Horseback riding in Utah

Where To Go Horseback Riding In Utah

Horseback riding in Utah is one of the oldest yet fantastic outdoor activities. You get to explore the sceneries slowly as you bond with nature. 

Utah is a popular stop for summer hiking and winter skiing. But a country with such a beautiful setting, you are missing it if not exploring the land’s finest on horseback.

Where can you go horseback riding in Utah? There are plenty of opportunities to access trail and horseback riding from northern Utah to the south.

The last thing you would want to miss is visiting these ranches with endless offers and great retreats. Plus, riding a horse in the snow could be a rare opportunity. 

Blue Sky Ranch

Take advantage of the horsemanship offered at Blue Sky Ranch. You will learn to work with cattle horses as you bond and care for them. Besides, the ranch provides numerous equine activities to polish your horsemanship. 

Trails in Blue Sky Ranch are accommodating to first-time riders and veterans. You have to book early before the ranch runs out of reservations. The good thing is that the horsemanship lessons and equine experiences will still serve you best. 


Blue Sky Ranch train both ranch and trail horses on the foundations of traditional horsemanship. Since the horses are always working, they have good habits.

So you don’t have to worry about your safety while dealing with the horses. On the other hand, horses connect well with the visitors making equine activities fun. 

While horseback riding seems to be the main activity, the ranch focuses on the wellness and health of the horses.

Before training, the horses are thoroughly checked for possible health problems and get special treatment, including foot care, proper hydration, supplements, and a special diet. 

The horse trainers take time with the horses to understand their potential, limitations, and needs. What else for the best horses for your adventure? 

Wagon Rides

Meet the draft horses that give the famous wagon rides in the pasturelands of Utah. You will get the chance to visit the elk of Utah for the winter holidays as you enjoy the beautiful mountain views. Transported is catered for. You can also bring in your family and friends for the group rides (maximum of eight riders)

Ranch Riding

Do you wish to learn and practice the cowhand culture? Ranch riding has a spacious riding arena to practice western techniques, cutting, and roping events. These authentic and hands-on rides last from 1.5 hours to two hours. 

Connect To A Horse

Get a chance to have a close connection at the ranch. You will be guided through connecting, breathing, and touching to give you a glorious and sacred moment. 

What To Know

  • Sceneries include wildlife, mountain peaks, scenic canyons, rolling meadows, etc.
  • Outdoor activities include horseback riding, horsemanship clinics, surfing overnight, fly fishing, a day with a cowboy, and more. 

Address: 27649 Old Lincoln Hwy, Coalville, UT 84017, United States


Phone: +1 435-336-2646

This Is the Place Heritage Park

If there is one ranch that celebrates Utah’s rich horsemanship history, it is This the Place Heritage Park.

They have partnered with Utah Trail Ride Adventures to give the best horseback trail rides. They aim to give their clients and staff the safest and healthiest environment possible. You are assured of the best memories as you observe all the hygiene and safety measures. 

As for horseback riding, This Is The Place has a large riding arena – more than 450 acres – to get the best of the Salt Lake Valley. You will love exploring the Emigration Canyon base and the iconic sceneries that come with it. 

This Is The Place encourages large groups, at most 68 people for one interval. There are tons of sceneries to encounter. You will see the historic village sites and deer as you view the beautiful cattle horses. 

All are welcome, except for children below eight years. Any rider below 14 years must have an adult company. Plus, all rides need an appointment or early reservation. 

The Horses

Riders are assigned the healthiest horses and those that fit their experience level. Whether experienced or never mounted a horse, there are experienced wranglers to cater to all.

Not only horseback riding, but you can also book the horse rides for a large or small group of family or friends or for corporate events. 

You won’t have to worry about your kid(s) dealing with the large beasts. There are ponies available for a real children’s adventure.

There is nothing more fun than riding in the Savage Livery while interacting with the farm animals. Wranglers are ready at the stables with the right pony that matches every kid’s height, weight, and experience. 

Another thing your kids will love is the names given to the horses. Did you know that the naming of the horses is after famous Disney characters?

Additionally, the ponies and horses are calm and trained to adapt to great discipline. You won’t have to go through the headache of controlling the horses, especially the little riders. 

What You Should Know

  • Horse riding is available from Mondays to Saturdays
  • Advance online reservation is a must. At least 24 hours before the visit day.
  • Riders under 18 years must have a parent or legal guardian sign in
  • Riders under eight years are exceptional
  • Double riding is not allowed
  • Zero experience is required
  • Riders should not exceed 220 lbs
  • It would be best if you had the right riding attire 
  • Riding tours last one hour for $55

Address: 2601 Sunnyside Ave S, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, United States


Phone: +1 801-582-1847

Rocky Mountain Outfitters

You would want to ride a horse to get the ultimate experience for yourself and your loved ones.

Rocky Mountain Outfitters go to extreme lengths to do exactly that. Whatever package you choose, there is an assurance of a world-class experience. 

Why should you choose Rocky Mountain Outfitters? Unlike other ranches, they allow countless hours for horseback riding. You will enjoy the incredible scenery under guided service. 

Winter Rides

As you would have thought, most ranches don’t open for horseback riding when snowy. Contrastingly, horseback riding in Rocky Mountain Outfitters is cool and stunning during winter!

You wouldn’t want to miss riding through the snow as you explore the winter sceneries, bald eagles, and wildlife. If the weather permits, be sure of riding opportunities during the winter. 

The winter rides hold the breathtaking sceneries of the snow-covered Mt. Timpanogos and Deer Creek Reservoir. As you ride through the mild trails, you will encounter ice fishers and bald eagles visiting their feeders.

Before any rides, there is a brief lesson on how to react and control the horse when they respond to something unfamiliar.

Though riders above eight years are welcome, spring and winter rides are suitable for the more experienced. However, anyone can join the adventure – it’s all about viewing and getting experience. 

The Guides

The Rocky Mountain Outfitters have guides with various horsemanship background experiences. Some fresh graduates come to learn on the ranch – boys engaged in Rodeo and girls who participated in successful competitions.

But the main target is getting more than mastering the skills and knowing how to deal with horses and riders. 

Working in such cold temperatures and personalities may go unnoticed. But all thumbs to the wranglers for connecting visitors with a memorable adventure in the snowiest places on earth. 

What You Should Know

As you look forward to a reservation, keep these in mind:

  • Winter riding needs heavy attire. Recommended wears include hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, and long pants. However, don’t opt for clothes that won’t allow you to bend or get you trapped in the saddles, horses, trails, and strong winds.
  • You can choose to get to rocky mountain outfitters by car – personal or rent Lyft, Uber, and vans for hire or rent. There are many options to choose from in the nearby town. 
  • Trails take 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the riding package you choose. A fully guided tour costs $75 to $90 per rider. 
  • There is a brief lesson before starting the tours. It entails learning to control the horse. The horses are well trained, and they know what to do and do it when necessary. Plus, they are usually saddled before you arrive. You only have to dust off your saddles and wait for your turn.
  • Private rides allow two riders at $100. Additional riders pay $25 each. 
  • Riders below eight years cannot participate. 
  • It’s only a rider for a horse. The ranch currently does not allow double riding.
  • The weight limit is 230 lbs.

Address: 33 West Soldier Hollow Ln, Midway, UT 84049, United States


Phone: +1 435-654-1655

How Do You Prepare For Horseback Riding In Utah

Utah is considered a cold state. That means there is ”dry cold” during the summer, and the winter is snowy and freezing.

The biggest headache is more about what to wear than how to get there. Here are some tips that will count on you and the horses enjoying the moment winter brings.

  • Wear layer fabrics that will be easy to remove or add to prevent you and the horse from perspiration. 
  • Avoid tight footwear and clothing. It only lets your body lose heat – remember you need it the most.
  • Choose high-necked tops and shirts, especially fleece which minimizes perspiration.
  • Other outer layers like equestrian parkas and jackets may help. They are well insulated, moisture-resistant, and give a comfortable ride. 
  • There are insulated winter boots specifically designed to circulate heat in the boot for the winter seasons. Besides riding, they are the best for winter competitions and snow walking. However, ensure that you choose the perfect fit. Once your foot touches the boot surface, it will not allow heat circulation.  
  • Another friend to carry along is a helmet. Your body loses most of the heat through an uncovered head, and the helmet will retain some of it. Besides, you will also protect yourself from potential harm to your head. 


There are plenty of ranches in Utah to enjoy the horseback riding experience. We have narrowed the list to the best in the land with horse and trail access. All you have to do is dust off your saddle gear and avail yourself at one of the ranches.