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Where to Go Horseback Riding in Bryce Canyon

Here is one of the countries rich in Old American West culture. The country itself is an equine world with horseback riding in Bryce Canyon available. There are unlimited rides, including full-day and multi-day tours. 

Now that horseback riding is widely available in Bryce Canyon, we have narrowed the list to the best in this equestrian land.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon is undoubtedly the home of beauty and grandeur. One of the famous ones is the ancient rock formations that have existed for centuries.

What you would think weather conditions interfering with its beauty, they enhance their sculpture instead.

One thing that will decorate your adventure is exploring all these breathtaking sceneries on horseback. Your riding experience doesn’t matter for you to be part of the team.

Most of the riders in Bryce Canyon National Park are beginners. The staff will assign you a horse that best fits your experience at your arrival.

Before the tour starts, you will receive basic guidelines as you get time to build some bonds with your horse. 

The ride goes for the first loop to the bottom of Red Canyon, which after two hours reverts to the top, exploring more rocks.

In addition, there is also the three-hour ride, which allows riders to get to the heart of the canyons, where you unfold more gems.

What You Should Know

  • The age limit is seven years.
  • Riders pay $75 to $100 per head depending on the type of the tour
  • The weight limit is 220lbs

Address: Utah, United States


Phone: +1 435-834-5322

Ruby’s Horseback Adventures

Speaking about the Ruby’s, it holds the untold secrets of the Old West times. For instance, you will have the chance to track the trails of the famous Wild Bunch criminal outlaw Bunch Cassidy, unfold the Red Canyon secrets and explore Utah Forest’s beauty.

The trails and sceneries are exceptionally similar to Bryce Canyon National Park, which calls for the Ponderosa pines and red rock formations. You can’t miss the adventure rides, full-day and half-day ride available throughout.

All these beautiful sites are better when exploring on the back of the horse. Keeping this in mind, Ruby’s Horseback Adventures has enough horses to accommodate any rider, but they are the West!

To instill a lifetime memory of your adventure, Ruby’s Horseback Adventures has come up with two outstanding trail rides. 

The thunder mountain trail leads along the Red Canyon ridges and down to its bottom. The ridges form a special tour for the wranglers and those with enough experience to ride on minimal guidance. 

The other finer tour is the grand staircase, which rides through the canyons where the ancient Indian petroglyphs lie, and Willis Creek.

Also, there are moments of trekking in the creek drainage and through the cedars. This one accommodates beginners and the advanced alike, lasting four to five hours. 

Not to leave out, Ruby’s Horseback Adventures has several rodeos to complete the Old West culture experience.

They are spacious to accommodate the horse trailers, stalls, and all the possession you bring in. You can choose full hookups and dry camping for a more accommodative night.

What You Should Know

  • Riders must be beyond seven years.
  • Some rides have weight limits.
  • Phones and cameras are allowed. For spring and fall, jackets and heavy wear are recommended.
  • Ride reservation is in advance, especially during winter.

Address: 26S Main St, Bryce Canyon City, UT 84764, United States


Phone: +1 435-834-5358

Canyon Trail Rides

Canyon trail rides feature the famous three rides; Grand Canyon ride, Bryce Canyon, and Zion Canyon ride. 

Grand Canyon Mule Rides

Unlike other tours that only offer horse rides, in Grand Canyon, you will explore the beauty of the canyons all on mules. You don’t have to worry about the hard trails as the mules are surefooted and trail-wise. 

Bryce Canyon

This tour exposes you to the walls of the red rock as you get a better taste of the authentic beauty. You will also encounter incredible views of the land, including the Silent City, The Chessmen, and the Bristle Pine trees.

Zion Canyon Ride

Another area rich in historical sites and natural views is the Zion National Park. The famous cactus gardens, The Beehives, and The Three Patriarchs lie. You will love the adventurous ride along the Virgin River for a one-hour loop.

Address: 280 Bryce Way, Tropic, UT 84776, United States


Phone: +1 435-679-8665

Hell’s Backbone Ranch and Trail

For a full cowboy experience, Hell’s Backbone Ranch has designed cattle drives and trail rides for all types of riders.

It holds the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Dixie national monuments, two popular visits in Bryce Canyon County.

The Capitol Reef Monument and Bryce Canyon have private acres of countryside filled with wild canyon sceneries.

The trails lead to the lush river, mountains covered with aspen ad slick rock spires. The experienced will love these particular trails for their challenges.

Hell’s Backbone Ranch horses are capable and agile for the steep terrains and ranch work. The horses have the ranch as their original home considering they were born and raised there.

The Quarter horses take the highest percentage, followed by Paints, Appaloosa, and cross-breeds. 

All beginners and wranglers are welcome, including the disabled. In addition, there are special horses meant for the latter group. The group rides only allow small groups due to the steep terrains.

There is also something good for the horse owners. Hell’s Backbone Ranch allows you to ride your horse with them and provides cabins for you and stalls for your four-legged buddy.

Everything is accommodated in addition to exploiting the Ranch’s favorite places.

Address: 3005 Hells Backbone Rd, Boulder, UT 84716, USA


Phone: 435-335-7581

Red Canyon Trail Rides

Red Canyon Trail Rides is another stable in Bryce canyon that ensures you get enough of the Wild West.

During the adventure, you will have a fun time with their friendly and engaging guides as they share the history of the land.

All experience levels and types of trails count as memorable adventures as you explore the area. The guides will give you the perfect horse according to your experience and interest.

They will also help you choose the best and safe trails.

Find unlimited trail rides in Red Canyon. Available rides for bookings vary for a full day, half a day, full hours, and half an hour.

Address: 2476 W Ut-12, Bryce Canyon City, UT


Phone: +1 435-834-5441

Is Horseback Riding in Bryce Canyon Worth It?

Yes! Horseback riding in Bryce Canyon is worth your money. It was the first mode of transport, and to keep the spirit alive, the National Park created horse trails 4.5 miles long.

Since the early 90s, people have been riding horses randomly in the park even after being under federal protection.

So, why choose Bryce Canyon?

The Trails Are Guided

As long as the weather permits, guided trail rides are available from April to October. The rides last for two to three hours ranging between $75 and $100. 

You Can Ride Your Horse Or Mule

Another exciting thing about Bryce Canyon is allowing horse and mule owners to ride on their trails. However, this favor is limited to specific times and areas. Only horses and mules are allowed. Riding other breeds such as goats and Llamas is illegal.

Camping for you both

Bryce Canyon has constructed more facilities to ensure enough trails for horse riders. Furthermore, camping sites and lodgings are available with enough space and safety for you and your horse.

If you are into private riding, most companies prefer booking in advance – at least 72 hours before visiting.

Guidelines To Observe When Visiting Bryce Canyon

They say when you go to Rome do as the Romans do. As for the Bryce Canyon equestrian fraternity, they expect you to take the responsibility of following the set rules for horse owners.

It also helps you know which trails are free at your disposal and which are not. 

You must:

  • Never leave your horse unattended
  • Not use backcountry campgrounds for pack trips and overnight parking
  • Park, load, and unload in the Mixing Circle
  • Follow the setup guidelines on trails authorized for horseback riding – maintain your lanes always, no shortcutting trails, and no parallel trail riding.
  • Test for weed-free for your horse’s feed at least two days before arrival
  • Carry with you a recent Coggins Certification if your horse is not from Utah
  • Tips on Horseback Riding At Bryce Canyon as a Beginner
  • The deepest fear begins when you mount a horse as a first-time horse rider. That’s when you start counting on the potential harms out there that the benefits you get along riding. However, that should not be the case since these tips will help you saddle with more confidence.
  • Get a professional to teach you horse riding.
  • Learning comes before everything, which gets better when done by a professional. Getting professional guidance will help you overcome your fear than relying on the know-how basics.
  • Have the right attire
  • Proper horse riding attire boosts your confidence in every way. You are good to ride with long pants, a shirt, a jacket (if you need to), gloves, boots, and a helmet.
  • Check on your horse
  • Horse inspection is important before taking any ride. You should expect an unhealthy, uncomfortable or injured horse to give you a rough ride. The stirrups, saddles, and other equipment should be intact for a safe ride.
  • Mount and dismount properly
  • Mounting and dismounting are usually on the side and never from the front or back. Otherwise, improper mounting will startle your horse. Guides will demonstrate how to do it right before going for the tours.

Bottom Line

Horseback riding comes with many benefits, and having a wonderful time gets even better. Now that you have a list of the best horseback riding facilities in the famous Bryce Canyon, creating yourself a memorable ride is a click away. Click the facility’s website for more information or visit the address for onsite booking.