Horseback Riding In New Mexico

Where to go Horseback Riding in New Mexico

Here, we will list the various horseback riding sites in New Mexico that will leave you craving to visit.

Horse riding has significant health benefits. Thus, if you are looking for where to go horseback riding with your family and friends then, New Mexico is calling! There are loads of adventures to experience, including horseback riding.

1. Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures

Get a taste of horseback riding in the mountains of New Mexico. There are various summer adventures, snowmobile tours, cowboy evenings, winter adventures, off-road adventures, and backpacking.

Cowboy Evening

This adventure starts from sunset through the night. Many activities will bring memories to your family. Furthermore, there is entertainment and food. Not to forget, the price of all these is pocket-friendly.

As for entertainment, you will enjoy your favorite country music. It’s more fun for the Mexican residents, as there might be live performances with famous Mexican artists.

You will experience the horse moment as you feed your horse with horse delicacies. You will also learn how to make and bake the horse meals, such as horse biscuits. Note that there are also human meals prepared; therefore, there is no need for food from outside. Both horse and human meals are served hot and fresh in a Cowboy style

Winter Adventures – Snowmobile tours

Is Summer over? No problem. Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures has the best activities while riding in the snow. Enjoy horseback riding in the mountains of Sangre de Cristo while viewing the beautiful sceneries. 

Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures presents snowmobile tours for snow adventurers. Roam on the private ranches, with guides, of course! However, you will have to come with your safety riding gear, but helmets will be provided. If, unfortunately, you lack one of the gears, Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures will get you covered, but at a small fee. It’s worth noting that this event may lack horse rides but have snowmobiles. 

The most active months are from December to March.

Summer Adventures

Most trips and vacations are made during summer. Enjoy the best and unlimited horseback riding in the private ranches and Enchanted Forest Cross Country Ski Area. The tours last for the whole day, with trips lasting for one hour ($55.04), two hours ($91.74), three hours ($146.78), half and full-day rides. 

The prices are final; they cover the days’ services. Meals are also served; therefore, you will not incur more costs on food. The active months are from June to October.

Outfitter Services

In Bobcat Pass Wilderness Adventures, you will have the ultimate experience hunting the wild while on horses. The staff guides you through the hunts and later camp in the forest. This adventure is kid-friendly, and if you have to carry a pet, restrain them.

2. Cieneguilla Stables

Cieneguilla Stables is one of the private New Mexico’s finest. The stables owner is friendly to both guests and the rescue horses. Furthermore, she is knowledgeable; you will learn the area’s history, the well-being, and the lifestyle of horses and answer all your questions. 

The sceneries from Cieneguilla Stables are spectacular. There are more to view, including the Indian pottery shards, minerals, and rock formations, to name a few. The one-hour rides entail moving around the Mexican hills. In addition, cameras are allowed. Therefore, you can have the guide or friend take snaps of the view for permanent memories.

The horses are well-disciplined hence comfortable rides. 

If you are looking for the best vacation in Taos County, then you have it here.

  • Address: 2961 NM-68, Embudo, NM 87531, United States
  • Phone: +1 575-751-2815

3. Acacia Riding Adventures

Acacia Riding Adventures is all about horseback riding on the rocks while viewing the deserts of New Mexico. Most of the trails are rocky.

The guides are friendly and knowledgeable. You will make frequent stops as they explain the rocks, plants, and the area as a whole. They will even take pictures for you.

Acacia Riding Adventures has rides at the Rio Grande River, where there is so much to explore. The guides will also share more with you about the river and the vegetation. Most of these rides last for two hours. There are enjoyable moments where you splash the waters while riding the horses. This event happens on the riverbed, where there are high temperatures. 

There are also world-class sites to canter your horse, like Truchas Peak. You cannot afford to miss the slot canyons, mesas, and beautiful hills. 

Acacia Riding Adventures allows sunset and night horseback rides where you will experience New Mexico fireworks while on a horse.

In Acacia Riding Adventures, get comfortable rides as the horses are well trained and friendly, just as the guides. All rides are allowed, regardless of age and size. However, be ready for fast gaits for some sites since tough breeds like the Tennessee Walkers and Missouri Fox trotters.

Besides horseback trail riding, there are riding lessons, horse training, and horse boarding. 

There is no age limit; everyone can participate in all the activities.

4. Vision Quest Western Horseback Rides & Lessons

Come and explore the Santa Fe area on the back of a horse. There are three categories of rides; one-hour rides ($80 per trip), two-hour rides ($150 per trip), and three-hour rides ($225 per trip). The sunsets rides are much higher, with a one-hour ride worth $100 per trip and a two-hour ride costing $175 per trip. However, the staff can schedule longer rides during the day. There are no longer sunset rides; two hours is the maximum.

Kids are not left out! Vision Quest Western Horseback Rides has pony rides that cater to children below seven years. The rides are not long and last approximately 15 to 20 minutes. 

If neither of you nor your loved ones is well versed with horseback rides, Vision Quest Western Horseback Rides has got your back. Some lessons last for one to two hours. Longer classes are also available.

At Vision Quest Western Horseback Rides, the private trail rides have never been more fun with the well-trained and responsive horses. The guides are so engaging. You will be surprised to leave the place with more riding skills. Additionally, they share the history and relatable facts about the area.

The sceneries from the ranch are incredible. You will also see the wildlife and other animals on the farm, including donkeys, ducks, dogs, and cats.

Vision Quest Western Horseback Rides stress more on riding attires. The staff will generously provide you with sunscreens and bottled water. The area is notorious for hurricanes; therefore, it’s wise for you to carry a hurricane string.

5. Grindstone Stables

Grindstone Stables is the perfect spot to have maximum fun with your loved ones. There are many activities to engage in Grindstone Stables, including guided horseback trail rides, canyon sleigh rides, and carriage rides. In addition, the scenery is spectacular as you ride on the lakes and hills of Ruidoso. The guides are helpful and friendly. In addition, the horses are perfect for both kids and adults. 

6. Corralitos Trail Rides

Corralitos trail rides have quiet and well-behaved horses that give you the best riding experience. You will have a chance to explore New Mexico while horseback riding through the petroglyphs and the mines- they are abandoned but serve the perfect trails. 

One should be over eight years to qualify for horseback riding in Corralitos trail rides. The guides ensure kids get safe rides in addition to inexperienced teens and adults. Besides the beginner trails, there are trails for the pros that prefer unguided faster gaits. Every horse is well trained to handle all experience levels.

Corralitos trail rides have many destinations. They include Rough & Ready Hills, Picacho Peak, Massacre Peak, and Magdalena Gap.

Want to explore the Corralitos trail rides with your horse? No problem. They will provide guiding sessions to explore the area better. 

The activities in Corralitos trail rides are fun and will leave you coming back for more every summer break. Furthermore, regular customers get a chance to enjoy low prices and current Trail Club opportunities.

7. Bishop’s Lodge Stables

Explore loads of adventures as you discover ancient and visual arts, celebrations, and journeys. The riding tours go for the entire day. 

The guides in Bishop’s Lodge Stables are fun to engage with. They give you basic instructions before mounting any horse. They share the history of the stables and the area as you ride through the forests and the creeks.

There are evening hours where you get to meet other people. Friends and families enjoy the moment besides a fire-lit space after a long day of adventures. Bishop’s Lodge Stables will be at your service with margarita specials and memorable meals.

When the night falls, spend your night in the furnished bunkhouse of Bishop’s Lodge Stables. The 12 bedroom tiding has a good view of the New Mexico landscape. 

  • Address: 1297 Bishops Lodge Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 505-390-2323

8. Red River Stables

Red River Stables never gets short of adventures with over three decades of operations. From riding in the hills to the wheeler mountains, there is always something spectacular for all ages. The scenery is full of realistic views, including the Middle fort lake. 

There are long and guided horseback rides where you will meet with professional and experienced guides that will take you through.

  • Address: 800 E Main, Red River, NM 87558, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 575-754-1700
  • Email:


Horseback riding in New Mexico is not only expected, but it’s also exceptional! There are many horseback riding sites in Mexico where there is a lot to explore. Everything is incredible, from the knowledgeable guides and the friendly horses to the world-class sceneries. We hope you will get the best horseback riding experience in Mexico with the few spots mentioned. Let’s ride!