where to go horseback riding in Hocking Hills

Where To Go Horseback Riding In Hocking Hills 

The Midwest often passes as a vacation destination. We will answer the question: where to go horseback riding in Hocking Hills.

However, we tell you that the midwest, especially Hocking Hills has a lot to offer. From the state parks and forests with picturesque waterfalls, caves, towering cliffs to the miles of hiking trails, Hocking Hills will become your second home in no time.

Whether you are a hiker, a history buff, a lover of all things camping, or are simply looking to rebuild your relationship with nature, Hocking Hills is the place to be. And for our equine lovers, the lush forests and towering cliffs will take your breath away in a good way.

Here are five riding sites that will make you saddle up and trail in no time.

Blue Moon Acres LLC 

If a fun-packed adult adventure is what you’ve been looking for, then look no further than Blue Moon Acres. Its located in South East Ohio. Blue Moon is a small stable specializing in individual, couple, and a small group of about four people riding.

In addition, at Blue Moon Acres, you get individual attention, and whether you’re a novice or experienced rider, you will feel right at home with their horses who have a lot of spirit and love to give. 

The scenic trails take you through the forests, canyons, and caves, and together with your experienced guide, this will be a favorite for you and your family. In addition, for riders who enjoy being in the great outdoors in the morning, their groom and ride policy might be something you’re interested in.

Thanks to the nature of their stables, you can help in grooming and saddling up your horse (extra binding time) and, in the process, get a discount. You are expected to arrive 90 minutes earlier to allow enough time before you head out.

They have different rides charged at:

  • $40 per person for 45 minutes 
  • $50 per person for 1 hour 
  • $60 per person one and a half hours 
  • $70 per person for 2 hours 
  • $80 per person for two and a half hours 
  • $90 per person for 3 hours 
  • $110 per person for 4 hours 

Additionally, for a more private setting, they offer rides at an extra charge of $20 per hour per person.

What to know before heading out 

  • Rides are from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • They only accept cash payments.
  • Their rides are by appointment only with accurate information on your group (age, weight, and experience level).
  • They will accept no drive-ins. 
  • No child under 11 years is allowed on the horses due to the nature of the trail.
  • Long pants and closed-toe shoes are encouraged. 
  • They open from May through October, and they ride from Tuesday to Saturday 
  • They are closed during summer and winter due to the weather. 
  • Rides are from 10 am to 6 pm 
  • Their weight limit is 20% of your steeds weight 
  • Beginner riders have a minimum number of hours, seeing as the horses available are for more advanced riders.

Address: Laurelville OH 43135

Website: http://bluemoonacresstable.com/home_page

Phone: 740 380 6230 

The Spotted Horse Ranch 

Nothing beats discovering the Hocking Hills landscape on horseback as you get to experience the actual western experience. Seated on over 500 acres of land with over 30 miles of pristine trails ready to be discovered is the Spotted Horse Ranch.

The Spotted Horse Ranch won’t let you down from their gentle, well-cared-for horses to the experienced dad joke-loving guides. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the wranglers understand that and tailor every ride accordingly.

If you’re looking to get away for the weekend, you can choose to either camp in their campers, tents, or cabins. In addition, all their sites are equipped with electricity and water for your horse.

They also have primitive cabins and bunk rooms that sleep ten people with a fridge and a place to keep your things safe. The Spotted Horse Ranch is a working ranch with livestock. The livestock varies from cows, pigs, sheep, lambs, turkeys, guinea fowls, and fallow deer.

They have three different guided trail rides:

Cowboy Cookout Ride  

Cowboy Cookout Ride offers a unique adventure for riders up to the task of “living out” in the wild and cooking over an open fire. This two-hour ride takes you through the forest to the “chuckwagon,” where a feast prepared by their very own Michael Solt awaits you and your group when you dismount.

After all the food is gone and you have had your share of bad jokes, you will saddle up for another couple of hours of trail riding through the woods and end your ride at the ranch. This ride is charged at $139 per person.

You must make reservations for the ride a week in advance with the total amount. Riders with special dietary needs, i.e., kosher meals or vegetarian meals, must say so on the reservation.

One Hour Ride

There is also a one-hour ride which costs $39 per person. This ride is more suited for beginner riders or anyone who hasn’t ridden a horse in a long time. The guides give a brief demonstration of the riding technique and how to balance yourself on your horse with further instructions as you go further along.

Two Hour Ride

Lastly, there is a two-hour ride for $65 per person. This ride is suitable for older kids and adults for more adventurous riders with more time in the saddle. The wranglers choose which one to go on depending on the riders’ age, comfort level, and skill, with different trails to choose from.

In addition, they also offer Handheld rides at $ 20 for 15 minutes each and private rides at $25 extra per person. 

Important information before heading out to the ranch 

  • Riders must be at least eight years and under 240 pounds. 
  • They are closed on Mondays. 
  • A reservation is needed. 

Address: 17325 Deffenbaugh Rd Laurelville Ohio 43135 

Website: https://www.thespottedhorseranch.com/

Phone: 740 332 -RIDE

Uncle Buck Riding Stables

Don’t let the name fool you. Uncle Buck is more than a riding stable. Located 15 minutes from Lake Hope state park and 25 minutes from Ohio University, Uncle Buck Riding Stables is a horse lover’s dream come true.

The stables feature a functional saloon (the lady luck) that offers refreshing drinks and food, a party barn for all kinds of occasions, and miles of different types of trails.

Uncle Bucks Riding Stables pride themselves in their horses who are rescued. In addition, they give you the time of your life on one of their horses or in their dance barn.

They have three different rides, all suited for any rider.

The King Hollow Trail Ride 

This ride takes guests from the stables to the little-known King Hollow Tunnel along the Moonville Rail Trail. Built in the 50s, the King Hollow Tunnel is still just as impressive with its original wood beam paneling and remarkable flora and fauna.

This ride is well suited for beginners and families. All riders are required to be nine years and up with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

The pricing and duration are yet to be discussed. However, a call to The King Hollow Trail Ride offices will clarify all of it.

The Moonville Tunnel Ride 

The most popular ride of all, this ride takes you through the Moonville tunnel to the town of Moonville. If haunted railroads are interested in, this is the ride for you. Be sure to look out for the ghost of the conductor. 

This ride is suitable for all experience levels. The ride lasts 2.5 hours and is charged at $90 per person. In addition, all riders must be nine years and above, with the maximum weight being 250 lbs. 

The Coal Bucket Trail Ride 

This ride, named after a coal bucket left behind by the 19th-century farmers, is perfect for families and people who want to take in all of the sights at a slower pace. Riders must be at least seven years old, and the ride lasts for one hour at $35 per rider.

Address: 73930 Buck Lane New Marshfield, OH 45766

Website: https://www.unclebucksstable.com/contact/

Phone: 740 664 2428

Email: info@unclebucksstable.com

Smoke Rise Ranch Resort  

Nestled in the rolling hills of southeast Ohio is this sprawling 2000 acre ranch. Located 7 miles from the Burr Oak state park and bordering the Wayne national forest is this slice of heaven.

If you’re looking to get back to nature or a getaway for the whole family, a trip down to Smoke Rise will be one for the books. Smoke Rise Ranch is a working cattle ranch, and guests can choose to engage in the daily manning of the ranch: cow cutting, cattle drive, or even team penning. Your western dream will come alive here.

If cow cutting seems daunting for you, consider getting on horseback and exploring the trails. Smoke Rise Ranch Resort offers riding lessons at $35 an hour with your horse and $55 if you use one of their majestic horses.

Smoke Rise Ranch Resort also offers horse boarding services dependent on you and your horses’ needs.

Address: 6751 Hunterdon Road, Glouster Ohio 45732

Website: https://smokeriseranch.com/horse-rentals

Phone: 740 767 2624

Email: smokeriseohio@gmail.com


Hocking Hills is a must-visit destination. Thus, you are sure to have a good time at all of the riding sites.

The best time to head out is during fall and early summer nights. As you head out to these sites, make sure you kiss your horse, wear sunscreen and get in some photos for the gram.