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What is the smartest Horse Breed?

Which horse breed then stands out the most? Which breed can be said to be the most intelligent? According to a significant portion of the equine world, the Arabian horse is the smartest horse breed around.

Equines are smart creatures in a general sense. Some horses, however, can be argued to be smarter than others. Their level of intelligence simply stands out more compared to others.

While this may seem like a bold thing to say. There are several good reasons to support this claim. Throughout this post, we’re going to highlight why the Arabian horse may have gotten this title. We’ll also highlight a few other notable intelligent horse breeds.

The Background on Arabian Horses

The Arabian horse is one of the most prized and appreciated horse breeds in the equine world. An interesting aspect about them is that more than a decent amount of information regarding their history is available.

They’re one of the oldest breeds of horses, with historical facts and archeological evidence placing them with humans as early as 4000 years ago. This evidence implies they’re one of the oldest horse breeds still in existence.

That fact says something about them. That they are indeed worth every ounce of praise they receive. From being intelligent to being one of the most elegant and beautiful horses around.

The Arabian horse breed was developed in the Arabian Peninsula, which is a desert climate. This fact also implies how strong and hardy they are since they could easily cope with such conditions.

The inhabitants of that region, known as the Bedouin, are the ones who discovered their potential. They have developed them into the popular breed that they are today.

These horses ended up developing such a good relationship with their owners that they could be let into their tents for rest. They freely mingled with the communities. Perhaps this is why they are easy to deal with since they’re used to human interaction.

With the occurrence of wars, trades, and migrations, these horses spread across the world. Equestrians with a keen eye back then quickly deduced their usefulness and used the Arabian horses to improve the stock of their other horses.

Arabian horses remain widely popular to this day thanks to the many qualities they offer, top among them, their intelligence and beauty.

Qualities that make the Arabian Horse Smart

They are Friendly

Arabian horses are very friendly. Looking back at their history, they’ve always fared well with humans. The Bedouin people back then, used to let them into their tents to rest, meaning they were friendly enough to share such a space with. That fact remains true today since that trait has remained strong within their genetic code.

They are Loyal

Having interacted with humans for a long time, Arabian horses have learned to be loyal. Considering all the things they can go through together. How well they treat each other, the connection between man and horse can be as strong a bond like any other. Arabian horses are exceptional in this aspect and treat their owners as well as they are treated.

They have good Temperament

Arabian horses are renowned for their exceptional temperament levels. They aren’t prone to acting out of anger or sudden lashing out. Even if they receive some form of mistreatment, they can tolerate it and even forgive their transgressor.

That doesn’t mean they never get angry though, they remember things and can pick out a moment for their vengeance. So, mutual respect and friendliness are the way to go!

They are Obedient

Arabian horses are appreciated because of their ability to understand and easily take instruction. This fact implies they are easy to train and live with. They are able to instinctively know that being obedient is the way to go with their owners and don’t try to act out of tune with what they’re expected or have been trained to do.

They are Calm

An important aspect of the history of Arabian horses is that they were initially used in wars. They encountered a lot of chaos within the fighting. They, however, managed to remain popular among soldiers of the day back then. This fact implies they were able to maintain a calm attitude., To this day, they aren’t easily spooked by anything.

They are Sensitive

Arabian horses have honed an instinct for sensitivity thanks to their long association with humans. As such, they can easily tell when something is wrong with their owners or whoever is riding them, and act appropriately. This characteristic makes Arabian horses a favorite for many first-timers and kids.

They are Trustworthy

Once you’ve taught or trained an Arabian horse on how to behave, it doesn’t require much reinforcement. This aspect of their personality makes them trustworthy since you can always expect to rely on them to behave and act as you’ve taught them to do at all times. This eliminates risks like acting out or other forms of unexpected behavior.

Other Notably Smart Horse Breeds

Though Arabian horses take the top spot when looking at intelligence in horses, several other breeds come close. If anything, it’s yet another testament as to why horses are generally considered smart animals. In the section below, we’ll highlight a few of those horse breeds.

American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter horse is very popular thanks to the versatile roles it can take up. From racing to doing rodeo shows, leisure rides, and even draft work!

They have a good temperament which could be why they are loved as much as they are. It makes them easy to train and work with.

Having a good temperament is yet another aspect of high intelligence as we’ve discovered. This quality of American Quarter horses makes them a good learning partner for anyone joining the equestrian world for the first time.


Hailing from the Clydesdale region, a part of modern-day Scotland, the Clydesdale is another good example of an intelligent horse.

It’s famous for its size, strength, and calm demeanor. Despite it’s big size, the Clydesdale is actually considered to be the one of the most friendly horse breeds around! From what we’ve discussed so far, we’ve seen how calmness is an important aspect of intelligence, and this horse has plenty of it.

It’s commonly used as a draft horse because of its power and hardiness. They were also used to pull coaches sometime back before cars became the thing. All these activities require a fair-minded animal to pull off, and that’s why it makes it on our list here.


The thoroughbred is more famous for another aspect, which is its speed. It also boasts impressive stamina, making it a popular horse for several equestrian sports.

These qualities are undoubtedly useful and important for equestrian activities, but it would be hard to use them if they weren’t smart.

Thoroughbreds are smart since they can quickly soak up instruction and training and adhere to them when it matters most. This quality is what has made them popular for many competitive equestrian activities.


The Friesian is among one of the oldest horse breeds still in existence. With records placing them as far back as the middle ages, they have, over time, become some of the most prized horse breeds.

This fact can be attributed to the qualities of being calm, diligent, well-behaved, and highly adaptive. With all these qualities, it’s no wonder they’ve been around this long!

They’ve been popular even among royalty because of these endearing qualities. Their elegance and beauty are also things that must be mentioned. Friesians spot a smooth black coat that is nothing short of beautiful.

Their adaptive nature and diligence make them good companions. As such, they are popular for leisure riding and as pets.


The Appaloosa horse breed was developed in North America where it remains popular. They’re easy to identify thanks to their unique coat, which usually has a lot of dotted spots, in the same design as a cheetah or leopard.

Their intelligence is apparent thanks to how many equestrian disciplines make use of it. They’re quick learners and not easily angered. Aside from that, Appaloosas are also friendly and easy to train, making them useful for beginner riders.


The Andalusian is a favorite horse breed for several equestrian sporting activities. It possesses a knack for being athletic and elegant, all necessary qualities for showmanship.

They are also fast learners. The amount of training they require is minimal, and whatever new instruction they receive, they’re quick to adapt to. This quality makes them invaluable since it makes them easy to deal with.

Andalusians also display a thirst to please their owners, meaning they understand what they’re required to do.

The Smart Equines…

It’s evident that horses are no slouches at using and displaying intelligence. Considering that they’re used to accomplish several tasks is a statement of how smart and versatile they are. Consequently, these qualities make them useful they are for us.

So, what is the smartest horse breed available? This post has hopefully helped answer this question. It’s also hopefully provided you with an understanding of just how many smart and intelligent horse breeds are out there. Ride on!