What are the Best Horse Games to Play?

It’s not surprising to find people typing “what are the best horse games to play?” in the search bar. Once they land on a site like this, they find it has nothing much to offer for the horse games despite the period. However, there is something good out there.

Most of us have the same feeling when remembering that one childhood horse game. We have even forgotten whatever negative things it had. Sometimes we wonder what’s new in the horse games after many years have passed. 

Factors that Makes a Horse Game the Best

  • Good user experience
  • Ability to create the game’s content
  • Depth to the character building and game story
  • Good graphics
  • Correct horse animation
  • Easy controls for an incredible riding experience
  • Good connection with other players; team competitions, visiting the barns of other players, and chatting
  • Accurate breed and horse conformation
  • Realistic results of horse breeding 
  • Various fun horse competitions
  • Training progression between the rider and the horse

However, these are a few factors that can make a horse game the most sought-after. 

Here are horse games with some new insights.

Star Stable Online (available on PC & Mac)

Star Stable is the most developed and biggest horse game. Though its user experience has some complications, there is always something good to offer. The games’ art style is kid-friendly, making the fantasy storyline above your alley. 

In addition, the Star Stable Online team has a social media platform where it posts premium subscription codes. Accessing the premium Star Rider is free. You can also try the free weekends offer. However, if you are the money spender type, a lifetime purchase is the better option.

Is there a Mobile Version?

Star Stable announced to launch the mobile version soon. Mobile port promised to provide cross-platform between PC or Mac players and mobile uses. Therefore, shifting from one platform to another is easy, depending on your location. 

What Breeds are in Star Stable? 

  • Regular breeds – Thoroughbreds, Fresian Horse, Shire, Icelandic Horse, Appaloosa, American Quarter Horse, and many more of the likes. 
  • Ponies – Welsh Pony, Chincoteague Pony, and Connemara. 
  • Fictional breeds – Star Horse, Zony, Vega, Umbra, Jorvik Warmblood, Jorvik Pony, and Pepita.

What is the Price of Star Stable?

Playing is free until level five. After exhausting the free levels, you can pay a fee for a monthly membership or purchase a lifetime membership. But if you prefer using the free levels, you can only pay until level five and stick to one location. 

What Most People Like

  • It has a variety of horses.
  • Have constant updates
  • Most of the art consist of pretty cartoons
  • Has a load of content

What Most People Dislike

  • There are many in-game purchases, even for Star Rider’s lifetime purchase.
  • Monotonous quest mechanics

Horse Riding Tales

Horse Riding Tales has many features that make it most of the kid’s favorite. 

How is Horse Riding Tales played? First, when creating your character, don’t begin with a horse. It would be best if you caught the first horse. However, before getting one, you should have taming orbs to achieve that. You need to mine amber, opal, stone, cotton, wood, and iron.

Orbs have different levels requiring different material types and amounts. Hence, a rare horse requires more balls; therefore, you need higher levels to catch the horse. Furthermore, each horse you get needs a stall or a stable. If you don’t create a booth and make your horses stay in the paddock for a long time, they will escape. You can also sell the horse to get coins.

Consequently, you can play at different levels. That depends on your quest, the best scores, and the completion of horse competitions. There are four main competitions, including cross country races, air show academy, dressage academy, and horse show academy.

Horse Breeds in Horse Riding Tales

Most people define horses by their rareness and color rather than breeds. Here are species you will come across in Horse Riding Tales.

  • Epic – Frye horse, unicorn, and blue fantasy
  • Rare – Appaloosa and Dapple grey
  • Uncommon – Majestic White, Black Beauty, and Piebald
  • Common – Bay, Skewbald, Dun and White Common
  • Fantasy – Purple fantasy, Aqua horse, Black Pegasus, Pink Pegasus, and Fire Pegasus

What is the Cost of Horse Riding Tales?

The game is freely available on Apple Store, Google Play, Steam, and Amazon. However, Horse Riding Tales can be costly if you opt for in-game purchases. In addition, you can purchase things using the gems and gold coins in the game.

The game is slow in mining. However, making orbs, purchasing gold coins and gems speeds things up. But they have a good money value. For instance, 2,600 gems are equivalent to $89.99, and you can use them to purchase items in the game.

What Most People Like

  • You can tame the horses you catch
  • It is possible to own over one horse
  • Fairly correct horse animations
  • Many competition levels that keep advancing
  • Quests that keep the game moving

What Most People Dislike

  • The game is repetitive, hence boring
  • Slow in mining to get the required materials
  • The horses can only gallop, turn and back up
  • Horses are similar except for the colors
  • These horses can feed on anything else except apples

Sim 3 Pets

Sim 3 Pets is a fun horse game combined with Sim 3 base game and expansion pack. While playing the game, you require the base game whose simulation is of a single player and a roleplaying game. 

How to Play Sim 3 Pets

This game is much fun as you can do and look as you please and compete, train, breed, and own horses. You can also create things you desire and control them. The only thing you should worry about is keeping your household healthy and happy and meeting their needs.

And what’s the best part? You have a horse with your desired looks which makes the game similar to an architecture computer program. However, you can’t directly control the horse while riding, which becomes less fun. But you can give directions by tapping the part of the ground you want your horse to go. 

Horse Breeds in Sim 3 Pets

You will come across many breeds, including Standardbred, American Quarter Horse, Arabian, Appaloosa, Irish Draught, Morgan, Pinto, Friesian, and many others. However, it is allowed to choose which breed you want when creating a horse. 

The existing breeds are just there for labeling horses. This game doesn’t show the species of the horse when playing. But when buying or adopting a horse, the breed’s name will show up and after which it won’t mention again.

What is the Cost of Sim 3 Pets?

Sim 3 Pets is available on Origin.com or Steam. Purchasing the game requires both the base game and the Extension Pack. Downloading from Steam or Origin will cost you $40, while downloading from Amazon will cost $53.88. It will be expensive to buy more expansion packs since one pack costs $20.

What Most People Like

  • There are mods and downloads you can add to the game to look more realistic.
  • You can connect with a large Sim 3 community regardless the game is a single-player
  • Creating a house farm is possible
  • You can breed, train and compete with the horses
  • Horses learning to ride, and possible to see their riding skills progress
  • You can have a relationship with your horse. They also have personalities.

What Most People Dislike

  • The game is prone to crash, particularly for less powerful computers.
  • Though you can download mods and items, it is difficult to download hence causing crashes.
  • You can’t control the horse directly while riding.
  • During the competition, your horse and rider are not visible until the contest ends.
  • There are no visits, competition against others, or selling horses to one another.
  • The game is a real-life simulation but not about the horses. It lacks putting on shoes, actual pregnancy in mares, bathing the horse, and precise grooming.

Horse Isle

Horse Isle consists of great ideas but with rough graphics and gameplay. 

How to Play Horse Isle 3

It can take time to figure things out and get started. If you are playing for the first time, you can get confused, as you are wearing a shirt and shorts with no shoes. But after some time, you will know how to look at the profiles of various horses, ride them, catch wild horses, create tools, go into shops and collect essence. 

If you lack a tack on the horse you are riding, you will fall off many times. Essences are currencies and coins in Horse Isle 3. The coins are not so difficult to find. You will be surprised to find a pot of gold at the rainbow’s end.

Things that Horse Isle 3 Allows you to Do

  • Exploring Horse Isle 3 with more than twenty biomes
  • Building your ranch
  • Joining a club
  • Catching wild horses
  • Breeding horses
  • Playing musical instruments
  • Riding a hot air balloon
  • Sky diving
  • Taking photos
  • Watching wildlife
  • Ocean diving
  • Doing quests
  • Playing mini-games
  • Horse shows and horse competitions

What is the Cost of Horse Isle 3?

There is not much about the price of Horse Isle 3. However, monthly subscribers pay up to $5 per month. If you prefer paying annually, it will cost you $40 per year.

What Most People Like

  • There are many options in character customization.
  • Decent horse animations and graphics
  • You can build your horse stable. It has a cool concept since it allows catching wild horses, joining clubs, breeding horses, selling and buying horses.
  • Since the world is big, you can use horses to explore various biomes.
  • The horse stats are detailed and have unique personalities and characteristics.

What Most People Dislike

  • Low-quality landscape graphics
  • The guide on how to get started is not clear enough. You are likely to end up figuring things out yourself. Fortunately, you can find websites online to help with that.
  • Its a slow game and makes you wander around for a long time.
  • Slow horses
  • No chatting with other players except with those of the same club


Horse games can help you break the monotony and the difficulties of regular life. Studies show that looking after both virtual and real animals improves your mood. As such, with this horse game list, you have options that will let you ease your tiring day!