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Where To Go Horseback Riding In Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is known for more than excellent comfort and food. Its history, rich architecture, beautiful mountain landscapes, and many horseback riding trails are but a glimpse into what Atlanta offers.

Whether you own a horse and are looking for a place to go riding or for more relaxed guided trail rides, the more significant part of the Georgian territory has something for everyone.

Seven State Parks offer to bring your horse (BYOH). They include A.H Stephens State Park (Crawfordville), Cloudland, Canyon State Park (Rising Fawn), F.D Roosevelt State Park (Pine Mountain), Fort Mountain State Park (Chatsworth), General Coffee State Park (Nicholls), Hard Labor Creek State Park (Rutledge) and Watson Mill Bridge State Park (Comer).

You are sure to have a good time from the wooded trails to the acres of forested land, and if you don’t, you could always ask for your money back at these sites.

Georgia Frontiers has beautiful weather, pun-driven wranglers, trails for miles on end, and horses that will make you fall in love.

1. Georgia Frontiers

This beautiful place is located in Canton, 53 minutes away from Atlanta. Situated on 150 acres of pristine land, this is truly where cowboys and city slickers go horseback riding.

If you’re looking for stables where they take good care of your horses, and the experienced wranglers are with you every step of the way, then this is it.

They offer moonlight rides, with regular updates on their Facebook page. In addition, any other events or rescheduling of the stables is also done on the page.

They operate on a reservation basis to ensure the highest safety standard for the horses and their customers. Additionally, they also cater to private shindigs where you are sure to have a great time.

They offer trail rides for all ability levels, starting from beginner to experienced rider, with the slowest rider pacing the whole group.

The minimum age limit is set at nine years, and a maximum weight limit of 220 pounds and only accepts groups of two or more.

They offer three daily rides with the following rates:

  • 1 hour charged at $50 cash,53 credit 
  • 1 ½ hour set at $70 cash $75 credit 
  • 2 hour set at $85 cash $90 credit card

They require your credit card number when making a reservation, and for no-shows, they charge the total amount.

2. Trackrock Stables 

Nothing beats being surrounded by mountains while you breathe in the crisp morning Georgian air with over 250 acres of untouched land as your playground. 

Located just outside Blairsville, Trackrock Stables will leave you wanting more. Trackrock Stables offer more than great trails.

Horsemanship is taught right on the grounds by the experienced trail guides who take their time with each student. If it’s a thrill that you’re looking for, the rides through the valley that is home to wild turkey, deers, and colorful foliage will make you feel alive.

Trackrock Stables are home to several camps and cabins available for overnight stays and more extended stays if required.

They are open every day for 1 hour and 2 hour guided horseback rides and depending on the weather; the first ride heads out at 9:15 am and the last ride at 4:00 pm.

Their minimum age requirement is five years old for the hour-long trail ride and ten years for the 2-hour ride with a weight limit of 220 pounds.

Their rates are as follows :

One hour trail ride 

This ride goes for $45 per adult and $42 for 17 years and below.

They have a 7% add-on tax, which the state requires.

Two hours guided trail ride

$90 for each adult and $84 for 17 years and under 

  • Address: 202 Trackrock Camp Road Blairsville 20202 Trackrock Camp Rd. Blairsville2 Trackrock Phone number:706-745-5252
  • Website:

3. JDs Horse Ranch 

Enjoying the slow-paced country life has never been easier. Heading out southwest,350 miles of Atlanta, is this lovely vintage barn with a southern charm that will draw you in.

Once you step into the barn, you feel right at home thanks to JD, the ranch owner, who also happens to be a lover of all things horse. Not only does he go out on the rids with his students, but he tends to the horses and gives them the 5-star care that they deserve. Together with his team of experienced wranglers, your time on each of their majestic horses will feel like it’s your very first.

The horse ranch offers both advanced and novice horse enthusiasts a chance to make memories that will last them a lifetime by providing each person a guide. For special events such as birthdays, video shoots, or photoshoots, they charge $100 an hour.

Before heading out on the trails, you learn how to hold the reigns. In addition, you know the correct placement of your feet and a few rounds through the ring. This session helps you to get familiarised with the horse. 

They charge their riding lessons at :

  •   $65 for one hour 
  • For children nine years old and under 1 hour- starting at $65 or 30 minutes for $35 for 30 minutes 

 The guided trail rides at: 

  • $65 for one hour 

What to know before you head out

  • They have a 24 hour cancellation period, or you will get a $25 charge on your card.
  • The weight limit is 225-pound for both rider and horse safety.
  • You need to call beforehand to safely book the rides to accommodate all riders.

4. Rolling Hills Horse Ranch 

The name might scare you off a bit, but don’t let that deter you from enjoying all that this ranch has to offer. Located in southwest Atlanta, with 90 acres of land all to themselves, Rolling Hills is nothing short of superb.

They pride themselves in offering the highest-rated horseback riding experience to both Atlanta locals and out-of-state guests, both novices and experts its easy to see why.

There is no more hauling your family for miles to get reacquainted or acquainted with these lovely creatures, as rolling hills are only 15 minutes away from downtown Atlanta.

Operating from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, they offer two trail rides which are 1 hour long, and they differ depending on the comfort level of the riders on the trail. On the farm, they have a boarding farm that the dedicated staff looks after to give you the best value for your buck.

Rolling Hills Boarding Farm 

If a state-of-the-art boarding is what you were looking for, then look no further than the rolling hills farm. Their stalls are 12 by 12 with spacious tack and feed rooms, 30+ acres of wooded trails, a lounge, plus an indoor and outdoor viewing area that fully accommodates you and your family.

The entire board at $600 and includes

  • Quality hay and grain 
  • Two times daily feeding 
  • Daily turn out 
  • Bedding and shavings included 
  • Daily grooming 
  • Daily stall cleaning 

Partial board at $450 

  • The owner provides the hay. 
  • Two meals a day.
  • Daily turn out
  • Grooming not inclusive 
  • Daily stall cleaning 
  • The owner offers bedding and shavings. 

What to know before heading to the farm 

They do not offer a special rate for groups or children. Note that they have a weight limit of 220 pounds, and depending on each rider’s height, the limit can be more or less. Despite wanting to look highly chic in your sandals, they require you to wear closed-toe shoes and wearing long pants that stretch to avoid tearing more than a muscle when mounting and dismounting.

They don’t currently have an age limit. However, any rider under 13 is under instruction from an experienced instructor.

There are two trail rides with the following rates: 

  • Beginner safe trail ride at $85 for 1 hour 
  • Excursions for experienced riders are at $130 for an hour. In addition, you have to complete the beginner ride before booking this ride.
  • Address: 3008-b Hathcock Rd, Atlanta, GA 30349, United States 
  • Phone: 678-882-5913 
  • Website:
  • Email:

5. Chastain Horse Park 

A horse park that offers hippotherapy, riding lessons, summer camp, and boy and girl scout events might sound like a dream. However, Chastain Horse Park is more than that. From the incredible team of volunteers, trainers, and instructors to the gentle, loving horses, Chastain is every equine lovers’ haven.

Their therapeutic program serves individuals with a spectrum of cognitive, emotional, and physical abilities. The horsemanship program caters to all different riders spanning from novice, intermediate, to advanced level to help them be the best they can be.

They offer three different riding services that cater to different abilities and ages. 

Professional Lessons 

This lesson is most suitable for kids aged six and up with any skill level. It’s more of an introduction as the trainers get together with the kids and teach on aspects of riding and horsemanship, focusing on the principles of hunters equitation and jumpers. They currently have over 20 school horses and ponies.

Interscholastic Equestrian Association 

This service is most suitable for high schoolers and middle schoolers. They get to compete in 5 shows between September and March, where they get to walk, trot canter, and for more advanced equestrians jump courses of heights of up to 2’6″.

Chastain horse park offers something for everyone, and for the complete list of riding lessons, trail, and hippotherapy lessons, you can contact them through the links below.

  • Address: 4371 Powers Ferry Road Atlanta, GA, 30327
  • Phone: 404-252-4244
  • Website:
  • Email:


Despite many horse riding spots around Atlanta, the places mentioned above are quite the spectacle. Whether you find yourself in one of the guided trail rides or the company of other horse lovers in the parks, remember to give the horse a big kiss, wear your helmet, and tip generously.