Where To Go Horseback Riding In Hilton Head

Hilton Head makes a great paradise for riding a horse’s back with the not-to-miss beaches and breathtaking landscape. Everyone can experience the magic, but where to go horseback riding in Hilton Head?

Here is a list of popular and affordable stables with quality horseback riding services in Hilton Head. Read on!

There are many outdoor activities in Hilton Head. However, horseback riding outdoes them all, and for many reasons.

First, it’s entertaining, healthy, and benefits the rider. It improves every aspect of life, health, and muscles. On top of that, it’s not intense.

Learning horseback riding is uncomplicated and easy. That said, anyone can access horseback riding, from children to adults.

4 Highly Rated Horseback Riding Centers In Hilton Head

“No hour of life is wasted in the saddle,” Winston Churchill was right. Whether riding down the trails or along the beach, riding on a horse is a great experience.

Follow the stables’ directions carefully to have an easy time with the horses. Most importantly, have fun!

Lawton Stables

Lawton Stables, situated within Sea Pines, provides horseback, pony rides, and a beautiful animal collection on the animal farm. The site offers serene serenity and low country scenery that everyone can enjoy. 

The trails lead you over 600 acres of trails through the lakes and the forests. The horses give you a rusted company as you enjoy nature’s natural setting at a slow pace.

As for the young riders below seven, there are pony rides available. Plus, there are friendly small animals on the animal farm that everyone can enjoy feeding and playing with. 

Lawton Stables also has something to give their guests. They have a gift store where you can get lucky to get treasures and gifts related to horses. 

Trail Rides

The check-in is where the adventure starts. Besides signing a waiver, the guides will weigh you, and the most you will need to get a pass-through is 240 lbs.

Wearing a helmet is greatly encouraged and given freely, but optional. Next is a thorough brief on how to safely ride the horses. In that case, they will provide mounting steps if need be. 

When leaving the stables, the group is assigned at least two guides – one at the front and the other at the rear.

The guides ensure you and your riding mates move in a single line to ensure everyone’s safety when traveling through the forest preserve. 

At the preserve, you will be amazed by the island’s beauty that brings forth the ancient setting of a century ago.

The routes lead through the pines and swamps before reaching Lake Joe. Throughout the tour, the guides share the island’s history, including about the Live Oak, the oldest on the land at over five centuries old. 

The horses are well trained and gentle to give you a relaxed and nice ride. The guides are well informed and friendly, making it a good time in the reserve. 

Pony Rides

Lawton Stables have Shelton ponies that serve best riders with seven years of age and below. One of the guides leads the pony rides around the farm. It’s a first-come, first-served tour, and you will not need an advanced reservation.  

Animal Farm

Lawton Stables has an animal farm packed with small animals, including chickens, ponies, alpacas, pot-bellied pigs, miniature cows, miniature donkeys, and goats.

You are free to feed the animals, but only with the farm’s feed. Carry a camera along; you wouldn’t want to miss a snap feeding an alpaca. 

Gift Shop

It’s as interesting as it reads. Lawton Stables offers their guests a chance to get apparel and gifts with a farm theme. All types of toys and gifts are available for all ages. 

Want To Board A Horse?

Lawton Stables always receive seasonal visitors and have boarding facilities for the occasion. Boarding services are courtesy of the International Riding Academy (IRA), especially for jumper horses. Besides, they offer to ride lessons for anyone up to the course.

Address: 190 Greenwood Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928, United States

Website: https://www.lawtonstables.com/

Phone: +1 843-671-2586

Daufuskie Trail Rides

Daufuskie specializes in customized rides in historical or wooded trails and along the beach for a private and unique horseback experience.

Every skill level is welcome for the trail rides to the best of the riders’ comfort. To achieve the experience, Daufuskie limits the group number of riders to six.

In addition, the trail guides will pick you up from the ferry landing to the riding to Daufuskie stables at a small fee.

What To Expect

  • Customized trail rides of up to six riders
  • Well trained and experienced trainers
  • Only riders above ten years can enroll on the horseback tours
  • Weight limit of 225 lbs
  • Western and English seats are available
  • Trail rides are booked with packages that include cart or shuttle transportation to and fro ferry landing.

Trail Rides Prices

Daufuskie offers one-hour rides on the oceanfront and 1½ hours for rides on the beachfront. The former is available in the high seasons (March – October), while the beach rides are available in the low seasons (October to March).

  • Oceanfront rides – $150 per rider
  • Beachfront rides – $175 per rider
  • Evening rides – $250 per rider

Address: 11 Avenue of Oaks, Daufuskie Island, SC 29915, United States

Website: https://www.daufuskietrailrides.com/

Phone: +1 843-384-4510

Driftwood Stables

Since its establishment in 2010, Driftwood Stables has offered a supportive horse riding journey to many students in Hilton Head.

It’s the only riding Academy in South Carolina recognized by USHJA and the best in Hilton Head. The programs are designed to accommodate all levels and backgrounds of the students. 

Though there are no horseback tours, you will be more interested in the horse shows, clinics, boarding services, and day camps.

There is something for all, as you would expect from a renowned riding academy. The experienced riders further their skills, and the novice turns out to be pros. 

Lessons According To Levels            


  • Horsemanship fundamentals
  • Basic commands for trots and walks 
  • Proper positioning.
  • Advanced beginners 
  • Practice trotting skills
  • Master the art of riding without stirrups
  • Learn to canter
  • Deeper learning in horse care and horsemanship


1st level novice

  • Master all gaits
  • Further horse care education
  • Theory in stable management
  • Introduction in small jumps
  • Horse show participation

2nd level novice

  • Practical in lateral works
  • Stride adjustment
  • Advanced horse control


Riders at this level have the skills to enhance their experience. Further advanced flatwork and technical jumping are taught. Riders at this point can freely exercise in higher jumps and participate in competitions.  

Address: 200 Jonesville Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926, United States

Website: https://driftwoodstablehhi.wixsite.com/driftwoodstable

Phone: +1 843-802-0126

Moss Creek Equestrian Center

The green and equine environment in Moss Creek Equestrian Center offers a cool equine atmosphere for horseback riding. There are other services like dressage and jumps for an exciting way to enjoy your adventure.

Though Moss Creek allows horseback tours, boarding services and horse riding lessons are the most sought after.

This equine center offers horse training to passionate adults. Absentee horse owners can also book boarding services. However, the quality boarding facilities and lessons explain the statistics.

If you are a beginner, the lessons mainly hit on horsemanship fundamentals. Intermediate and advanced students continue to enhance their skills as they engage in more equine activities.

In addition, absentee horse owners are not left out. Horse boarding includes quality care from attentive and professional staff.

In a day, horses are fed twice, blanketing twice, fed with hay, and let out to the pastures twice. However, the routine may change as per the owner’s request.

The amenities entail:                                                       

  • Stalls with large spaces and windows
  • Floors with rubber mats
  • Stalls with individual troughs, fan, and light
  • Feed with appropriate temperature
  • Sufficient wash stalls
  • Irrigated arenas for dressage and jumping

Special Events

Moss Creeks know all it takes to make your special day unique. Be it birthday parties, scouts, weddings, dinner dates, or group activities, Moss Creeks will have it customized for you.


Instructors in Moss Creek are approved and certified by USEF SafeSport. Lessons are fit for adults, and children, advanced to beginners.

The lessons are done in shine or light rain, but harsh weather like storms and thundering will call for a postponed class.

Address: 15 Moss Creek Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29925, United States

Website: https://mosscreek-hiltonhead.com/equestrian-center

Phone: +1 843-816-4209

What To Avoid When Horseback Riding In Hilton Head Beach

Horseback riding on the beach, especially on a beautiful island as Hilton Head, is so much fun. However, there are limitations to your activities while on the beach:

  • Littering. Remember to collect all your items before leaving since they will remove them overnight.
  • Possession of wine, beer, or alcohol is prohibited.
  • There is no carrying glass containers, bottles, and other glassware.
  • Sand digging.
  • You are not allowed to remove or harm beach fauna such as starfish, sea turtles, sand dollars, etc.
  • Don’t destroy dune flora such as the sea oats.
  • Any unauthorized endeavors.
  • Fireworks or fire.
  • Nudity.

The rules are meant to keep the horses, riders, and beachgoers safe. Once on the sand, observes the beach rules and adhere to the guide’s instructions to avoid court costs and fines. 

Why Choose Hilton Head For Horseback Riding Adventures?

Hilton Head is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning beaches and golf courses. Here are some of the scenery you wouldn’t want to miss on your next visit to South Carolina. 

  • Prestige Beaches

Hilton Head boasts of its gorgeous coasts with white and soft sand as the main tourist attraction. Riding a horse in the cool waters while viewing the beautiful oceanic sceneries makes horseback riding the coolest outdoor activity on the island.  

  • Wildlife Preserves

Lowcountry is naturally the home to the most beautiful wildlife. It adds to the landscape’s beauty, another reason why travelers make Hilton Head a priority destination.

In addition, you may consider Sea Pines Forest Preserve and Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge for a memorable experience. 

  • Festivals

Hilton Head hosts many big festivals every year, the most popular being the Wine & Food Festival. Besides horseback riding on the beach, you wouldn’t want to miss the culinary celebrations. 


We hope this article has ended your quest. Suppose you want to find the best place for horseback riding on Hilton Heat, one that best suits you goes beyond that. Check out the instructions and restrictions before booking your spot in any equestrian center.