How To Play Across-the-Board Horse Racing Game

Here we will show you how to play the across the board horse racing games. Thus, gather all your competitive friends, and let’s roll the dice. 

Are you looking for an exciting new way to enjoy your vacation? Do you love horse racing board games or want to cut down on screen time for your family? Look no further.

You need to try out across the board’s horse racing game. It’s easy to play and provides endless hours of fun.

Across-the-board is a must-have game that can be enjoyed and gives the thrill of horse racing without the need to leave your house.

It’s perfect for your game nights and a great way to relax after a long day, and if you want to hang out with friends and family, it’s the game to grab. 

What Is Across The Board Horse Racing Game

Created in Minnesota by Kim and Ryan, Across the Board is a Kentucky Derby fan’s dream. The game is excellent for derby lovers as you race in a model race track with horse game pieces and a “winners pot.”

You can race against other jockeys with horse game pieces, place bets, and win prizes by playing horse racing games, and still feel the adrenaline rush without stepping into an actual horse race.

In addition, this board game is versatile and can be played and enjoyed in smaller or larger groups. But for the most fun, it’s a perfect fit for larger groups of 6 or 10 people.

The horse racing game comes with a game board; in it, you’ll find the racing track, 11 model racehorse pieces, a deck of playing cards for betting, a bowl where the winning is stored, and a pair of dice. Also, each player is allocated $3 to put toward the winner’s pot. 

The game board, which is also the racing track, measures 21 1/4″ long x 11 1/4″ wide x 3/4″ thick. The horses measure 2 1/2″ long and 2″ tall. This gives the illusion of “real” ponies.

How Many Players Can Play Across-The-Board

Whether you’re a family of 8 or a single couple looking for an excellent way to spend the holidays, nobody is left out of this game. It is perfect for players in groups of 2 to larger groups of 20. 


This horse racing board game’s craftsmanship is top-notch. Across-the-board started as a hobby for Ryan, one of the owners.

Later, it turned into a way for families to sit at the kitchen table, disconnect from the outside world, and reconnect with each other. 

The games are handcrafted, with a lot of soul and heart put into them by the owners. They put quality and craftsmanship at the center, which adds to its allure.

The game is easy to learn and provides endless hours of infectious fun, no matter the size of the groups. 

Across the Board Game Rules

In this betting game, there are three main parts to the rules of the game:

  1. The track layout includes the starting and finish lines and any obstacles between them.
  2. There’s the betting system.
  3. There’s the scoring system.

The model horses move according to dice rolls, and the cards dealt represent the sticker number of the horse.

Learn How To Play The Board Horse Racing Game

Learning this fast-paced horse racing game is easy and fun. Even though this game is focused on betting on model horses, even a 5-year-old can play it. 

How It Works

Before starting the game, you must put the number stickers that come with the game on the model horses. The stickers are 11 in total, numbered from 2-12. Once that is done, grab all your numbered model horses and line them up at the starting gate. 

The dealer deals with the cards, which correspond to the stickers on the horses. If the dealt card is #4, the card owner will move horse number 4. Sticker numbers #11 and #12 are allocated for Jack and Queen. 

Get the model horses to the starting line and roll the dice to scratch the horses. Deal the cards evenly and once those cards have been dealt, roll the dice to determine the four scratched horses.

The horses move to the total on the die. So, for example, if the total on the dice is 4, move the horse with the sticker numbered 4.

If you roll a scratched horse, you pay coins according to its position. If you roll a racing horse, that horse moves forward one hole.

Keep rolling the dice, and the first horse to cross the finish line wins the pot, so whoever holds those four cards splits the pot. One thing worth noting is that you can still bet more during the race. 

At the end of the race, the money collected from the winner’s pot is divided among everyone who holds 1 of the four tickets for the winning horse.

Don’t worry about memorizing this game’s rules since all the instructions for playing this game are neatly printed on the box meant for packaging. 

The Objective Of The Game 

As is with all games on planet earth, there has to be an objective to any game. And this game aims to WIN and have your horse reach the finish line first.

Also, to be one player who gets a portion of the loot or ‘pot’ winnings.

A Must-Have Game For Your Vacation

Across the board, the horse racing game is one of those classic games that everyone knows how to play. If they don’t, they can either watch and learn or take the first five minutes to learn.

It’s a fun game for all ages and any number of players and makes one hell of a Saturday night.

We love it for the aspect that it’s based on odds. Any player or horse has an equal chance of winning the race, which is very helpful when playing with competitive racers.

The game makes a perfect fit for game nights. If you’re playing with children, you can play with chips as the “winners pot,” but if playing with adults, take it a notch higher by playing for actual money. 

So, if you’re looking for something new to do while on vacation, bring your family to the races by playing this game, and no one will feel left out.

What Do You Get?


  • Great game for family and friends
  • With the right amount of competition, no one will get bored during the introduction and actual playing, and no one will feel like a sore loser if they don’t get a share of the winnings.
  • Great gift options. They offer customizations, and you can have them add on your name or family name, family crest, or company logo.
  • The game is environmentally friendly, and its finish is water-based acrylic. 
  • Metal eyelets are inserted into each racing hole to help with the board’s longevity throughout generations of playing and add to its beauty.


  • The manufacturers no longer provide metallic horse pieces for all games. 
  • A little bit expensive at $150

Where To Buy Across-The-Board Horse Racing Games

This handcrafted horse racing board game by Across The Board is designed to beat boredom, and it’s a perfect gift for any Kentucky Derby lover.

Should you want to customize this game as a gift to a loved one, then we suggest you buy it from across the board’s website

You can buy the horse racing game and its accessories in several places and online. In addition, you can buy it in either maple or walnut from Target stores nationwide.

However, the best place to buy it from is Amazon since you can read the reviews before purchasing it, and for any reason you don’t want the game, Amazon’s return policy will take care of it.

They also have a storefront location in St Louis, West County Center. The store is open Monday to Sunday and stocks everything from crowd favorites to licensed games and custom options. 

What Else Do They Make? 

Apart from the famous horse racing game, they have a couple of other board games in the horseracing niche, sports games, classic board games, and a kids’ corner with everything from a drawing table with a chalk top to a drawing table with a paper top. 

Sports Games

You can choose to play baseball or MLB Baseball. Other games include basketball, golf, and hockey. In addition, the motor speedway and the all-time favorite soccer are available.

Classic Board Games 

For board games, choose Chinese checkers or assault. You can also indulge in cribbage and Farkle. Mancala, Marbles, and Jokers are also available.

Engage yourself in the sink or shoot or SOS. Lastly, you can play Solitaire and engage that brain! All are made with the same attention to detail. 


Nothing beats cheering for your horse from the comfort of your house than playing Across-the Board Game. And this horse racing game has been a hit for ages.

Try it out the next time you’re waiting for your order to arrive, tailgating at a game, or BBQing. Grab this all-time favorite game, race against your friends, and make memories with your loved ones.

This beautiful horse racing game will quickly become a family favorite as it’s addictive and creates many hours of togetherness!