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Where To Go Horseback Riding In Arizona

Here are some of the finest places to go horseback riding in Arizona. There are plenty of options for those looking to explore Arizona on horseback.

The first thing that comes to most people’s minds when discussing Arizona is the Grand Canyon. Although impressive, Arizona is also home to 194 mountain ranges and some of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the United States.

Some of the best places to go horseback riding in Arizona are Sedona, Tucson, or Phoenix

Many plant and animal species live in the Arizona wilderness despite the semi-arid climate. Visitors can enjoy bird watching, hiking, camping, and horseback riding.

horseback riding

Cave Creek Outfitters

Cave Creek has its location near the Rio Verde River. Its surrounded by the McDowell and Mazatzal mountain ranges, exploring the more significant part of the Sonoran desert has never been easier.

Not only does the ride take you through the Tonto National forest, but the well-cared-for horses are perfect for riders of all levels. 

In Scottsdale, Arizona, Cave Creek Outfitters offers horseback rides through the Sonoran Desert. Visitors can choose from various rides, including a one-hour ride, half-day ride, or full-day ride.

The wranglers at Cave Creek Outfitters are experienced in horsemanship and will ensure that visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. All group trail rides have a maximum of 6-12 riders with personalized wranglers well suited for your team.

From September to May, their rides vary in timing as follows.

  • The 1.5-hour rides leave at 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm              
  • 1-hour rides leave at 10 am, 2 pm and 4 pm.

June to August Ride times

  • 1-hour ride leaves at 6 am and 8 pm 
  • 1.5-hour ride departs at 8 am and 5 pm 

Cave Creek currently offers two remarkable Fall and Spring trail rides. 

Cowhand Adventure Package 10 am Only 

An incredible one-hour trail ride that takes you deep into the Sonoran desert. After the trail ride, guests are invited to participate in one of the many cowboy games available. You will be treated to a juicy mesquite-grilled hamburger, chicken breast, or a hotdog.

It costs $90 per person plus tax for ages six and up.

The total time taken is 2 hours to 2.5 hours. 

Trail boss Adventure Package 

The ride is more suited for riders who want more time on horseback. The wranglers will guide you into the majestic Sonoran desert, where you will have the opportunity to take insights into the Saguaro Cacti for 1.5 hours.

After which, a meal of hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, and cob salad will be served. 

The total time taken is 2.5 hours to 3 hours and the cost is $115 per person plus tax. 

Need to know before going.

  • A weight limit of 240 lbs is enforced.
  • All kids must be six and up to ride.
  • Reservations are required.
  • Bottled water is provided. 
  • Price does not include tax and gratuity.


  • 1-hour ride: $60* per person 
  • 1.5 hour ride: $85 per person
  • Private Rides: $112 per person (2 person minimum)

Cave Creek also caters to cookouts, corporate events, and private parties, big or small. Guests who are not interested in horseback riding might enjoy a jeep tour around the ranch. 

  • Phone: 480-471-4635
  • Address: 31313,N .144th St Scottsdale Arizona 85262 
  • Website:
  • Email:

Tucson Mountain Stables 

Tucson mountain stables is a family-owned local business that prides itself in creating personalized rides for its guests.

From the personable and knowledgeable wranglers to the gentle horses, taking in the Tucson mountains either on Gunsmoke or Booboo, few of the horses will be a fun and unique adventure. Bob (the owner) and Missy help you feel right at home.

The wranglers will lead you through the rugged Arizona landscape, where you will have enough time for photo ops, and if you’re lucky enough, spot a rock with a petroglyph.

You will also learn about critical landmarks in the area and fun facts about cacti. Did you know that certain species of cacti don’t retain water? In addition, you still have time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

The trail ride is mainly within the Sonoran desert. However, the desert is a never-ending adventure, and with sightings of jackrabbits, coyotes, prairie dogs, and ground squirrels, you will always find a new trail to discover.

Most of the rides are private (you and your group) except the sunset ride, which is the most popular ride.

They can also provide longer, and specialty rides charged accordingly. For all other clarifications, you can reach them through the following channels.


  • 1 hour ride $50 per person 
  • 1.5 hour ride $70 per person
  • 2 hr ride $80 per person 
  • 1.5 hour sunset ride $75 per person
  • Phone: 520 310 2001
  • Address: White Stallion Ranch Rd, Tucson, AZ 85743
  • Website:
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Western Destination Canyon Creek Ranch

Once you set foot on Canyon Creek Ranch, you step back in time to a place where work deadlines no longer exist, and strolling the streets of the wild west is the only thing that matters.

The western destination is located at the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains, offering 400,00 acres of Agua Fria lands.

They have been in business for the past 18 years, and you can be sure they know what they are doing. If you are a novice rider, they make sure you are partnered up with the “correct” horse.

The well-informed wranglers will guide you through the 130 acres of pristine, rugged hills, ancient petroglyphs, and Agua Fria river, keen on everyone’s safety and ability to hear dad jokes.

Their horseback riding adventure includes a stop at the old west town of cold water for a cold refreshing drink. Apart from horseback riding, there are a couple of different activities available.

All activities are private and by appointment only.

The Tomahawk Toss

For fans of The Patriot, this is as real as it gets. Challenge yourself by throwing a tomahawk at the four-by-four wooden target. 

Do you feel lucky: Jailhouse Quick Draw 

Channel your inner Wesley Hardin as you and your opponent face off to find out who is the fastest in the west.

Steer Roping

Steer roping is one activity that sets apart real cowboys from the flock. This activity engages all your senses as you participate in this age-old activity, preparing you to rope cattle.

Hard Riding Mechanical Bull 

If you’ve ever wanted to try bull riding, this is your activity. You get all the fun, none of the risks, all in under 8 seconds.

Corn Hole Bean Bag Toss 

A real crowd-pleaser, this game is not for the faint of heart. Please put on your cowboy boots, and let’s get cornin’.

All pricing and reservation inquiries can be forwarded through;

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Foothills Ranch 

A real working ranch, just as its name suggests, Foothills Ranch is located along Bradshaw mountains. Whether it’s summer or winter, gliding through the thick forests and becoming one with nature and your horse will become a favorite pastime tradition for you and your family.

The ranch offers different trail times, specializing in small personalized rides. This family-owned ranch puts riders’ needs first. They have different breeds of horses, and just as with people, knowing a horse’s temperament is essential before saddling a rider.

The wranglers all have years of horsemanship under their belt. In addition, their rides all have different elevations. Whether you’re visiting with a 70-year-old or a 7-year-old, they will have a good time.

Their trail rides are as follows;

1 1/2 Hour Trail Ride

For $95, this ride takes you to Big Bug Creek, where you get to see where miners settled and worked in 1890. This ride is perfect for vacation horse riders or novices looking to spend more time in the saddle.

2-hour Trail Ride

This ride costs $125. Continuing along the Big Bug Creek and winding through the backcountry, you will be treated to magnificent views of grapevine springs, exciting formations, and Big Bug Mesa on the backside of this trail.

3-hour Trail Ride

For $250, this ride is for riders who want to spend an entire afternoon in the saddle. The trails will take you along the creek and into Prescott National Park’s mountains, where you will see pristine waterfalls, local flora and fauna, and historic and active gold mines. 


Whether you decide to take your horse to one of many state parks in Arizona or plan to visit one of the sites above, visiting the Grand Canyon state should be on your bucket list. In addition, don’t forget to bring sunscreen, wear well-fitting clothes and shoes and tip your wranglers if they make your trip memorable.