Where Is Yellowstone TV Show Filmed?

As the Yellowstone TV show fans await the premiere of season 5, the stunning background cannot go unnoticed. Like most of us, you plan to vacate wherever the TV show is. In addition, you will discover where the Yellowstone TV show is filmed and combine it with your dream’s traveling plans. Shall we? 

Where are the Yellowstone TV Show Filming Locations?

We love series and shows with enticing vistas and landscapes, and Yellowstone is no exception. However, as most people put it, it’s always some computer programmer behind the scenes, editing the background and giving it an accurate impression. This time Paramount network did something different. Surprisingly, the Dutton family ranch is a real one. It was filmed in Chief Joseph Ranch in Montana, United States of America. 

The filming of most of the sceneries in seasons 1 to three was in Beehive State. As the marketing and operations Vice President, Moore couldn’t get the best of it other than Utah Film Studios. You will notice the familiar sceneries in Montana, which are from Logan, Grantsville, Kamas, Oakley, and Heber City.

However, the producers decided to shift from the rural town and move to Montana. Thus, the fourth season is a complete Montana flavor. 

The hit show is about the Dutton family operating a ranch in Montana. Kevin Costner, who plays as the family leader John Dutton has a hard time dealing with rural-urban tensions and land management disputes. If that’s not enough, the local stakeholders and the state government continue to get to his nerves. These events depict the trending issues that Mountain West Ranch owners have to cope with.

With its reality scenes, we can’t blame it for the ten million views in the final stages of the third season. 

Where Is Yellowstone TV Show Filmed?
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So why did Yellowstone season 4 have to premier in Montana? 

The answer is almost as dramatic as the Dutton ranch scenes. Paramount and the administrators had some disagreement, and we knew which party had to pack up. As such, the show got its share from tax incentives.

All we can say is Utah lost a lot. Though Utah is most show’s choice, Yellowstone was the most significant thing happening in the state. Consider the 250 full-time employees, not to mention the stunt doubles, extras, and contractors. Yellowstone TV show production is in Darby, Montana, shooting in Chief Joseph Ranch.

Who is Chief Joseph?

You might be wondering who Chief Joseph is. This Nez Perce legend arose in the 1870s as the Wallowa band chief and orator. Joseph and the band passed through the ranch when hiding from the Nez Perce Wat in fear of the US army. 

How Did Chief Joseph Ranch Get Its Name?

The ranch was originally a Salish tribe inhabitant centuries. In September 1805, Clark and Lewis had to travel to Bitterroot Valley. The trails they used are currently near the barns and the main lodge. 

However, in 1877, Chief Joseph and his people fled using the Bitterroot Valley trail from the US army.

In the 1880s, some Shelton Ranch settlers emerged and built homesteads in the ranch.

Howard Hollister, a Federal Judge, and William Ford, a glass manufacturer, bought the ranch as an apple orchard in 1914. They built a structure made of stones and logs. That explains the Ford-Hollister Lodge in the present Chief Joseph ranch. Later they added three barns and reared a large herd of Holstein Friesian cattle rather than the apples.

The ranch changed ownership in the 1950s. Additionally, the cattle kept decreasing, and finally, it became a horse ranch to date. It was renamed from Ford and Hollister Ranch to Chief Joseph Ranch as a dedication to him and the journey.

Is Chief Joseph Ranch Functional?

Yes, it is! Chief Joseph Ranch welcomes anyone to enjoy the Dutton lifestyle through a family home and a cattle ranch. With the best of America’s background, that’s why Yellowstone fans can’t wait for the next season. 

So don’t worry about planning for a vacation. The ranch is encouraging people to be part of the family which is what they announced on their Instagram account; “The Paramount filming schedule for 2022 isnt available at this time. Please continue to visit our website for updates and scheduling information. Thank you for watching the series, and we look forward to making a reservation with you”.

Why Chief Joseph Ranch?

Most shows choose their locations according to the filming locations in the register. However, Yellowstone’s location manager chose Chief Joseph Ranch for its perfect beauty and fit qualities for the show. According to Kevin Costner, the log mansion, the sunset, the rivers, and the mountainsides are the exact pictures for the show.

What Are Parts Of The Ranch Used For Filming The Yellowstone TV Show?

Yellowstone TV Show has had the best yard, front and back porch, kitchen, lodge, helipad, and the main house. Different locations include the bunkhouse, arena, armory, cemetery, barns, the woods, round pen, cabins, entrance, corrals, etc. In addition, you will also notice some scenes along the Bitterroot River.

Can I Rent The Cabins?

Yellowstone TV Show
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The Dutton Ranch is open for all its fans to rent a cabin. Chief Joseph Ranch is aware of the fan’s dreams of living the cowboy style that the show portrays – they don’t mind fulfilling that!

You can take up the Dutton life and stay the night in the cabins. The ranch is all about a small getaway adventure with breathtaking sceneries. You will love to visit the Bitterroot valley, Montana’s historical landmark.

There are two cabins to rent in Chief Justice Ranch, which the Duttons film in them; the Ben Cook and the Fisherman’s cottage. The former is featured in seasons one and two as Rip’s and Casey’s cabin.

Note that the cabins have enough capacity to hold eight guests. In addition, there is a full kitchen and an outdoor grill. All the cottages are available for rent except the Dutton Mansion.

It’s worth noting that there are limited reservations since the rate at which guests book reservations are incredibly high. Be among the early birds if you wish to reserve a spot for a night’s stay.

What Is The Cost of Staying At Dutton Ranch? 

Famous is costly, and so is Chief Joseph Ranch. Renting a cabin will cost you $1200. Each place is for four guests, but if you have to increase your number of friends, there is an additional $50 per head. Additionally, the Rips’ cabin is large enough to accommodate eight guests.

Are There Served Meals And Laundry in Chief Joseph Ranch?

Unfortunately, Chief Joseph Ranch does not serve meals. However, you can utilize the kitchen and the grills. Local caterers are willing to bring your order to your cabin. You may want to visit the nearby Hamilton groceries stores and the Darby People’s Market.

As for the laundry, there are washers and dryers in the cabins. However, if you prefer professional services, the staff will suggest the best ones in Hamilton, a few minutes away from the ranch.

Yellowstone TV Show
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What Activities Are In Chief Joseph Ranch?

There is plenty to do in this fiction Dutton Ranch;

  • Fishing – Bitterroot river is the most visited place. Here, guests can stop by to fish. Chief Joseph ranch owns 22 acres of the location where guides will lead you through the adventure. You will have a chance to explore the best holes in the river.
  • Downhill skiing – Chief Joseph Ranch allows you to explore the rocky mountains of Montana. Skiers will appreciate the Lost Trail Ski Resort, a few minutes from the ranch.
  • Snowmobiling – Guests in the ranch get a snowmobile treat tour at the Bitterroot valley. The snowmobile trails lead to Skaikaho and Rye Creek. The excursions may last more than 60 miles, depending on the current weather.
  • Horseback riding – Chief Joseph Ranch offers local outfitters to ensure you have the best horseback riding experience in the Bitterroot Wilderness. The trips may take as long as your desire, from one hour to the entire day. Not to mention the sceneries, with mountain lions, black bears, deer, and elk roaming as it was in history. I bet you can’t have enough of it.
  • Other activities include white water rafting, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, hiking, canoeing, and relaxing.

Does The Ranch Allow Horse Owners Bring In Their Horses? 

Horse owners are welcome to ride the beasts on the ranch. However, the good thing is that the horses get professional corral and pasture. The daily fee is no more than $25 for two.


Where does the cast of Yellowstone stay while filming?

Yellowstone cast and crew stay at Montana while filming. Some have bought homes nearby and schooling their kids.

Who Owns Chief Joseph Ranch In Real Life?

Shane Libel is the owner of the family-owned ranch. 


You are undoubtedly planning to binge-watch with the beans spilled about the Yellowstone TV Show. The good thing is that you can experience the show in reality at Dutton Ranch. Thus, if you stop by at Idaho, Montana, don’t forget to visit Chief Joseph Ranch.