Horseback Riding In Nashville

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Nashville, TN

Tennessee has one of the best outdoor spaces in Nashville and its neighborhood. Here is a list of where to go horseback riding in Nashville, TN.

There are several farms with horseback riding services. Horseback riding is an outdoor activity that gives you a chance to interact with horses and bring out your love for nature.

That said, how great would it be if you brought your family and friends along? Furthermore, you can try the Nashville life for special events like birthday parties and weddings.

Nashville Equine Trek

Nashville Equine Trek makes horseback riding one of the best Nashville outdoor activities. There are friendly guides, well-trained and disciplined horses, and meals on trails. In addition, double riding is allowed for riders above 18 years. 

Though the rides accommodate all riding levels, expect a safe, informative, and pleasurable adventure. The trails in Nashville Equine Trek are designed for walking but don’t harm as they spice things up a little bit. 

You will meet and socialize with the staff on your visit. Additionally, you get some basic training and guidelines. Later, you will get a horse that best matches you. The ride will take approximately one and a half hours. They cover 4.5 miles through the forest, where the guides take you through the woods. In addition to that, you can play with the wild plants and wildlife. The horses have participated in the tours for a long time. As such, they know the trails well. 

All rides have lunch breaks. Here they will serve you a meal and drinks, and the rest is also time for the riders to interact as they take snaps and photographs of the sceneries. After the refreshments, everyone gets back to the saddle.

What to Expect On Your Visit

  • Identification proof documents are a requirement.
  • You will be issued guidelines that every rider must follow strictly. The World Animal Protection sets them.
  • Bring along a riding attire, including pants and closed shoes.
  • Meals entail chips, pasta salad, apples, turkey sandwiches, and desserts. The meals are horse-friendly. Those with diet issues have special diets available. You also get drinks and beverages with the meals and water for the horses.
  • There are farmers, conservationists, and biologists willing to share any knowledge with you.
  • There are a variety of species, from zebras to alpacas, approximately 300 types.
  • Address: Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37221, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 865-280-3778

Juro Stables

Maybe it’s time you change your weekend plans and have some fun time at Juro Stables. This family-owned business has provided Nashville’s best entertainment activities and attractions for more than three decades. 

Roger West and Sara, the business owners and equine owners have been in the entertainment industry for a long time enough to know what’s best for their guests. Here, the activities include horseback riding, horse riding lessons, and guided tours.

Juro Stables welcomes all riding levels to saddle up, including kids. There are plenty of friendly horses with different temperaments and sizes to match every experience. Before mounting, you are provided with basic training on the ground to enable you to get along with the trails.

The guides take you through the creeks as you enjoy the surrounding scenic landscape. You will encounter historic sites of the old homes in the 19th century. There are also wagon wheels that litterbug pioneers neglected in the area.

Students all around Tallahassee have special classes or group lessons with expert instructors. In addition, visitors can interact with the horses during the lessons and the onsite cooking and camping facilities.

What to Expect

  • Horseback riding for all riding experiences
  • Suitable pace and tack 
  • Unset trails
  • Perfect selection of riding horses
  • Cooking and camping facilities
  • Catered parties
  • Western saddles, but other styles are available upon reservation.
  • Special requests such as campouts and cookouts, hayrides, marriage and engagement proposals, scouting, birthday parties, photoshoots, and video shoots
  • Address: 735 Carver Ln, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 615-473-6294

Crossroads Ranch

Horseback Riding In Nashville, TN

Crossroads Ranch welcomes experienced and first-time riders that love connecting with horses. All the horses are everyone’s favorite since they are disciplined and well trained.

Crossroads Ranch’s dedication makes the horseback riding experience reality, a trait that makes it stand out among most ranches in Nashville. They take you through a philosophy that is more than mounting and steering a horse. The lessons ensure that both the rider and the horse benefit from it.

Since the Crossroads fraternity believes in a competent rider and safe rides, they have crafted horsemanship lessons on comprehensive knowledge. A rider understands more about the horse on training, secure handling, fear, motivation, horse body language, and psychology, courtesy of the horsemanship program. 

The program includes horsemanship foundations such as hoof care and first aid. There are also n-bonus lessons on training methods like movement commands sending and rein stops. Not only do the lessons build a safe rider, but also a comfortable and exciting riding experience. You will also practice speed training, obstacle courses, trail riding, and pleasure riding. 

It’s worth noting that this kind of horsemanship lesson in Crossroads Ranch is the only one in Nashville and statewide.

Daybreak Farm & Riding Academy

At the heart of Tennessee lies Saddlebred horseback riding, horse training, shows, equine lessons, and breeding. 

Horsemanship lessons in Daybreak Farm & Riding Academy are for all horse lovers. As long as you love caring for horses, horse riding, and participating in horse competitions, these lessons will help you achieve your goals. 

There is a tournament team that represents the farm in national competitions. Thus, if you join the team, you will get opportunities to participate in local contests to gain experience for regional competitions. After you graduate from the Academy standards, you are now ready for regional and national challenges.

What Makes Daybreak Farm & Riding Academy Stand Out

  • Builds horses and riders
  • Adult and children horse riding lessons
  • Balanced seats 
  • Affordable
  • Accommodates beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders
  • Approves boys and girls scouts
  • There is a breeding program
  • Certified instructors
  • Buying and selling of horses
  • Competitions
  • Birthday, pony, and horse parties for kids
  • Coaching
  • English riding lessons
  • Private instructions
  • Showmanship
  • Weekend lessons
  • Working student program
  • Address: 6073 Maddox Rd, Mt. Juliet, TN 37122, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 615-979-2199

Lake Meadow Farms & Stables

Enjoy the Trails in Lake Meadow are no ordinary but a lakeside adventure. The adventures are fit for all riding levels. You are matched with the right horse, depending on your weight and experience. There are also weekend trail lessons available from Friday and Sunday. 

The horseback rides are through the creeks and the lakeside as you watch the river otters. The guides will also train you to ride horses to go down, stop, turn up, and go up the hills. In addition, group rides are allowed, with a maximum of six riders.

The horses are well trained and have participated in most Tallahassee events. There are private lessons as you learn each horse’s competition and training records. The horses are also available for rentals in events such as music videos, weddings, and photoshoots. 

The horses can tolerate people with health issues. In addition, the aged are not restricted to horseback riding since they have smooth gaits. There is a mounting platform for the disabled.

What to Know Before Visiting

  • Riders should be above five years
  • 280 lbs is the weight limit
  • Rides are available on an appointment
  • Payments are through credit cards. But if you prefer, you will be charged an additional fee.
  • Safety riding gears are mandatory, including helmets.
  • Address: 948 Holleman Bend Ln, Granville, TN 38564
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 931-653-4824
Horseback Riding In Nashville, TN

Percy Warner Park

Percy Warner Park is home to steeplechase and Vaughn’s courses with national and local competitions. It’s full of picnic shelters with historical designs. Percy Warner Park has existed since the early 19th century later reestablished courtesy of fundraising for the park’s friends. 

Horseback riding adventures are one of the most featured attractions. The trails are more than ten miles long through the park’s tall trees. The park is open to anyone owning a horse, with no limited tours. However, riders should carry their equipment.

  • Address: 2500 Old Hickory Blvd, Nashville, TN 37221
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 615-862-8555

TouchPoint Riding Services

Healthy horse and human relationships, horse care, horsemanship guidelines, and horseback riding lessons are the main missions in TouchPoint Riding Services. However, the lessons recently shifted to Hidden Acres Farm. 

There is horse boarding in the Hidden Acres Farm. However, there are plans to transfer them to TouchPoint facilities, including boarding services. There are horseback riding and other equine outdoor activities where guests enjoy the quiet surroundings and beautiful nature.

  • Address: 149 Barker Rd, Nashville, TN 37214, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 615-933-1597

Twin Oaks Guest Ranch

Get ready for the ultimate horseback riding experience in Twin Oaks Guest Ranch. The countryside is quiet and relaxing, far from the Nashville and Lebanon busy streets. Horses are well-trained and soft gaited to accommodate any riding level. Horse owners are also allowed to ride their horses. Experienced riders will enjoy the well-maintained trails, rated as hard. 

Twin Oaks Guest Ranch has cottages and log homes for those who wish to ride overnight and spend the night(s).

Nashville Horseback Riding Tours

As expected, horseback riding is an expensive activity but worth it. Most rides go for two hours, with long-hour passages available upon reservations. Generally, group rides are approximately $50 per rider, while private rides cost almost twice. Most stables have unique options for lessons, camping trips, birthday parties, corporate events, and engagements. 

Nashville Horseback Riding Lessons 

Nashville offers both kids and adults an opportunity to learn more than the basics about the equine world. There are plenty of horsemanship programs and equestrian lessons to choose from. Fortunately, there are many stables in Nashville with the services. You are only a click away from getting the best lessons in Nashville. 

Final Verdict

Horseback riding is not only all fun but healthy. That’s why we have crafted a list of places to help you with precisely that. Nashville is an equine paradise with beautiful sceneries, friendly horses, and engaging guides. Need we say more! Choose one of the horseback riding places and have fun.