What to Wear Horseback Riding on the Beach

Do you know what to wear when horseback riding on the beach? You need to wear well-fitting clothes that are both comfy and practical for the beach environment.

Horseback riding is a great experience on its own. If you’re looking to try and enjoy this experience in another way, consider horseback riding on the beach.

Beach riding has been around for a while. Thanks to that, we’ve come to understand the best practices to apply when doing this activity.

While it may seem easy to dismiss, the clothing you wear on such an occasion can be the margin between having fun or not.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best clothing to consider when going beach riding. We’ll also highlight some other pertinent important details regarding the same.

The Recommended Beach Riding Clothing

For your Head

If you’re a beginner rider, having a riding helmet would be prudent.

Seasoned equestrians have a firm understanding of how to handle horses depending on various situations. Consequently, they have a better grasp of safety guidelines, and because of that, they can ride without helmets.

It’s also worth noting that the helmet used in horseback riding is different from other helmets for other activities like biking or skating. Make sure to use the correct type of helmet.


On other visits to the beach, you’d probably wear a bikini or swimsuit if you’re a lady and probably go topless if you’re a guy. With horseback riding in the mix, this choice of clothing doesn’t quite fit.

For beach riding, consider wearing long-sleeved shirts or tops. They should be made out of light material, like cotton, and have a comfortable fit.

This way, you get to enjoy protection from the sun and still maintain a sense of comfort as you go about your beach riding.


Going to the beach usually calls for wearing shorts. If you want to enjoy horseback riding on the beach, however, consider changing this part as well.

Remember, when you mount the horse, your legs will have contact with some of the gear and the horse’s body. If this contact goes on throughout the length of the ride, your skin could get chaffed.

As such, consider wearing long pants or light jeans for your beach riding. It will protect you from the elements and the chaffing that would otherwise happen.

The material for the pants should also be light and breathable. These qualities enhance their comfort and ensure they can dry quickly after a dip in the water.


When it comes to underwear, it comes down to what would be most comfortable for you. That’s because you can opt to ride without any or ride wearing ones made using special performance fabrics.

When you wear regular underwear in this scenario, the dampness it would gain from the water leads to an uncomfortable feeling as well as possibly causing friction burns.

For the ladies, also consider having a sports bra for such occasions. Depending on the gait you’re riding at when on the beach, the ride could prove uncomfortable.


The sandy terrain might tempt you to wear sandals or other types of open shoes, but beach riding demands that you wear different footwear.

When riding a horse, your feet need to have a firm grip on the stirrups. Adequate grip can’t be achieved wearing flat-soled sandals.

You have to wear closed shoes that have a heel. Regular riding boots or cowboy boots would suffice in this instance. They provide the necessary grip and protection in case your horse happens to accidentally step on your toes.

Accessories to Complement your Clothing


In-between riding along the beach, you may want to stop now and then to enjoy the sand, the water, and the sun. Particular attention has to be paid to the sun.

Depending on the location of the beach, or the conditions of the prevailing season, the intensity of the sun differs. Some beaches may have sun rays stronger than what you’re used to. Having sunscreen at hand is a simple way to counter this issue.

Waterproof Jackets

If you don’t fancy getting soaked on your excursion to the beach, including a waterproof jacket would be an option.

Sometimes you just want to ride on your horse, taking in the scenery around the beach and not wanting to indulge in the water. Riding along a beach, however, means some degree of wetness is to be expected. Having this jacket would add a layer of protection for the clothes you don’t want getting wet.


Sunglasses almost seem like they’re only meant for the beach. More than being just another accessory for looks, they are useful in other ways too.

For instance, they shield your eyes from powerful sun rays, which would otherwise prove harmful. They also act as protection against wind and sandy particles, prevalent on beaches, for your eyes.

They should be a good fit, so that they don’t drop off your face or move out of position when riding your horse.

Cellphone Holder

We carry around cellphones everywhere nowadays, mainly to take photos of our experiences. What better experience for an equestrian to capture than this one?

You and your horse strolling along a beautiful beach is an awesome memory to have.

With that in mind, having a proper cellphone holder for such adventures would be prudent. They keep your phone safe and secure from falls during the ride.

Some are even waterproof and considering the chance you may want to take a dip in the ocean, it would prove handy.

Getting a Beach Riding Trip

Beach riding has always enjoyed a level of popularity among equine enthusiasts. Many beaches that cater to this experience have sprung up across the world.

Tour companies dedicated to providing the best of these beach riding locations have also come up. If you want to enjoy the experience of beach riding with no hassles, having these kinds of tour companies set up the tour could be your best bet.

Otherwise, if you’re familiar with beach locations within your area or country, and own a horse, a few permits are all you’d need to have to get to enjoy beach riding.

Considerations when you want to go Beach Riding

If you’re not using the service of a tour company to organize your beach riding, you then need to consider a few details.

Your Condition

  • Are you healthy and strong enough to go for a beach riding session? The different terrain could make the riding experience more strenuous than usual.
  • Do you have the right gear for this type of excursion? The conditions and elements around a beach are different from what you could be accustomed to. Your equipment getting exposure to this could damage them.
  • Are you seasoned enough at riding to have a beach excursion alone? If not, consider having a professional ride along with you for the sake of safety. Such an undertaking should be fun and free of incidents.

Your Horse’s condition

  • Your horse should be healthy enough to undertake such an outing.
  • Is your horse familiar with the beach? Some horses may not do too well their first time out on the beach. They may be too surprised by the ocean and the sandy ground.
  • It should be well trained to follow your instructions. This point holds especially true if it’s going to experience a new environment (the beach) where it could be prone to spooking.

Familiarity with the Beach

  • Is horseback riding allowed on that particular beach? Find out from the relevant authorities before hauling your horse to any beach you fancy riding on.
  • Are you familiar with all the spots along the intended trail on the beach? Considering this can help you avoid spooking your horse when it comes across water or mud spots.
  • If you aren’t familiar with the beach, consider having a local ride along with you to show you the best trail to follow on that beach.

After the Beach Riding Session

After a day spent horseback riding on the beach, a few measures have to be taken afterward. They include:

  • Ensuring all your riding equipment is in order, and none of it is left on the beach.
  • Collect any waste from your horse or trash you make during the riding session.
  • Checking the horse’s condition:

– Ensure his hooves are clear of any accumulated sand from the riding session.

– Inspect the coat for any damage.

– Thoroughly cleaning its coat to clear it of the sand and ocean water.

  • Cleaning your riding equipment as well since exposure to elements found on the beach can damage them.

Try Beach Riding

Horseback riding on a beach is sure to be a pleasant experience for any equestrian. Like normal riding, beach riding has its best practices, one of which we’ve focused on in this article.

Clothing for beach riding should always be appropriate and comfortable enough for the entirety of the experience. This article has hopefully shown you what to consider in that regard.

With the proper arrangements and attire, you’ll get to enjoy a wonderful time beach riding!