Arabian Horse Temperament and Personality

What is the Temperament and Personality of an Arabian Horse?

Most animal or pet lovers worldwide would agree that their pets have an aspect of personality to them. The equestrian world is no different in this regard.

Arab horses, in particular, are a favorite for many horse lovers. Why? you may wonder…What is the temperament and personality of an Arabian horse?

What is the Temperament and Personality of an Arabian Horse?

The Arabian horse has a calm and agreeable personality and temperament. They are equally kind and accepting of human companionship. That’s why many equestrians love them.

You can think of them as that one cool person who never brings trouble or has a problem with anyone!

Want to know more about Arabian horses and their personality? We’ll highlight some information for you about that and more on Arabian horses in this post.

A Brief History of Arabian Horses

Arab horses have a long and rich history dating as far back as 4000 years. This breed originates from the Arab peninsula where it remains a favorite to this day.

The Arab Peninsula is a desert climate, and a nomadic group there called Bedouin is credited for creating this breed.

What is the Temperament and Personality of an Arabian Horse?

The Bedouin realized the potential these Arab horses have. They undertook the task of selectively breeding them to bring the best possible traits out of them. They valued them so much that back in the day, they’d share their shelter with them.

That could be one potential reason for their warm and receptive and personality towards humans. They’ve long been used to them.

The Bedouin people focus on selectively breeding these horses. They created a breed that is intelligent, brave, sensitive, and compliant to humans. With all these qualities, it’s easy to understand why they’re so popular to this day.

They used them extensively for their travels and interactions with other groups of people. This happened either through war or trade, got to spread this breed to other parts of the world.

Physical Characteristics of an Arabian Horse

Identifying an Arabian horse from its physical traits is possible if you know what to look out for. Several other equines have almost matching characteristics in this regard, but Arab horses are different.

For starters, their frame is smaller compared to other common breeds. Their compactness is a positive aspect since they can appear less intimidating than other types of horses.

Their heads are also smaller relative to what’s observed in say, a thoroughbred. Arab horses also seem to have their eyes protruding slightly.

Across their body, their hairs tend to have a silkier feel compared to most other horse coats. This aspect undoubtedly adds a flair of elegance to this breed.

Looking at their height, they commonly stand at a range of between 58 and 61 inches. Their weight, on the other hand, falls between 700 and 1100 pounds.

Interestingly, on a more in-depth look at them. Arab horses have been observed to have 23 vertebrae along their spine compared to the usual 24. Could they get any more special!

Highlighting the Personality of Arabian Horses

The following personality traits are what makes Arab horses stand out from most other breeds:

Highly Intelligent

Arabian horses are smart animals. This fact is proven by how easy it is for them to learn new things. They will develop a habit of keeping to the instruction and behaviors they’ve been taught. Within equestrian circles, the consensus has it that they’re in the top three on the list of most intelligent equines.

An accommodating temperament

What is the Temperament and Personality of an Arabian Horse?

Unlike several other horse breeds that are hot-blooded, Arabian horses are very cool-headed. There have been many instances where equines have lashed out at the slightest provocation.

Whether intentional or not, you don’t want a horse confronting you back. Arabian horses in these situations can withstand such provocations. They remain calmer than most other horses would.


From their history, Arabian horses have been through a lot of intense and frightening episodes. For instance, we know they were used in many wars.

Experience in these sorts of situations has helped them gain the ability to always be calm in several scenarios. The term bomb-proof horse is used to describe this characteristic. It means that they aren’t easily frightened.


For pet owners, obedience is a vital factor in maintaining a friendship with a pet. This fact is often misconstrued to mean pets are our slaves. They should not have to put up with even unreasonable instructions.

It simply implies the desire always to be able to communicate with your pet calmly. They are doing this at all times for the sake of maintaining companionship. Arab horses prove ideal in this regard.


We’ve already established how intelligent Arabian horses are, and this aspect of sensitivity partly plays in from that.They seem to be able to discern the state of their owners or riders and react accordingly. For instance, when carrying kids, they’re known to act very gently towards them. It’s almost like they sense their vulnerability!


Thanks to their calm and sensitive traits, Arabian horses are regarded as being very trustworthy. Their intelligence factors in here since it allows them to discern whether they’re getting good treatment from their owners. If they’re well taken care of, they become lifelong allies. They will cherish the companionship just as much as their owner does!

Opportunities Presented by their Personality and Temperament

Looking back on history, the traits shown by Arabian horses proved useful in a lot of ways. For example, their quality of being calm and intelligent made them indispensable during times of war.

Back then, there were no tanks or planes to attack your enemy with. So, people had to charge into enemy territory on horseback. They excelled in these situations, further cementing their importance.

Similarly, given the harsh terrain, they came from, they proved to be strong and full of endurance. This factor made them an important part of travel. They ccan cover a lot of ground without giving in to the environmental conditions.

In today’s world, these same traits cultivated all those years ago prove beneficial in other ways.

Their calmness, intelligence, obedience, and warm personality, for instance, means they make great pets. Even more so, they make for a great introduction to the equestrian world.

Beginner equestrians can learn horseback riding and practice other equestrian principles easily with Arabian horses as their partners. Their high endurance levels also make them a popular choice for many equestrian sports.

All these traits make them easy to handle and manage. Even kids can be left alone with them. If you’re new to horse riding or want to buy your first horse. An Arab horse would be the perfect fit!

Interacting with Arabian Horses

Much of this post has praised the calm and receptive attitude Arabian horses have towards people. While it’s true they’re calm horses, we must not forget a few things. First is the fact that they still can act as hot-blooded horses do. They still have their animal instinct alive in them.

Second is the fact that they’re intelligent horses, more intelligent than most. While it’s easy to teach them good things, it’s similarly easy to learn and pick up bad habits.

What these two facts imply is that basic treatment and respect. This is required when dealing with horses shouldn’t be abandoned when dealing with Arabian horses.

They can distinguish good and bad treatment and react accordingly. Always treat your horses with the kindness and respect they deserve! They’ll no doubt reciprocate the sentiment!

What can affect the Temperament of an Arabian Horse?

Health Issues

Just like how we can get grumpy when we’re sick or injured, horses are the same too. If you notice a change in attitude from your Arab horse. You can conduct a medical check first to rule out health issues as the cause.

Environmental Issues

Think of this aspect in terms of safety and the provision of basic needs.

When a horse feels threatened, it will inevitably change its attitude for the worse. Also, if it’s uncomfortable in some form of way, the same can happen.

Treatment Issues

How you interact with your horse matters a lot. Ignoring the concept of mutual respect can be consequential. Don’t try to provoke your horse by being nasty towards it. Always be respectful and fair with your horse, and it will act the same towards you.

Impact of the Arabian Horse in Equestrianism

The Arabian horse breed has been around for over 4 millennia. Since it came about, it has inevitably spread across the globe.

When it emerged from the Arabian peninsula, it was rightly noted as a high-quality horse. Its reputation grew, and that’s what led to it spreading all over the world.

With a host of desirable qualities, the Arabian horse was bred with several other breeds. I mention this fact because today, the bloodlines of most modern horse breeds contain a trace of Arabian horses!

That means they have played a crucial factor in creating several of the breeds we enjoy riding today. That’s something they deserve credit for!

Their physical and personality traits also make them ideal for many equine sports we enjoy today.


It’s no doubt that Arabian horse, with a warm and inviting personality and temperament, will remain an important part of the equestrian world. They will forever make them a favorite for many equestrians, maybe including you one day.

I hope this post was informative in learning not only about the personality and temperament of the Arabian horse. But also about their legacy in equestrianism.