Where To Go Horseback Riding In Greenville, South Carolina

Where to Go Horseback Riding In Greenville, South Carolina

Horseback riding is a favorite activity in South Carolina. The trails are friendly to both horse and man. In addition, there are many horseback riding sites in Greenville, South Carolina. The best part? You dont have to be experienced or have been on a horse before. Here are some of the best facilities to end your search:

1. Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards Equestrian Center

Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards is not only dedicated to horseback riding. There, you will get outdoorsman ship and connect with other equine lovers from various parts of the world. The staff is so welcoming as they lead you to the beautiful barns. 

Additionally, as the staff walks you through your way, you will notice the breathtaking interior comprising ironwork and pine walls. Not to mention the stalls, whose doors allow the horses to move their muzzles out to welcome you with a warm breath. The treat is worth the visit.

The Horses and the Barns

The horses in The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyard Equestrian Center have the best training to accommodate all levels of riders. Novices and the pros alike can have a comfortable horseback ride at the Equestrian Center.

The staff is as expected; professional and friendly. That said, the manager is more obsessed with horses. She has lived in the land and with horses since childhood. Therefore, the trails and the area’s geology are at her fingertips. Hence, it gets cool when she joins her visitors in riding and encouraging the nervous ones through her experience. 

As you enjoy the horseback rides in the Keowee Vineyards, you will notice the fantastic features of the forest land. There is a place secluded called the Rocky Top on Jocassee Gorges. You will also find a picnic place, with a table built on a creek. In addition, you will get to enjoy the Tornado Alley, where Hurricane that hit in 2017 made the area look haunting. However, they make good trails and moderate ones.

The Horses and Riders

Though surefooted and gentle, Keowee Vineyards Equestrian Center horses are quite different. They don’t follow the riders but the leaders. However, if you are more experienced, they heed your commands. They have been in the area for a long time, mastering all riding styles. 

Anyone can visit The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards Equestrian Center since there is something for every equestrian. They are available from dawn to dusk. And if you may ask if there is horse boarding, yes there is, as well as horseback riding lessons and trail rides.

Riding at the Cliffs at Keowee Equestrian Center will always be on your vacation what-to-do list. When you have a friendly and experienced guide(at most times it’s the manager) in every part of the rides, connecting you with the horses and introducing you to the history and features of the land, it will be hard to keep off their gates. 

Saddle Creek Vistas

What else is better than riding on a horse viewing Lake Keowee and the beautiful scenic views above it at Saddle Creek Vistas? That’s not all! You will encounter the valleys and mountains, with wildlife roaming around, including the Turkeys and Deers. 

Saddle Creek Vistas is among the outdoor activities in the Cliffs at Keowee Equestrian Center. The rides last for one to two hours. 

If you want to visit the Cliffs at Keowee Equestrian Center for the horseback rides, riding lessons, or any other equestrian activity, contact them to speak to the manager for the best.

  • Address: 162 Arrowleaf Ln, Sunset, SC 29685, United States
  • Website: https://cliffsliving.com/
  • Phone: 866.411.5771
  • Email: saddlecreekfamilyfun@gmail.com

2. Bramblewood Stables

Bramblewood Stables is all about the emotional build in a peaceful setup. To achieve this, they have various ongoing activities, including life coaching, respite sessions, horsepower workshop, and break camps. All these give your mind a break from this busy world.

Life Coaching

Bramblewood Stables, as the name suggests, is a peaceful place filled with woods. That makes it unique, yes. Imagine spending the day in the busy streets surrounded by tall buildings, and finally, meet this all-natural place with horses everywhere. 

Now that makes life coaching in Bramblewood Stables relatively easy, as the quiet and peaceful nature helps you find yourself. The horses are there, trying to make that human and horse connection to ease the meditation. 

Remember, you are not alone in this; some professional assistants help you in your personal growth.

Respite Sessions

The respite session connects with Bramblewood Stables; you learn more about them. You connect with horses and have a chance to explore their world. All the sessions are on the ground. Mounting a horse is not allowed.

These unmounted sessions cost $65 per person and get $15 less for groups. 

Horse Power Workshops

This place has a comprehensive activity, open for kids, adults, and teens. The Horse Power Workshop involves coaching and learning how to utilize a horse’s power. There are scientific tools used that help in regulating your progress. Sometimes you may go home with one of the tools for later use.


  • The participants don’t need to have prior horse experience
  • Each session endures for two hours
  • Anyone can participate
  • Coaches involved are professional, experienced, and friendly
  • To participate, one should pay $50 to get started (cost per person)


As you get the horsemanship skills and enjoy working on your personal growth, you will find suitable building camps at Bramblewood and expand your experience. As a result, you will have more fun, create friendships as you build more skills.

Riding Lessons

Bramblewood Stables offers riding lessons with no ability or age limit. In addition, the trainers, staff, and horses are skilled and incredible, hence giving you an easy time with the lessons. 

3. Black Horse Run

Black Horse Run has excellent horseback trail rides for experienced and beginners. The rides are guided and at the best comfort of the riders. In addition, the guides will take you through the woods as you experience the beautiful sceneries of hills and creeks. 

Horses in Black Horse Run are well-trained and responsive hence comfortable rides, even for beginners. However, if you are a beginner, the guides will give you brief riding lessons and instructions to help you keep on track. 

Black Horse Run wishes its riders an enjoyable and comfortable riding experience. You cannot achieve this mission with the wrong attire. It’s better to be comfortable than dress to kill to be safe. You may want to include a helmet since Black Horse Run offers no safety gear. Also, don’t opt for sandals or open shoes; sneakers can do or any other closed-toe shoes.

Black Horse Run opens throughout the year. The rides last for one to two hours with varying horses. However, other riding lengths arrangement is upon request. 

Riding Prices

  • $40 per person for 30 minutes rides
  • $75 per person for one-hour rides
  • $110 per person for 1 ½ hours rides
  • $140 per person for two hours rides

However, prices get better if you ride in a group. 

Black Horse Run offers both basic and advanced training for all. The lessons are practical, as you will get to use healthy train horses on trails and a safe environment. For horse owners, you can order their services to your home. 

Besides horseback riding activities, you can enjoy other activities like family reunions, community or church events, cookouts, get-togethers, and birthday parties. As for parties, you can shower your event with horses too!

  • Address: 2245 Fairview Road Fountain Inn, SC 29644
  • Website: www.blackhorserunsc.net
  • Phone: (864) 505-7920 (864) 862-2282
  • Email: blackhoreserunsc@gmail.com

4. Eden Farms

Horseback riding in the Garden of Eden! Sounds terrific, and it indeed is. There are also various activities at their barn, including community or private events, birthday parties, horse lessons, horse boarding, and more. You can rent their facilities and host one of your events, an opportunity that is a call away.

Horseback riding in Eden Farms is a memorable experience as you ride through the hardwood forests and the open pastures. You will also enjoy the breathtaking scenic views of South Carolina’s mountains. The Eden Farms trails are along the Blue Ridge Mountains, where you will view Paris Mountain, Table Rock, and Caesar’s Head. 

There is room for people with special needs. These programs are run with skilled and friendly guides and staff to ensure a comfortable and safe ride. They are also knowledgeable and engaging to make your ride and stay memorable. 

Eden Farms offer horse boarding services in their fully equipped stalls. The staff is well experienced and perfect for caring for your horses. There is enough space for pasture boarding and riding your horse in their beautiful trails. There are enough amenities enough and the best for your horse.

Do you want to explore more horsemanship? Worry no more as Eden Farm provides weekly lessons. For beginners, there are private lessons with talented trainers. 

  • Address: 4700 Dacusville Highway, Marietta, SC 29661, United States
  • Website: www.edenfarms.net
  • Phone: +1 864-898-0043
  • Email: edenfarmssc@aol.com

5. Soft Hands Horseback Riding

Besides horseback riding, there are horse boarding services in Soft Hands Horseback Riding. Your horse will enjoy spacious lands and good care from skilled staff for pasture and full boarding. 

You may want to enroll in Soft Hands Horseback Riding for a monthly horseback riding lesson as a first-time rider. The fees vary due to various factors like holiday seasons. However, group lessons cost $40. The lessons apply to persons older than seven years.

At Soft Hands Horseback Riding, you will enjoy the outdoor riding arenas that South Carolina has to offer. Anyone can participate, from novice to experienced. The instructors and wranglers are well trained and engaging. Therefore, you will get the best out of your riding experience. Not to mention the well-trained and responsive horses willing to follow commands. In addition, there are equine bodywork sessions to ensure your riding partner performs well during the rides.

  • Address: 108 Kimble Dr, 29680
  • Phone: +1 801-636-2662
  • Email: softhandshorsebackriding@gmail.com


There are many horseback riding spots in Greensville, South Carolina. We have listed recommendable facilities in Greensville, where you can get guided rides. We hope that you will enjoy the rides from any site you choose.