-life character the same if he were part of the Heartland family. Plus, he has not appeared in any film. 

Shawn Turner’s Career

Amber’s husband is a photographer by profession. Besides his accreditation for western culture, he loves rodeo and stock photography, commercial photography, and sports photography. Since he keeps off the limelight, little is known about what he does for a living. 

Does Shawn Turner Own Horses?

When Shawn and Amber first met, there were horses involved. They are both passionate about horses and Western riding.

So, of course, Shawn owns horses and has grown around them. His parents, Ross Millar and Barb Turner, raised him in a Rodeo family in Alberta. He has his horses. The known ones are Slider and Hippy, which he bought from a friend. 


The relationship between Graham Wardle and Amber Marshall is only fiction. Amber Marshall is married to a Canadian photographer Shawn Turner in real life. Though the strong bond between Graham and Amber seemed real, there has and never been an affair outside the cameras.