Where To Go Horseback Riding In Montana

If you are looking for where to go horseback riding in Montana, there are endless options in this historic country. In recent years, ranches have proved to be the best option for visitors and locals, offering tours for up to three days and accommodation.

If you opt for outfitters, there are many outdoor activities to enjoy besides riding a horse. Horseback riding is the most exciting and traditional way to explore Montana.

Due to Montana’s natural landscapes and amazing sceneries, visitors flock to different parts of the state every season to step back into the Old West. 

In a state with rich equine practices like Montana, there are many spots to get horseback riding services. We have narrowed the list to the best options for a memorable horseback riding experience. 

Wild West Rafting

With a name like this, you would be curious about what you are signing up for. Wild West Rafting boasts of giving thrilling horseback rides in the first-rated park in Montana, Yellowstone National park.

In addition, each ride takes full advantage of the beautiful dense forest and mountain sceneries at the park’s edge. 

Day Horseback Ride (includes fishing)

Here you are allowed to choose streams and lakes to explore. If you love fishing, you can ride down the paths and have a good time with your fishing rod. The ride mostly takes approximately two hours – from Gallatin national forest to the fishing spots. In your company are knowledgeable guides, and a cowboy lunch is provided. 

What To Do

  • Join the cowboy cookout at sunsets, where you enjoy inviting home-made meals
  • After a good ride, join the campfire and share some roasted marshmallows while appreciating the ranch’s beauty
  • You will need a fishing license from Montana. However, you can bring your fishing ride or get one from the guide.


  • $550 per adult
  • $500 per child
  • Cowboy cookout trip (8 – 10 hours)- $50 per kid and $60 per adult 

Evening Horseback Rides (includes cowboy cookout)

If you’re a sunset ride fanatic, this option is for you. The wranglers will guide you through the forest and enjoy the park scenery.

The day ends with a cowboy cookout and campfire. Who can ride? Riders above six can participate in the one-hour rides, and 7+ years for more than 3 hours. 


$150 per adult

$130 per child

Cowboy cookout without ride: $60 per adult and $50 per child

Address: 202 Main St, Gardiner, MT 59030, United States

Website: www.wildwestrafting.com

Phone: +1 406-848-2252

Blacktail Ranch

Horseback riding adventures in Blacktail Ranch fulfill every equine lover’s dream. The mountain ranch is beautiful, well trained, and has healthy horses.

In addition, the accommodations are first-class, three meals daily, and most exciting, horseback rides are unlimited. 

Lying at the Continental Divide base, this 8000-acre gem has everything nature would offer. A river flows at the center of the ranch, with rich aspen groves and lush meadows on its sides.

On the riverbed lies beautiful wildflowers and grasses covered with unspoiled fir and pine. If you like, you can join in rolling pastures and driving cattle from the high country or back.

The ranch has many horses to accommodate every riding skill. Additionally, roping and riding instructions are offered before the adventure starts. 

Blacktail ranch houses all its homesteading and cave artifacts; you will be privileged to see archeological sites preexisting in the Medicine Wheel, Sun Wheel, and Ice Age periods.

All these are available for view during your vacation. If fishing is your thing, there are plenty of opportunities to venture.

Dearborn River runs at the heart of the ranch, and the Missouri River is just a stone’s throw away. Blacktail Ranch offers a unique wild serenity and a peaceful setting worth your visit.

As a guest caring ranch, you will receive warm hospitality from professional staff on your arrival. Plus, you will experience a natural Montana ranch setting and a knowledgeable guide turning history alive. 


  • Various ranch activities including wildlife viewing, exploring caves, bird watching, and creek swimming
  • Accommodation available; private cabin or guest room, three meals daily, and a trip from and to the airport

Address: 4440 S Fork Trail, Wolf Creek, MT 59648, United States

Website: https://blacktailranch.com/

Phone: +1 406-235-4330

Diamond P Ranch 

Diamond P Ranch has been in business for more than sixty years, offering exclusive horseback rides around West Yellowstone.

Rides are available from Monday to Saturday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, but from May to September. Families and children are always welcome for the guided rides through Gallatin National Forest. 

What To Expect

  • Group rides are available for riders above six years
  • Riders between three to five years can schedule kiddie rides (5 minutes long)
  • Reservation is recommended but not necessary, except for kiddie rides
  • Complex ranch activities like cowboy mounted shooting are available
  • Horse motel available
  • The arena is public for rent for any event
  • They will provide saddle bags for each rider

Rides And prices

  • Morning 3-hour rides – $95 per rider
  • Afternoon 3 hour rides – $95 per rider & 2 hour rides – $85 per rider
  • You can schedule private rides for up to 4 hours 

Address: 2865 Targhee Pass Hwy, West Yellowstone, MT 59758, United States

Website: https://thediamondpranch.com/

Phone: +1 406-646-0606

Rocking Z Guest Ranch

Get amazing full-day and half-day rides that are flexible for all riding skills. Patty and Zack will be your host throughout your tour, ensuring you have an easy time with the trails as they share with you the area’s history. 

There are different terrains to explore. The highest ones allow you to see Montana mountain ranges.

Most visitors opt for the Medicine Rock ride, 16 miles long, where riders may have canters. Other parts are suitable for steep climbing; you can have canters when applicable. 

Riders get opportunities every week to drive cattle to different pastures. Sometimes the wranglers may guide you to team penning in the arena. If interested, you can also request to learn cattle work and roping. 

Besides horseback riding, there are other non-riding activities to engage in, including:

  • Floating in the Missouri River
  • Wildlife viewing
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Bird watching
  • Clay and target shooting
  • Rodeos in nearby towns 

What To Expect

  • Personalization allowed
  • Accommodations
  • Meals three times daily
  • Catholic retreat on Sundays

Address: 2020 Chevallier Dr, Wolf Creek, MT 59648, United States

Website: https://www.rockingz.com/

Phone: +1 406-465-5534

Swan Mountain Outfitters

Swan Mountain Outfitters offers guided horseback trips and trail rides throughout the Flathead National Forest. There are various ranges of horseback rides to choose from – from one-hour rides to overnight.

The meandering trails pass through meadow valleys and forested mountains. You will also observe the majestic Glacier Park skyline, Strawberry Mountain and Desert Mountain. 

Cowboy Cookouts are available where riders have a unique horseback ride with a steak. The evening gets better with s’mores after the day’s tour as you make friends with the rest of the group. 

If you want trail ride adventures combined with whitewater rafting, opt for saddle paddle adventures available on their website.

This rafting company has partnered with four similar companies nearby to provide daily packages to make it the best and most fun for all riders. Multi-day packages are also available upon request. 

What To Expect

  • Well taken care of horses and mules 
  • Instructions on riding and precautions on riding in the wilderness before the adventure starts
  • Horseback riding, trail rides, fishing, hunting, and pack trips
  • Family and group discounts; 50% off for youths below 25 years, 10% on each rider’s package for groups with six or more riders, and 10% off for hunting groups with four or more people

Address: 26356 Soup Creek Rd, Swan Lake, MT 59911, United States

Website: https://www.swanmountainoutfitters.com/

Phone: +1 406-387-4405

Lone Mountain Ranch

Lone Mountain Ranch has maintained the spirit for over a century if you want a magical American West culture and environment.

It set the foundation for what Montana offers today, including Northern Rockies ranching evolution, Big Sky, Yellowstone Park, and preserving the wilderness. 

There are 27 high-class and historic log cabins with one to six bedrooms. Adjoining cabins are available for up to five pairs for families with older children.

In addition, all cabins were recently renovated, with top-shelf amenities and comfortable and sufficient privacy. 


  • Transportation to and from BN airport
  • Daily meals and special menus for dietary people
  • Hospitable and knowledgeable ranch hands

Address: 750 Lone Mountain Ranch Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716, United States

Website: https://lonemountainranch.com/

Phone: +1 406-995-4644

Bear Paw Outfitters

Bear Paw Outfitters is a company in Montana that has been in business for many years. It’s a family-owned outfitter currently operated by Montanans in the fourth generation.

Guests appreciate the numerous horseback and trail trips that extend overnight. The team at Bear Paw Outfitters is professional and experienced in ensuring the riders are safe and informed.

The guides are trained to be warm, welcoming, and answer all your questions. You will undoubtedly be excited to have one of the wranglers accompany you so that you can learn more about the area’s history and everything you may want to ask. 

Rides And Prices 

  • One-hour rides – $80 per rider
  • Two-hour rides – $110 per rider
  • Approximately three-hour rides (1/2 a day) – $150 per person
  • Full day – $375 per rider
  • Private rides for three to four hours – $300 per rider, full-day – $415 per rider
  • The riding package depends on the age, weight, and height of the rider


If all the ranches and outfitters in Montana were to be compressed in this article, it still wouldn’t be enough. Montana is one of the few states with a robust equine foundation, hence many horse riding spots. However, we hope this list finally ends your search. Happy trails!