What Is Graham Wardle Doing Now After Leaving Heartland?

Do you wonder what Graham Wardle is doing now after leaving Heartland? Let’s find out!

While fans praise the Heartland characters and the heartwarming narrative, much is happening in the Heartland fraternity.

Season 14 of the show opens with heartbreaking news to all of us – Graham Wardle will no longer be part of the journey!

As Ty in the show, Graham Wardle bids the show farewell to commit to other projects. He had already ventured into other projects before exiting for good.

At one time, he asked to leave the screens for a while, which was obvious in season 10. Ty leaving for Mongolia, remember? But this final decision was a huge blow to the cast too. 

How Ty Borden Died

Heartland introduced Ty Borden as a teenage ranch farmhand in season 1. Besides winning the fan’s heart, he stole Amy’s too.

Their relationship was rather eventful, but Ty finally proposed to Amy in season 6. They married in season 8 and saw their relationship grow to welcome Lyndy in season 10. 

At this pace, everyone voted for a happy ending. Not until when the promising couple accidentally got shot by a poacher. Fortunately, Amy got a minor injury on the shoulder.

Ty managed to take her to the hospital, unaware of how severe his wound was. Contrary to our expectations, Ty’s gunshot wound didn’t heal properly, which resulted in a blood clot. 

In season 14, “Keep Me in Your Heart,” Ty collapses when stabling Spartan. Jack and Amy ran to his side, but they could do nothing.

Ty could no longer survive the wrath of the vein thrombosis. Though the Heartland family has encountered several downturns, Ty’s death threw a darker phase, especially for Amy and Lyndy. 

Graham Wardle on His Departure

While Graham Wardle leaving the show may seem like a sudden decision to the Heartland fans, he had it planned a long way before announcing it.

He confessed to the fans that he had thought about it for some years. He revealed how tough it was to honor himself while honoring the character. 

You might be wondering why the actor could decide to leave in such a well-paying show. Working consistently in the film industry is a blessing that doesn’t come around too quickly.

But the heart is stubborn, and Graham Wardle honored the call. He told his fans that he believed the new path he had chosen would benefit many people’s lives. 

Graham expressed his gratefulness for Ty’s character in his message, which taught him a lot in real life. He also appreciated the fan’s support and encouraged them to exploit the character’s storyline as he did. 

Is Ty’s Journey Over?

How Graham dealt with Ty’s character was respectful and sensible. When he realized that he heard another different calling, he didn’t just leave the writers on a loose end. Instead, he gave them enough time to write the character off. 

Graham assured his fans that his sudden death completed Ty’s journey. Like Graham, the writers made the best of their efforts to honor the character.

Though the show lovers find the storyline heartbreaking, Graham’s wish is for everyone to find hope and healing even when someone dies earlier than expected. The character has helped him heal his relationships ever since joining the show. 

Heartland Cast On Graham Quitting

Considering Ty Borden’s long stay in the show, he has become the fan’s favorite. His departure was a saddening moment for the fans worldwide. But it was no different for the cast, who have worked with him for more than a decade. 

Cast members like Chris Potter, playing Tim Fleming, shared their concerns about the departure. According to him, he couldn’t agree more with Graham. Everyone needs to try out new things. 

As for Graham’s on-screen wife, Amber Marshall was the first to know about the tough move. It was heartbreaking and shocking at first. But she understood Graham’s current projects and moved on with them. 

Amber Marshall’s Feelings Concerning Graham’s Decision

The reaction to the character’s demise was surprisingly strong. After Ty’s death, there was a huge public outcry on social media.

Some even vowed to give up on the show. In that perspective, two groups formed; one had ended watching the show till Ty’s death, and the other confirmed that the show was getting more real. 

But Amber Marshall, as keen as she always is, stepped out to encourage the raged fans. In response, she assured the fans of more to tell in Heartland.

While grieving for Ty, she emphasized that it was important to accept life experiences to grow. 

Though devastating, the Season has taught a critical lesson – death is real. Amber was grateful for Ty’s death in her message to fans, calling it timely. She encouraged the fans to find it as inspirational rather than disheartening. 

What Is Graham Wardle Doing Now?

Graham Wardle discusses the impacts that one encounters after making tough decisions and encouraging ways not to give up on the new shift.

Graham started hosting his podcast, “Time Has Come,” in May 2020. He has built it as a platform where guests talk about personal journeys and their inspirations behind where they are today. 

Graham Wardle has hosted some of the Heartland cast, including Amber Marshall, Jessica Amlee, and Cindy Busby.

Graham has made it clear that he is yet to leave the on-screen life. Since he actively engages his fans, we expect him to reveal his plans for his acting career. 

If you want to follow up on Graham’s life journey, you can listen to the podcasts, Cameo, and social media pages.

It’s worth checking it out! You never know who the next Heartland cast member in the podcast will be. 

Heartland Moving On Without Ty

Ty was a core cast and breaking the bond built in 14 years, especially with Marshall, was a disturbing experience.

In an interview with Calgary Herald, Marshall couldn’t hide how his on-screen husband’s absence affected her. It was emotional for the entire cast shooting season 14 without Ty. 

As for Amy, his husband’s death meant a new life with a new purpose. She was used to having Ty by her side, but she will have to raise Lyndy solely this time. 

Season 14 is an image of grief for the family members and Amy healing from her loss. Ty’s memorial served as an important moment for the cast members. They were bidding farewell to the character and Graham Wardle as well.

While Heartland Show may seem to have a dull storyline without Ty’s presence, seasons 14 and 15 went on as expected.

The character’s tributes remain fresh to the fans and cast and crew, but the most important thing is that it was a happy ending for both parties. 

Graham Wardle’s Career

Graham Wardle started his first job as young as six years by accident. He was just in a room with her mother where children auditioned without planning.

For luck’s sake, Graham shot his shot! He secured a commercial toy job in Mattel Company based in the US. Little did he know that it was his door to a successful career. 

Apart from the Heartland TV Show, Graham has several films to his credit. He has appeared in two episodes of the “Supernatural” hit show.

He has also appeared in other popular hits such as “Life as We Know It,” “The New Addams Family,” and “Land of the Women.”

As a published author, Graham has written many books to put his life emotions and feelings in words. One of my famous and favorite ones is “Find Your Truth.”

He created it to inspire one to scrutinize their deep truth. As a collection of photography and writing, the book also includes Graham’s photographic works. 

In addition to photography, Graham has ventured into filmmaking. In 2012, he became part of the project in Crazy 8 for “The Vessel” production.

Additionally, in 2013, Graham co-founded an entertainment and movie company called Lone Maverick. So, now that he is no longer in Heartland, he is busy working on his projects. 

Graham Wardle Off Camera

Besides acting, Graham has a deep passion for charity work. He has participated in several organizations working and giving generously.

He has made it his responsibility to share his blessings with others, more of giving back to the community. 

Graham started doing charitable work in 2013. “Men of Hope” was the first charity organization he helped raise funds for and is active to date.

The funds, in turn, contribute to stopping sexual abuse and helping out the victims. Graham also provided relief aid to areas in the High River and Alberta damaged by floods.

He was spotted running for leukemia cancer on another occasion, a marathon courtesy of Calgary Pineapple Challenge. 

In late 2013, Graham Wardle partnered with Don McLeod to establish “Cruise With A Cause.” Its sole purpose is to raise money to support Alberta and British Columbia charities.

Since Graham also has a passion for riding motorcycle, the organization hosts motorcycle ride every year for the same sole purpose. 

Final Thoughts

Graham Wardle has been in the show for over a decade, appearing in 14 seasons. It’s normal to be interested in trying out different things after committing to one project for such a long time.

Though Ty’s fate is already decided, Graham is still connected to his fans. There is a chance to know Graham Wardle’s future as long as his acting career is concerned.