Does Amy Die In Heartland?

How Old Is Amy In Heartland?

Amy Fleming is among the few characters that the Heartland TV Show has cast for the longest time. She has appeared in all the seasons and hopes to appear in season 16. Are you marveling at just how old Amy is in Heartland? 

All Heartland fans know that Amy Fleming is an outstanding horse whisperer. However, many don’t know that Amber Marshall, who plays the character, is a veteran equestrian hence the role.

Having both parents as enthusiastic equestrians, she has lived around horses all her life. For that reason, she has a great bond and connection with horses. 

So when you see Spartan or the other Heartland horses get relaxed around her, be sure it’s not scripted. 

Amy Fleming Overview

Amy is the main character of the Canadian TV Show. After her mother dies in hospital after a tragic accident, she’s left with heavy responsibility in managing the horses and her uncontrolled feelings.

Good thing Amy has supportive family and friends in Heartland who helped her continue her mother’s legacy. On the other hand, she has a tough time deciding between Heartland and college. 

Over the years, Amy grows closer to Ty, the stableman, and their relationship changes. After marriage and a beautiful daughter, Lyndy coming her way, she has a good time living with her family. Not until Ty’s death, when she was forced to raise Lyndy alone. 

How Old Is Amy Fleming?

Amber Marshall was born in June 1988. That means in real life, Amy Fleming was 19 years old when Heartland started filming in 2007 and 33 years during the filming of the last series.

However, Amy is a fictional character, and so is her age in Heartland. In season 1, she plays as 15 years old teenager, four years younger in real life. 

Here is a series of Amy’s age in Heartland since it was first filmed;

  • In season 1, she’s 15 years and 16 in season 2.
  • We see Amy at 17 in season 3 and 18 in season 4.
  • Season 4 at 18 years and 19 in season 5.
  • As we move to season 6, she is 20.
  • Amy is 21 in season 7 and 22 in season 8.
  • In season 9, 23 years, and 24 in season 10.
  • Season 11 at 25 years and 26 in season 12.
  • In season 12, she is 26 years
  • In season 13 she is 27 years.
  • Lastly, she plays seasons 14 and 15 at 28 years.

Amy Fleming has appeared in the Heartland TV Show for 14 years from the age of the series. Since the character is still promising, Amy is expected to appear in Heartland in the future. 

When Did Amy Start Riding Horses?

Amber Marshall lives like her character in real life. She’s passionate about horses and shares her experience with the producers, cast, and crew. For instance, she took Graham Wardle, her on-screen husband, through the basic horse riding skills in the early episodes. 

Amy grew up in London. However, she had the privilege of growing up around horses and riding her first horse in a county fair as young as four.

Amy then took her riding lessons at ten years. After taking jumper and hunter classes for a while, she found her passion in Western Riding. 

Ambers’ passion for animals wasn’t only about horses, as she ended up becoming a veterinarian. She volunteered at her local veterinary for one year before being hired as a veterinarian assistant while still in high school. 

When Did Amy Get Married To Ty?

Amy finally got married to Ty in the season 8 finale. Their romantic story began when Ty came to the Heartland ranch, and Amy allowed him in until he was done with his probation. They both get closer to being best friends, only to realize they can’t stay without each other.

Contrary to their expectations, their relationship was not a smooth one. They could break up not once but a couple of times along the way.

Though they’ve faced tough times, they’re forced to work together on the ranch, where they would make up.

How Old Is Amy’s Child Lyndy Borden?

Lyndy Borden, a character role played by the identical twins Ruby and Emmanuella, started filming in Heartland as little as one year old.

She was born to Amy and Ty in season 10 and named in season 11 after Lyndy Bartlett, her great grandmother. 

Lyndy was born in the barn at home during her godparents’ (Cassandra and Caleb) wedding. She appeared in season 11 as an adorable one-year-old daughter until she was five in season 15. 

Was Amy Older Than Ty Borden?

While Amy remains 15 years in the whole of season 1, Ty Borden turns 18 in the last episodes. But Amy turns 16 in season 2, episode 1, making Ty and Amy have an age difference of three years. Like Amy, Ty Borden has appeared for the longest time in the show, 14 years. He was only 34 years when he was written off. Unfortunately, Ty’s death in season 14 ends the characters’ journey. 

How Much Older Is Lou Fleming Than Amy Fleming In Heartland?

Lou Fleming, a role played by Michelle Morgan, is the oldest sister to Amy, with an age difference of eight years. She’s married to Peter, had their daughter Katie and adopted Georgie. Lou started filming as a 23-year-old in season 1. 

Her character has evolved over the years. Michelle Morgan was written off in season 7 since she got pregnant. After she safely begot a son, Noah, she returned to Heartland for the final episodes in season 7. 

How Old Are Amy’s Parents? 

Amy Fleming is the daughter of Marion Fleming and Tim Fleming. She lived to see his mother for a little while since she died when Amy was only 15.

In the Heartland fiction, Marion Fleming lived from 1961 until 2007, when an accident in the rodeo caused her death. That’s not the case in real life, though. She was born in 1959, counting 63 years as of 2022. 

On the other hand, Amy’s father, Tim Fleming, was in his 40s in season 1. Out of the cameras, he enjoys living in his early 60’s, like his on-screen deceased wife. He’s also the main cast, appearing in almost all seasons and still active. 

Who Is The Oldest In Heartland?

Heartland TV Show has a fair balance, casting teenagers and young women and men. In this case, there are a few old casts, the likes of Tim Fleming and Jack. Shaun Johnston, whose character role is Jack appears to be the oldest, around 70 to 75 years. 

Most fans don’t know that Johnston’s actual appearance isn’t the real image we see on the screens. The writers had to look for someone old for the character.

Since Johnston was almost 20 years younger than the character’s age, he had to put on makeup every time while in the front of the cameras.

He was 40 years when he started filming, and in the 60s’ in the final episodes, which call for around 80 years for the character. 

Jack is considered an elderly and a father to many of the characters in the show, especially to Amy Fleming.

He had lived in Heartland for 15 years, the fictional period when Heartland started. Since the show’s men’s life cut is almost as low as 50 years, the chances of Jack leaving Heartland are high.

However, it’s still not confirmed, and his character is still active for future episodes. 

How Old Are The Other Heartland Characters Then?

Unlike other fictional series, most Heartland characters live their real ages. Let’s look at the main character’s real age versus the fictional period;

  • Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming) is 34 years as of 2022, and 28 years as of Season 15
  • Graham Wardle (Tyler Borden) is 36 years old as of 2022 and as of 29 years, Season 13
  • Mitchell Morgan (Lou Fleming) is 41 years as of 2022 and 38 years as of Season 14
  • Chris Potter (Tim Fleming) is 62 years and in his early 50s in Season 15
  • Jessica Steen (Lisa Stillman) is 57 years old as of 2022 and seems to be in her early 50s’ in the show. 
  • Shaun Johnston (Jack) is 64 years old and in his 80s in Season 15

Other young characters like Lyndy Fleming, Georgie, and Quinn have the same age in Heartland as in real years. After all, there isn’t much to adjust for the little kids and teenage characters. 

How Old Is Amy In Heartland In Real Life?

Amy Fleming, a character that Amber Marshal portrays, is a 34 years old actor and a veteran in the industry. Besides her acting career, which is greatly talented, she’s an avid equestrian and singer. 

Marshal started acting when she was 13 and started a professional acting career when she joined “Super Robert” in 2000.

Though Marshal grew in popularity when she joined Heartland in 2007, between 2000 and 2007, she acted in various series.

Amber Marshall’s love for horses is not only for the screens. She loves animals and has reared different types on her 100-acre ranch.

Marshal lives with her husband on the ranch, to whom she has been married for almost a decade. 


Heartland TV Show has run for 15 years and counting, meaning the Heartland characters will continue aging.

While that is a good thing, we expect to be disappointed along the way as we see our favorite stars leaving.

Like Jack, for instance, he is the oldest in the Heartland family and may develop some old age sickness forcing him to leave the show. 

We can’t say the same for Amy, and we expect to see her through the Heartland ages.