Horseback Riding In Breckenridge

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Breckenridge?

It’s not surprising why this equestrian paradise is a famous spot among tourists. If you are looking for a memorable horseback ride in Colorado, you can’t afford to miss out on the rocky mountains of Breckenridge. There’s no better taste than the open range rides and the sprawling trail network. 

As with most horseback riding facilities, the rides are primarily active during the fall and summer. Well, horseback riding in Breckenridge is all year round. 

Who Can Ride?

As you would have expected, Breckenridge horseback rides serve everyone. There are options for any rider level.

If you are a beginner, easy trails are well designed to accommodate you. That doesn’t minimize the enjoyment. There’s no limit to the incredible views and explorations. 

As for the pros, there’s more to it than getting intimate with the trails. With open range tours and the cattle drives, what more would you ask for? 

There is something for families too! Though Breckenridge has made it an excellent place for everyone, ranches differ in service as long as children are concerned.

It’s recommendable to consult the farm when booking for your kid. The question remains, where to go horseback riding in Breckenridge?

Horseback Riding in Breckenridge

Breckenridge takes their horses seriously, and so do the riders. There are plenty of horseback riding facilities in Breckenridge and the neighboring towns.

Their commitment is only one; to make your equine tour one of the most memorable. 

Breckenridge Stables

Since 1976, Breckenridge Stables has been the best horseback riding stable in Summit County. The passion for satisfying the entire family explains the numerous annual visits.

Plus, there are hundreds of horses of which you can’t lack one that best suits you. The adventurous trail rides and sleigh rides are the best among the summer tours.

Let’s look at each of them to grasp a taste of what we’re talking about:

Trail Rides

Trail rides in Breckenridge Stables will expose you to the breathtaking sceneries of the Colorado peaks. In one and a half hours, you will explore the Continental Divide with beautiful views, beaver ponds, and river crossings. 

Tim is a primary concern in these trailing hours. Mounting and dismounting are also a count in the timer. That means your horse’s speed during the tours makes the difference in your riding timing. 

In Breckenridge Stables, all ages are riders. However, each age category serves its purpose. 

  • Below three years – children below three years are too young to ride. They qualify for the double rides with their parents or an appropriate adult for safety. However, these rides are only possible if several factors are met. They include the weight and size of both the adult and the child. 
  • 4 to 5 years – four and five-year-olds are generally naïve and too young to ride and control a horse themselves. In this case, the staff in charge attaches a rope to the little riders’ horse so that the child cannot miss the trails.
  • Above six years – a child with six years or more is old enough to handle a pony or horse. However, general guidance is provided. 

Note that not only children enjoy these good horseback riding services. All sizes, abilities and the disabled can also join the team. 

If you plan on taking horseback riding lessons, there are private lessons to start with from scratch. The classes are designed for beginners and those ready to embrace the saddle after a long time. 

Learning starts from a horse pen and later starts working on practical trail rides. However, the lesson treads entirely depend on your ability. 

The lesson costs $100 per person. If there are additional people, that will cost you $75 per head. 

What to know before booking

  • Trail rides are available throughout except during winter
  • Signing in takes place 15 minutes before the start of the event
  • Proper attire is mandatory
  • All weathers are favorable except when there is thunder and lightning
  • All weights are acceptable
  • Reservation is required, preferably within 48 hours
  • Cancellation is in 48 hours
  • Non-refundable and non-transferable Gift Certificates are available

Sleigh Rides At Peak 9

Sleigh rides now get better in Breckenridge, home of ski slopes. The Ten Mile Range and the Breckenridge town sceneries are fantastic from the peaks. The rides start from 9600′ of the peak’s base to a higher elevation of approximately 11,000′.

What can prevent you from an exciting sleigh ride with the magnificent draft horses and the comfortable sleighs? 

The sleighs are available for groups and private rides. One holds up to 28 people, the other with up to 14, and one for private rides holding up to 6 people. 

What to know before booking

  • The stables open from November to April if the weather permits
  • Warm attire is recommended. Wool blankets are provided to add to your comfort.
  • Like in trail rides, reservations, Gift Certificates, and cancellation policies apply.

Address: 620 Village Rd, Fairplay, CO


Phone: +1 (970) 389-1777 or +1 (970) 453, 4438

Rusty Spurr Ranch

Rusty Spurr Ranch has provided Coloradans with nothing but the best cattle drives and horseback riding tours in the backcountry for more than two decades. 

The best part is that you can book all the award-winning tours on the ranch online. Besides, they just received a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. 

Lying in the north of Breckenridge, Rusty Spurr Ranch is the perfect place for off-trail riding. The 2000 acres of ranch consist of an actual riding land with amazing natural wonder in Colorado. The beautiful meadows, forests, and mountains are there for you to explore and experience. 

The quality horses and experienced staff will prove how serious they are about your giving you the best riding environment. 

The Horses

As for the horse, they are confined in clean stalls and dust-free corrals. The staff let them run freely when riding tours are over. They roam in the mountain pasture as they consume its grasses which are highly rich in protein. 

The aspen groves are also available with good shades for rest. In addition, there is a pond where the horses bathe during the hot seasons. 

With this super lifestyle, the horses not only gain nutritional benefits. The ranch rarely reports hoof issues or respiratory problems caused by a dusty and muddy environment. 

Another essential benefit is riding outdoors. Here, the horses familiarize themselves with the environment and working grounds. That means a safer ride since the horses will rarely spook at something while riding. 

Now that’s extra work for a day! But how would it be? It’s what it takes to find a healthy and happy horse willing to give you the ride you dream of. 

Trail Rides And Cattle Rides

Trail riding is only for riders above eight years. There’s also no double riding for kids. In addition, there are no pony rides. 

The rides are in three sessions:

  • One hour trail rides: $70 per person • Departs at 3 pm
  • Two hours trail rides: $110 per person • Departs at 10 am and 2:30 pm
  • Three hours trail rides: $180 per person • Departs at 9:30 am
  • Two hours private rides: $600 per two riders and $180 per additional rider. It starts in the morning and afternoon.
  • Three hours private rides: $900 per two riders and $300 per additional rider. Departs 9:30 am.

What you should know

  • There is a check-in to weigh riders, and the weight range is 180 pounds to 220 pounds. These digits vary with height. If you don’t meet the weight limit, you will not participate in the riding activities, and no refunds will be issued. The ranch always encourages guests to confirm their weight before booking a tour. 
  • Trail rides qualify riders above eight years. As for the Cattle Drives, only riders above 12 can participate. 
  • Carrying dogs is not an option. Some dogs are bred for ranches. If yours is not, it’s best to leave it at home rather than inside a hot car.
  • All rides are appropriate for all weather seasons. However, it’s worth checking the forecast page on Rusty purr Ranch’s website. 
  • Advanced reservation is mandatory.
  • The cancellation policy is 48 hours.
  • Only two riders are allowed for private rides. Otherwise, every additional rider pays an extra fee.
  • Cameras are mandatory
  • Backpacks are not allowed as saddlebags are provided. 
  • Proper attire is a must. The attire includes long pants, cowboy boots or sneakers, and jackets.
  • Address: 387 County Road, Kremmling, CO 80459, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 970-468-4732, +1 970-724-1123

American Safari Ranch

The American Safari Ranch lies in the south of Breckenridge. That calls for refreshing mountain views away from the busy town. 

You will experience the ranch life of a cowgirl or cowboy for a day. Furthermore, horseback rides are real and challenging trail rides. 

Meals are provided for the lunch rides. If you have any special events, American Safari Ranch will be glad to serve you.

There are quiet and comfortable abodes explicitly designed for the cowboy or cowgirl you are. For riders who would like to enjoy the night rides, these ideal ranch logins are accommodative in addition to the saloons and restaurants. What’s more, the conference meeting rooms are spacious and installed with good internet.

What you should know

  • Get ready for real horseback rides
  • There is no size limit
  • Free lunch rides are available
  • Indoor and outdoor activities include western-style meals
  • The ranch hosts community events such as family reunions, scouts, and church groups.
  • The calm, serene well accommodates official sessions, conferences, corporate retreats, and other group events.

Address: American Safari Ranch, 1484 Park C.R. 7, Fairplay, CO 80440


Phone: +1 (719) 836-2700

Neighboring Ranches

Breckenridge Stables, Rusty Spurr Ranch, and American Safari Ranch will serve you best if you are in Breckenridge. However, that doesn’t conclude that you should be limited to the three. This list encompasses well-researched ranches with top reviews neighboring Breckenridge. 

Aspen Canyon Ranch

  • Address: 13206 Co Rd 3, Parshall, CO 80468, United States

KODI Rafting

Halfmoon Packing & Outfitting

  • Address: 1100 E Tennessee Rd, Leadville, CO 80461, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 719-486-4570

Tumbling River Ranch

  • Address: 3715 CO Rd 62, Grant, CO 80448, United States
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 303-838-5981

Platte Ranch & Double B Riding Stables

  • Address: Como, CO 80432, United States
  • Phone: +1 719-836-1670

Gore Range Outfitters

2 Do Breck

  • Address: Breckenridge, CO 80424
  • Website:
  • Phone: +1 (303) 596-9005


Horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains surpasses most of the beautiful things Colorado offers. What sounds better than getting a full view of the Summit landscape on a horse? Get out of the hectic town life and experience the beautiful sceneries of the Colorado mountains. Saddle up!