Where To Go Horseback Riding In Gatlinburg

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Gatlinburg

Horseback riding in Gatlinburg have no age limits. For all, there is fun, from the eldest to the most nervous kid. In addition, all the riding stables’ tours are guided, even for the horse owners.

Some have campfires, where you can enjoy dinner and dessert with family and friends. Others have camping sites and cabins where you can lodge and rest for the night(s).

Gatlinburg is a town that resembles a resort based in Tennessee. It’s famous for beautiful sceneries filled with epic shopping. You will also notice the Smoky Mountains and various artificial attractions.

That’s why tourists and Tennessee locals flock to this vacation resort to experience the wonders of the Smoky Mountains. What’s more? There are a bunch of horse stables that offer horseback riding to add to the sensation. Additionally, Gatlinburg has a variety of riding stables. 

For any preference, experience, or age, here is a list of riding stables in Gatlinburg that will give you the best horseback riding experience. 

Smoky Mountain Stables

The Smoky Mountain Stables that lies in the heart of Smoky Mountains National Park is more than vacation destinations. Besides the horse stables, there are various other animals, including donkeys, reindeer, kangaroos, zebra, camels, goats, and deer.

These animals are friendly and can be hand-fed. You can get one as a pet too! Smoky Mountains Stables offers one of the excellent horseback riding services in Gatlinburg. No prior horseback riding experience is needed for you to visit the farm.

All first-time and nervous riders are welcome, and the horseback rides also accommodate all ages. The horseback riding tours in Smoky Mountains Stables are guided, courtesy of knowledgeable and experienced guides. Most trails are shaded, making the riding experience more exciting, even during the sunniest seasons. 

Anyone above five years and weighs less than 225 lbs qualifies to ride on the trails of the Smoky Mountains Stables. However, parents can team up with kids younger than five.

The riding hours vary with season. During the spring and autumn seasons, riding starts from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., while for the summer, the riding hours begin from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is currently no riding during winter. 

Most rides last for 45 minutes that cost $26.50 per rider.

Five Oaks Riding Stables

Five Oaks Riding Stables, four miles from Gatlinburg, is one of the breathtaking attractions in the area. Tourists flock in for outdoor activities every season. And we cannot blame the facility since the equestrian experience provided is one of the premia in the Smoky Mountains. 

Five Oaks Riding Stables have well taken care of horses, with quality breeding. Trails go through the woods, six miles long. The courses are scenic, and you would love to cover most of the woodland.

In Five Oaks Riding Stables, horseback riding brings a memorable experience with all these features. Riding is safe for anyone.

Therefore, you can bring your family along, including the little buddies. Any rider above three years qualifies to enjoy the rides and the Smokies sceneries.

You will appreciate the beauty of the Tennessee mountains and wildlife roaming the woods, including the beautiful birds, the white deer, and wild turkeys.

The tours are guided, where you will encounter one of the friendliest tour guides. They will take you and your party through the most visited and beautiful sites if you bring family and friends along.

In addition, they will give you the history of the Smokies and the area. There’s a lot to experience while riding through the woodland of Five Oaks Riding Stables.

The scenery includes stunning mountains, the Tennessee landscape, and moonshine stills. If you are a first-time rider, you can still visit the stables, especially during the dry seasons, since the grounds will be more accessible for an uneasy rider to ride on a horse.

However, you may have to inform your guide earlier, which will help you get extra attention to ensure comfortable rides and get the whole experience. 

The Packages

  • 3.5 miles rides ($54.99) – Anyone above six years can participate in these one-hour rides. However, kids below twelve years should book tours earlier. 
  • Double Rider ($24.99) – These rides last for one hour and targets parents who want to ride with their kids. It’s called double riding; therefore, only two are allowed for the horseback ride. The kids should be three to five years, accompanied by a parent or other adult. 
  • Zipline & Horseback Combo ($99.99) – Before the price surprises you, it’s worth noting that this is a deal with two adventures. You go for the zipline and after that, proceed with horseback riding. Amazing, right?

What You Need To Know Before Booking

Three to five-year-old kids will need someone accompanying them for the rides. But kids above six will have their horses and ride themselves. If a kid is below twelve years, bookings should be made earlier. Also, accompany a kid(s) below sixteen years to qualify for the tours. 

Only riders weighing below 270 lbs can qualify for the rides. However, the weight decreases to 225 kg during the rainy seasons. During this season, there is no double rider option, thus ensuring the horses can have an easy time with the trips on wet surfaces. 

Horse riding attires is essential in all horseback riding adventures. As for the footwear, ensure it’s fitting and encloses your feet entirely. You can opt for hiking shoes, boots, or similar.

Sugarlands Riding Stables

Sugarlands Riding Stables, just two miles from Gatlinburg, is one of the best stables in the Smoky Mountains Park. From experienced to beginners, there is much to explore. And if you thought that calls for some of the primary and dull stuff, then you are wrong.

The guides on this site are friendly and engaging. They take their visitors at ease and make groups comfortable before the tours begin, and they are informative.

They have some excellent information to share with you, including the history of the place. The guides give you some horseback riding tips, which you will get a chance to practice on them as you ride.

Unlike some stables whose guides lecture you with unnecessary information making you feel more at home. They know what you came for, and indeed not some class sessions. 

The horseback rides are more than you could ask for, and the experienced riders will appreciate the rugged terrains. As for the sceneries, it’s more than meets the eye.

You will enjoy the pretty surrounding hills, the streams, and the tall trees fencing the trails. The rides include passing through creeks with some rocky paths.

However, that should be your slightest worry since the horses are surefooted. The horses are also well trained to tolerate any level of rider. 

The Sugarlands Riding Stables are filled with wildlife that would be amazing to meet. You will be startled to see bears climbing trees and a group of deer crossing your paths.

According to the guides, wildlife is visible mainly in the evening and early morning rides. 

What You Should Know

  • Riders should weigh 225 lbs or less
  • No double riding
  • There is a discount for parties/groups
  • Wildlife mostly spotted in the dusk and dawn rides
  • Signing the Visitors Acknowledgement of Risk is mandatory
  • Carry comfortable and proper riding attire

Riding Prices and Hours

  • One hour rides cover four miles – $30 per rider
  • 1.5 hours ride cover six miles – $45 per rider
  • Two hours ride eight miles – $60 per rider.

Cades Cove Riding Stables

If you are looking to enjoy horseback rides far from the city and close to nature, Cades Cove Riding Stables has got you. 

The rides last for an hour. Groups of less than nine are allowed. Therefore, you will get a chance to enjoy the adventures with family and friends. 

Horses are gentle and well trained, hence fitting all riding levels. The guides match the horse, giving you a comfortable ride and a memorable tour. They are also engaging and are willing to answer questions. 

There is wildlife in the forest. You will likely encounter groundhogs, bears, deer, and turkeys as you ride. The tours also entail crossing the streams in the mountain, visiting the historic sites, and enjoying the breathtaking views of the Gatlinburg mountains.

What to Expect

  • Phones and cameras are not allowed.
  • Only riders with more than six years qualify for the tour rides.
  • Riders should weigh 250 lbs or more.
  • Riders less than 16 years should wear helmets, which is provided
  • Double riding is prohibited. However, kids can sign up for hayrides.
  • Each rider’s comfort and safety are significant concerns to Cades Cove Riding Stables. Remember to bring with you the right and comfortable riding attire.

Big Rock Dude Ranch

On the feet of the Smoky Mountains lies the Big Rock Dude Ranch. With plenty of horses and cowboys, this ranch has more to offer. There are pretty trails that you will love to ride on. 

All rider levels are welcome in the Big Rock Dude Ranch. Therefore, horse riding experience is unnecessary as the ranch experts will guide you with the basic skills.

Besides the horseback rides, there are more fun activities and events at Big Rock Dude Ranch. You wouldn’t want to miss the overnight Western wear tours and the family bonfires. As for the lovebirds, there are Western-style weddings offered by the ranch.


Horseback riding in Gatlinburg is like no other. It’s a complete package; fun, challenging and exposed to nature. If you are searching for horseback riding that will fully accommodate a beginner or an experienced champ, then this is it.

We hope you will get the ultimate experience you crave from the listed stables. You can also book earlier from their websites to get the best spots.