Where to Go Horseback Riding in Miami

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Miami

Nothing best describes Miami than its warm climate, white-sand beaches, and delicious cuisine. Now horseback riding in Miami is living a dream or a movie. However, it doesn’t have to be imaginative. There are equestrian facilities that offer horseback riding services. Here is a list of where to get the best horseback riding sites in Florida.

What to Know Before Horseback Riding in Miami

Miami is a beach paradise, and you may opt to ride a horse on a beach. If you are fortunate to get such a stable, you should know these facts to have unlimited fun in your adventure.

  • Some websites state what you have to do and not what to do. You may be allowed to trot or walk a horse but not run it. If you are the type that loves racing along the beach, ensure you learn first if the company allows it.
  • Age and weight restriction are almost everywhere.
  • Some stables offer outfitters, which need earlier bookings.
  • Photographs are not allowed. Ensure the stable allows cameras before you carry one
  • If planning for a special occasion on a horse, like a wedding, proposal, or anniversary celebration, look for past similar events on the website or contact the stable. Some websites make it clear whether they offer such services or not.
  • Be keen on locations, outfitter availability, ride durations, and the prices on the website.

The good news for you is that most stables are near beaches, and some may be nice enough to allow horseback riding on the beach.

American Horse Trails

American Horse Trails gives the best experience horseback riding on their Arabian horses. The tropical environment gives you a spectacular view of the scenery. Trails are friendly to first-time riders, which the advanced ones will also appreciate. Experienced riders can opt for moderate and hard trail rides.

This family-owned ranch allows private rides going for one to two hours. The horses are well trained, as you would expect from an exclusive farm. In addition, you will notice how well-groomed and healthy they are.

The trail guides are friendly and engaging and will gladly answer your questions. You will be glad to have them in your company for their greatness in information and facts.

South Miami Riding

Horseback riding in South Miami is all about the rider’s and the horse’s well-being. As for horses, the company ensures they get the best training and treat them with care and love. On the other hand, riders rise to horse enthusiasts.

There are plenty of equine activities in the company; hunter seats for kids and adults, horse riding lessons, and boarding. If you wish to get recreational horseback riding, successful horse competitions, or own a horse in Miami, South Miami Riding has got you covered.

The Arabian horses have participated in show careers; therefore, they are in for any event in the company. There are also horses set apart expressly for beginners and children.


Lessons in South Miami Riding is all fun and safe. The mission is to raise an utterly skilled equestrian. Both children and adults are welcome. You will learn horsemanship, riding skills, barn and arena safe practices, grooming, ground discipline, and horse care.

In South Miami Riding, expect:

  • Horseback riding on all levels
  • Each rider gets flexible hours
  • Qualified riders can attend local shows
  • Find professional atmosphere
  • Quite facilities
  • Balanced seats
  • Special basic training for nervous riders
  • The facility is keen on riding attire; come along with long heels, boots, and helmets (available)

The British Barn

Horseback riding and horse riding lessons in The British Barn are like no other. Classes schedules are according to the rider’s needs. Each rider is assigned an appropriate horse.

The horses are as beautiful as the views. In addition, the well-disciplined horses are fit to carry any rider. Kids too can participate in the tours, as long as they have an adult in the company.

Kids between 5 to 15 years will love the summer camps in The British Barn. They occur on the weekdays, some Saturdays, and holidays. However, there is provision for only camping services. Therefore, kids should have their meals, refreshments, and extra clothes.

What to Know

  • Riding services for beginners and experienced riders
  • There are discounted packages
  • The facility’s trainer conducts the lessons, including jumping, equitation, and basic riding.
  • Classes go at $50 for groups.
  • There are horses and ponies for lessons to meet all types of rider levels
  • The lessons are daily, and booking should be in advance
  • Address: 17640 SW 52nd Ct, Southwest Ranches, FL 33331, United States
  • Website: www.thebritishbarn.com
  • Phone: +1 305-491-9333

Broward Stables

Like most stables in Miami, Broward Stables offers trail rides, camping, pony rides, and trips. Horse owners may bring their horses to and have the best of the fantastic trails.

It would be best to make horseback riding reservations early. Booking a day earlier can still be accepted. However, you should come half an hour to one hour earlier even if you have reserved your spot.

Though it might be embarrassing to unveil your weight, weight measuring is mandatory for all riders since it helps the staff choose the appropriate horse for your tour. Weight should not exceed 225 pounds. All riders must be nine years old or more.

To qualify to participate in the tours, you should have long pants and closed shoes. You would love to carry sunscreen and insect repellant with you, which the company also recommends.

  • Address: 12601 SW 13th St, Davie, FL 33325, United States
  • Website: www.browardstables.com
  • Phone: +1 954-547-3322

Bar-B Ranch

There are plenty of horses in Bar-B Ranch, which means every rider will have a chance to experience horseback riding at its best. Beginners have special horses that have specific training to tolerate any rider level. You may mount on the property or choose to hang off the property. Off-property rides are in Robbin Open Space Reserve. Here, you will explore the Oak hammocks, the last generation of its species surviving in Florida.

In addition, meet knowledgeable trail guides that will make your horseback riding tour a memorable one. They are willing to help with any concern or question. The attendants are there to make you enjoy the scenes and rides and discover the hidden gems of Florida.

Bar-B Ranch has a program for kids and teenagers interested in horse anatomy, bridling, colors, saddling, and grooming. Instructions are given to each student individually. Furthermore, there are sections where they ride the horses as they socialize with other equestrians. The students will also engage in other outdoor activities and connect with the horses to create beautiful memories.

Want a horseback riding service for your little one? Well, Bar-B Ranch allows pony renting for on-property riding. The ride entails climbing the small hills with shading all over the place. You and the young riders will have a chance to meet other animals such as dogs and birds in an open space. Also, you don’t have to worry about your kids’ safety. You will be assigned a guide to travel with you and the kid(s).

Address: 3500 SW 121st Ave, Davie, FL 33330, United States

Website: www.bar-b-ranch .com

Phone: +1 954-424-1060

Whispering Manes

As all the other stables on the list offer horseback riding services for novices and experts, Whispering Manes has a different offer that dominates the horse business industry in Miami.

The facility allows disabled people to boost emotional, mental, and physical well-being by interacting with their horses. That’s the facility’s mission.

In Whispering Manes, there is a manes and tales session, which offers equine-related lessons. The program design is specifically to accommodate those struggling to read. It encourages the students to interact and play with the horses. When ready, they are assigned mini horses.

Whispering Manes also provides horsemanship via a Therapeutic program. It entails learning independent horseback riding skills according to each student’s needs. The program also ensures the individual knows safety awareness and horse handling. It’s worth noting that private and group programs are available.

Tally Ho Equestrian Center

Tally Ho Equestrian Center has had an expansive business thanks to the professional staff, including the facility’s trainer, Karen Flynn. Experienced riders come back for more while the first-time riders grow to be experts. Their dedication to their services explains the high rate of online reviews.

This Miami equestrian facility focuses on equitation, jumpers, and hunters. Competitions occur in circles, a formation popularly known as circuits.

This facility has raised regular students to earn national recognition. Most renowned riders in Miami’s successful horse shows come from Tally Ho Equestrian Center.

There is more to boast about, including the famous Barton S. Goldberg and Tally Ho Interscholastic Association trace back to Tally Ho Equestrian Center.

Prices Per Lessons

Students who are members of the equestrian association at The University of Miami pay $55.

Riders with leased or personal horses pay $60.

In addition, riders that utilize the Tally Ho horses pay $65.

However, there are more packages if you wish for one that fits you.

Sheridan Oaks Stable

As a family-owned stable, Sheridan Oaks Stable offers equine services, including horse boarding, lessons, and training. You will notice how the barns are spacious, well ventilated, and always clean. With that, the horses remain healthy and well cared for.

Besides the horses, riders and clients also enjoy the efficiently built facility. Here, they will lead to a tack room where you get a tack box. If you choose to spend the night, the facility will provide you with one of its many restrooms.

Dave and Kim Moore, the facility owners, have been running the business for more than two decades. They move to the facility occasionally and interact with the clients, which they do most of the time they visit.

Horseback riding in Sheridan Oaks Stable is such a memorable adventure. From the epic sceneries to the well-trained horses, you can’t get enough of it. The staff too is professional and guarantees your safety.

  • Address: 13321 Old Sheridan St, Southwest Ranches, FL 33330, United States
  • Website: www.davemoorereining.com
  • Phone: +1 954-434-1808


The list of the horseback riding facilities is long. That means finding a horse riding facility in Miami the next time you visit will be an easy search. But don’t be too excited! Choosing a facility that best suits you can be challenging. Therefore, read the websites carefully before booking to ensure it’s what you want.