Where Can You Watch Heartland Season 15 

Over the past 14 years, Heartland has hit a chord with millions of viewers worldwide. So where can you watch Heartland season 15?

Not only because of the incredible cast led by Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming, but the Bartlett Fleming family mimics real life closely.

Whether ranch life is something that you can relate to or the love of horses that is depicted beautifully throughout, Heartland is something that you can easily enjoy.

If this is your first time hearing of Heartland, saddle up because this family drama is filled with enough gut-wrenching moments to keep everyone entertained.

Before you can grab the popcorn and get back to Alberta, here’s quick catchup of everything that happened in season 14,    

While the biggest thing to happen in the season was Amy losing Ty and adjusting to life without him, other story arcs had us at the edge of our seats, waiting to see what would happen next. 

Environmentalist Parker

We meet Parker, a feisty environmentalist who is hot on Lou’s heels and is Jade’s stepsister. While Jade calls her the annoying tween, Parker proves she’s annoying and much more.

In addition, we learn that Parker has a horse, Mickey, who was a gift from her father. 

Despite not working with horses in a while, Amy steps up, wanting to give Parker riding lessons.

First, she has to figure out why Mickey is distraught, which acts as the segway for Amy to work her way back to her first love.

Quinn and Georgie are back in town for Ty’s memorial. Georgie considers her Olympic dreams and feelings toward Tys’ death during their time.

While during her time in university, she strives not to think about his death, when she returns to Hudson, she faces her reality. 

Tys’ mother, Lily, visits the Bartlett Fleming family. This visit seems to be a challenging one not only for Amy but for Lily as well.

She opens up to Amy, letting her know she found herself in rehab after Ty’s death. After almost choking to death and saving a couple of horses later, they have a heart-to-heart promising to be there for each other. 

An Uninvited Guest

Lou gets an inconvenient guest, Jessica, the woman who got her fired from her job in New York.

While in the beginning, Lou finds it hard to let go of the past, she finds it in her heart to let go of the anger, and a couple of episodes later, Jessica seems to be fitting right in. 

She and Jack bond over their shared experiences and begin a relationship. However, in an attempt to move their relationship forward, he builds her a dark room for her photographs, and she spooks and runs off.

Later in the season, she returns, and Jack decides he wants to travel the world together for as long as she will have him. 

Mitch and Lou realize that they might not be a perfect match for each other. After seeing Peter with Katie, Mitch realizes he wants to start a family with Lou.

However, she only wants to focus on her career. In the end, they decide separating is for the best, plus there might be something brewing between Lou and Peter. 

Amy Starts Working With Horses 

Amy kept to herself throughout the beginning episodes and rarely worked with horses. The first time she officially worked with horses was when Lily brought over Wades, Ty’s father’s horses.

Despite being hesitant, Amy works on discovering that he had Post Traumatic Disorder. 

She also starts working on the wild horses once more after realizing they have a new leader Caz, and the older horses are being kicked out.

Jack and Amy hold a two-day clinic, hoping to rehome the horses. Despite starting a bit rough, the clinic is becoming a success.  

Lou And Lisa Get Even Closer 

After Lou sees a ring box in Quinn’s jacket, she worries that he might propose. However, she realizes that the box holds his cufflinks.

While the whole wedding process seemed to be getting to Lou, she had Lisa as her sounding board when the details between her first wedding to Peter and her nuptials to Peter had similarities.  

The Whole Family Starts Healing 

After losing Ty, none of the family seems to be dealing with it. Jack dismisses Quinn during their outings, Katie is acting out, and Lynddy is also having difficulty sleeping in her bed. 

After each of them talks it out to their confidant and some creative thinking on Amy’s part, they all begin healing and looking forward to the future.

So Who Is Going To Be In Season 15 Of Heartland? 

At the end of season 13, Ty was shot, and he sadly passed on at the beginning of the season.

Despite his departure from the show being a hard one for fans, his departure marked a new journey, and in turn, we got a few friendly faces joining the new season. 

  • Amber Marshall plays Amy Fleming Bartlett
  • Michelle Morgan as Lou Fleming Bartlett
  • Shaun Johnston plays Jack Bartlett
  • Chris Potter as Tim Fleming
  • Ruby combination with Emmanuella Spencer playing Lyndy
  • Ava Tran as Parker 
  • Aidan Moreno as Rick Adderly 
  • Nathaniel Arcand will be back as Scott Cardinal
  • Kate Drummond, who played Paula Westfiled, Val’s friend, will also reprise her role.
  • Emma Fitzroy will be back as Jemmy Steele 
  • Adrian Spencer as Cooper Hues

Who Are The New Cast Members Set To Join Season 15?

With a new season comes new faces, and 13-year-old Canadian actress Baye Mcpherson is set to join the cast as Katie.

Katie was played by Ziya Matheson (17 episodes), Julien Maren Baker, Kiera, and Jordan Habert. Despite the abrupt change with Katie’s casting, we cannot wait to see what Baye has in store for Katie.

Another new addition for the season is Drew Davies. Davies is set to play a 17-year-old Logan, a ‘troubled’ teen who finds himself working with Amy helping troubled horses.

Even though his first interactions with Amy are rough around the edges, he opens up, and together they help heal a lot of horses.

What Can I Expect To See In Season 15?

After an unusually grief-filled season, we can expect a lot more joy in season 15, with the family embracing the future by putting what they have learned into practice.

Whether that is Amy coming to terms with Lyndy starting school, Peter and Lou being together, Lisa starting a new business venture, or Tim and Jessica being married, we can expect that and so much more. 

Is Heartland Season 15 Available On Netflix?

Unfortunately, season 15 of Heartland is yet to be added to Netflix US. In addition, the service provider has not announced when they might add the show to their library. 

However, in certain countries, such as the UK, Netflix released the season on March 19, 2022.

Though, we are yet to know when the show might be released on the platform for the United States and most other countries. 

Where Can I Watch Season 15 Of Heartland? 

While Season 15 premiered on CBC and CBC Gem in Canada, it premiered on Up Faith and Family on Thursday, March 17, 2022, with each episode released weekly.

Viewers who currently live in the United States can view the new season plus bonus VIP access to never before seen content. Up Faith and Family TV also carry the preceding 14 seasons.

The cost is $5.99 monthly, and new subscribers get a 14-day free trial. If you would rather stream the show and binge watch, there are streaming services that offer the show, such as: 

  • Amazon Prime -while a basic subscription won’t enable you to watch the show, an upgrade adding Up Faith and Family TV will allow you to watch all seasons.  
  • Seasons 1-7 are available to buy or rent on Amazon Prime.
  • Hulu also offers seasons 1 -13, and Itunes offers season 15 for purchase. 
  • Youtube TV and Sling TV also provide access to the series. 

How Many Episodes Are In Heartland Season 15?

Like the last two seasons, season 15 has ten 60-minute episodes. The ten episodes don’t seem like enough time with our favorite Albertan ranching family.

We are glad they still grace our screens and cannot wait for future seasons.

Heartland Season 16, Everything We Know So Far 

For one, it’s an extended five episodes. After CBC announced that the show had been renewed on June 1, we also got the news that we would get 15 episodes.

It seems like the networks had fans’ pleas, and even with Ty’s departure, Heartland’s popularity is only growing. 


One thing stands true whether you’ve been watching Heartland since the very beginning or are a new fan.

The charm of this family drama brings families together and continues to transform lives across the pond, which doesn’t come as a surprise seeing it came in at number five on the most streamed series of 2021.

We cannot wait to see what’s next for the Bartlett Flemming family.