Where To Go Horseback Riding In Glacier National Park

Where To Go Horseback Riding In Glacier National Park

This park offers turquoise blue waters incredible mountains with over 700 miles of untamed trails, not forgetting the most biodiverse ecosystem with over 26 active glaciers. So where can you go horseback riding in Glacier National Park?

Glacier National Park is one of the nation’s crown jewels for a good reason. There arent many places where you can go white water rafting in the morning. Go fly fishing during mid-morning and finish off your day on horseback eating food you caught a few hours earlier.

Glacier National Park is a dream on earth and a place to reconnect with nature, family, and yourself. Here are five horseback riding sites that cater to only the wild instinctual animal in all of us but also the gentle souls in us.

Where To Go Horseback Riding In Glacier National Park

Bear Creek Guest Ranch 

There is a reason why bear creek is as sought after. The reasons include their incredibly gentle horses and wranglers who are there with you every step of the way. From their bed and breakfast to their fly fishing activities, a stay with these folks will have you wanting to move down to northern Montana. 

The beautiful countryside filled with all kinds of critters and plants makes it so easy to glide through, either during one of the trails rides or during a cattle drive. Their cattle drives allow you to leave the modern behind, as you herd more than 1000 head of cattle to the dense pasture awaiting you on the other side.

Not only that, but for folks looking to take in more of nature without the cattle, bear creek offers horseback vacations that vary from half-day adventures to four-week-long adventures. Bear Creek doesn’t do typical nose-to-tail rides. However, they look for more engaging rides where you and your horse will enjoy yourself and connect.

The ranch doesn’t have any cell service; however, the main lodge has limited wifi access.

There are several activities to engage in;

Several horseback tours run from fall through to summer. However, the pricing is $3895 per person and $7295 per couple. Although this is the case, one week out on the ranch, forming lifetime memories, eating good food prepared by one of the owners will make you feel more rejuvenated.

Break out the booties and head on down to bear creek, and you might see why they call it Bear Creek.

Need to know before the reservation

  • The weight limit is 225 lbs. 
  • You can make reservations either by phone or on their website. 
  • Full payment is due on the day before arrival. 
  • Deposits are non-refundable but might be applied to a reschedule.


Snowy Springs Outfitters 

Established in 1987 by Flathead Native Shawn Little, a licensed outfitter, the team over at Snowy Springs Outfitters knows a little about the inner workings of Montana and Glacier National Park. From the hospitable wranglers who meet you at the door to the well cared for horses perfect even for novices, snowy outfitters make sure your trip to Glacier National Park sticks with you for a lifetime.

The lush forests home to the local flora and fauna make this more than a budget fare. In addition, the trails cover the majestic middle fork of the Flathead River from the corrals, where you have different options of drop and fish, drop and raft, or a morning or evening ride.

Some of the local fauna that you might spot on your ride include; elk, deer, moose, mountain goats, and black bear. Snowy Springs Outfitters is 18 miles of East Glacier and 38 miles of West Glacier. They have different trail rides catering to other people.

Just A Taste

Starting from 11 am to 2 pm, this ride is perfect for anyone looking to get out into nature but has time limitations or is unsure about riding. Ideal for novice and intermediate riders. It costs $80 per person and lasts approximately one and a half hours to two hours, with the minimum riding age being six years old.

Half-day Horseback Ride 

This ride gives you more time to explore the scenery. You get to ride a little further from the base and to the top of devils hump or perhaps meandering along the middle fork of the Flathead river, both within the excellent bear wilderness.

It costs $200 per person, and the riding age is six years. In addition, the ride lasts approximately 4 hours, starting at 10 am. 

Where To Go Horseback Riding In Glacier National Park

Full-day Horseback Rides

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a full day’s ride on horseback and see the more significant part of the great bear wilderness with the rocky mountains in the shadows, this is the ride for you.

Rides take approximately 8 hours with a cost of $300 per person. The minimum riding age is six years.

Other activities available on the ranch include; summer horseback pack trips at $450 per person per day, fishing at $550 per person per day, unguided drop camping, and guided hunting.

All the guides have licenses from the Montana Board of outfitters and are First Aid certified.


Swan Mountain Outfitters 

Swan Mountain Outfitters offers the quintessential adventure pack for anyone exploring Montana. In addition, Swan Mountain Outfitters is Glacier Park’s only concessionaire, offering rides from three locations: Apgar, Lake Mcdonald, and Many Glacier lodge.

The rugged Montana landscape requires a level of athleticism and calm disposition that the American quarter horses and paints at this facility seem to possess.

Here, the wranglers are attentive to everyone’s needs, very knowledgeable of the local plants and animals, and are not afraid to tell a bad joke. They also have mules for riding and packing on wilderness trips and hunts.

Mules are preferable thanks to their surefootedness, ability to carry heavier loads, and incredible intelligence.

Before saddling up, you will be given enough instruction on the proper wilderness riding techniques to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing, including the horses and mules.

Other activities available include; mountain hunting, fly fishing, salmon forks fishing trips, and guided pack trips available on the website. Trail rides vary from two-hour trail rides 5-day pack trips to the three-day weekend pack trip, which occurs during different times of the year.

The trail rides run from April 20th to October 31st 

  • 2-hour trail ride for $105.
  • Half-day trail ride charged at $175 inclusive of lunch. 
  • All-day trail ride at $295 inclusive of lunch. 
  • Fish and ride day trips cost $375 per person beginning from May 1st to October 31st. 

Pack trips run from June 30th to September 15th 

  • 3-day 2-night pack trip – $1350
  • 5-day pack trip -$2175
  • 6-day trip – $2525

Drop camp services are also available at $295 per pack animal + $295 \wrangler

Note before you go

  • Call to reserve your time slot. Appointments are not indicative of actual bookings
  • 10% discount is available for groups of 10 
  • Children {under 18 }are required to wear helmets 
  • Photos and cameras while actively riding are not allowed on shorter rides, i.e., (1 hr, 2hr) for safety reasons.
  • All riders should wear long pants and sturdy closed shoes.
  • The arrival time is 45 minutes earlier than the duration of the ride. 
  • In addition, the weight limit for the full day ride is 200 pounds. 
  • Riders who are 6ft and over may weigh upto 225 pounds. 
  • Kids need to be seven years and older to ride, weigh 48 pounds or more and be 48 inches in height. 

Billedeaux Trails 

Enjoying all that Montana has to offer has never been easier than this, thanks to Billedeaux trails. Home to the most beautiful horses and friendliest guides to miles of trails great for novice and experienced riders alike. 

Billedeaux offers old-fashioned rodes overlooking St Marys, guided by 4th generation native American horse and cow ranchers.

As you ride over the numerous fields overlooking spectacular streams and mountains and learn about the rich cultural history of the Blackfeet people, you will feel more bonded both to your four-legged friend and the people whose land you traverse.

Prices Are As Follows

  • Weekdays |hourly rides |11 am – 5 pm at $50 per person. 
  • Evening rides |6 pm -8 pm at $60 per person. 
  • Weekends|hourly rides |11 am -5 pm at $50 per person. 
  • Evening rides |6 pm -8 pm at $60 per person.
  • Group rides for five people and up cost $250. 
  • No kids under five are allowed on the rides.


Where To Go Horseback Riding In Glacier National Park


Horseback riding in Glacier National park feels like a Disney movie but with genuine stars, the horses. Not only will you get to discover the crown jewel but do so on horseback precisely like the very first travelers in the park did. We hope you will put this list to good use, and don’t forget to saddle up and have a jolly good time.