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How Many Seasons Of Yellowstone Are There?

How Many Seasons Of Yellowstone Are There?
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Many fans are wondering how many seasons of Yellowstone are there? The Yellowstone producers saw it best to wrap it up with four seasons but are they?

Yellowstone is all about the Dutton family protecting what is theirs. As a result, they create more enemies that want to bring their legacy down.

The Dutton family has had regular visits in Montana. Thus, Yellowstone TV Show gaining more than 15 million viewers shows how the fans want to get more of the drama. And you end up on this site prove precisely that! 

Who Is Playing in Yellowstone?

Let’s recognize the prominent cast members that made Yellowstone make it on your screens;

Kevin Costner in Yellowstone TV series
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John Dutton (Kevin Costner)

As the Dutton patriarch, John Dutton protects the Dutton dynasty. He is a businessman and a rancher who has tried to maintain the Dutton lifestyle for decades. 

In season 3, he recovers from a coma and is surprised to find things much different than he left them. Since Jamie was growing fast into power,

John had to stop him. As a result, he started eyeing the Governor’s seat. When the current Governor stepped down for a Senate position, John took the opportunity to vie for the Governor’s position.

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly)

Beth Dutton and her assistant get a bomb attack in the office. With the father on her side, Beth plans on revenging her rivals responsible for the attack. All the steps she takes are in favor of Rip or John Dutton.

Beth starts her revenge plot by working in the Market Equities. She begins by making a social activist bid and ends up in jail. John Dutton didn’t like the act, though.

Rip and Bet take in Carter to keep him up with the Dutton journey. She later kidnaps a priest so that her love for Rip is official and leaves it all to Jamie. 

Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes)

While running after the bad guys, Kayce had to heal from gunshots. His wife and kid share his fate in an attack in Dutton. After the family survived the ambush, they packed and moved to their home. In season four, he only witnesses the family’s misery and death.

Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley)

Jamie Dutton Yellowstone
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Jamie is one of the guys that follow every wind passing by. At one time, he was John Dutton’s puppet. Garrett Randall is currently swaying him around, and sometimes Christina and Beth are seen having their share too.

Dreams of becoming the next Governor shuts down after John Dutton announces to vie for the seat. When Jamie thinks that he can’t win the battle, Christina and Garret are by his side, convincing him otherwise.

Beth and Jamie had some discussions on the recent attack in the office. She had three options for him or faced the consequences. When he killed Garret at the train station, we knew which option Jamie leaned on.

As Jamie disposes of Garrets’ body, Beth takes some snaps for evidence. As a result, Jamie successfully gets himself another puppet controller.

Rip Wheeler

Rip is not one of the outspoken guys but one of the few that have the guts to face Beth. Surprisingly, Beth’s rudeness is what amuses him most. However, he isn’t pleased about Carter joining them, but he seems to get along with the bit of orphan in season 4.

Other notable characters include;

  • Roarke Carter
  • Jimmy Hurdstrom
  • Monica Long Dutton
  • Chief Thomas Rainwater
  • Tate Dutton
  • John Dutton Sr.
  • Malcolm Beck
  • Willa Hayes
  • Dan Jenkins
  • Ryan
  • Angela Blue Thunder
  • Teeter
  • Colby
  • Caroline Warner

Is Season 4 Done?

Seasons Of Yellowstone
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Season 4 finale premiered on Jan 3, 2022. With more than ten million viewers, Paramount is undoubtedly the highest ranking in the industry.

The Yellowstone drama portrays the cowboy toughness. Jealousy and battles are noticeable in the season. As usual, chaos, dirty politics, protests, fights, police chases, and all kinds of attacks are part of the drama. Protestants, ranchers, and land developers will also not give them a break.

Since season 3 ended with attacks, the first two episodes in Season 4 had to start with the same. John Dutton, Beth, and Kayce experienced a militia attack in the process. There is no revelation of the people behind the attacks all this while. 

The final episode spills the beans where Riggins ends up being behind for the attacks, which pleases Beth and seeks other rivals in the thirst for revenge.

According to Beth, Jamie is one of the rivals. But John and Kayce don’t agree to the same. Though she doesn’t kill him, she puts him in a situation as good as dead.

Will There Be A Season 5 Of Yellowstone?

Season 4 wrapped it emotionally and with lots of unanswered questions. So, what next from the Duttons? The story isn’t over, and Taylor, the executive producer, agrees with the fact.

However, he didn’t reveal when the drama would premier. But Paramount Network has renewed the show already.

The first season did premiere in June 2018 while renewing several seasons. A month later, Paramount Network continued the second season and premiered in June 2019. Season 3 renewal happened the same month and premiered some months later.

Season 4 was renewed in February 2020 and came out in November 2021. With that analysis, we expect Season 5 in the fall of this year.

Which Casts Will Return For Season 5?

With over 15 million viewers, Paramount Network is pleased to make it create another blast for the Yellowstone cast. The season 4 finale opens doors for some actors to return. However, the return isn’t official yet.

Kevin Coster, Luke Grimes, Kelly Reilly, Gil Birmingham, Wes Bentley, Kelsey Asbille, Jefferson White, and Forrie Smith are likely to appear in Season 5. Guest stars include Kathryn Kelly and Jen Landon, who will appear regularly.

The season 4 finale made it clear that Beth and Jamie have a broader chance in the Dutton ranch. Therefore, they are guaranteed to continue with their plot when Season 5 comes to air.

Jimmy engaged Emily in season 4 after joining 6666 ranches. We expect Emily to return so that Jimmy may return. But the possibilities are not as high. 

Teeter, who joined the Yellowstone ranch in season 3, will appear more in season 5.

Most fans are worried that Rip Wheeler is engaging in other projects, increasing the chances of not appearing in season 5. However, that’s not confirmed yet.

Since season 1, Rip has been one of the most royal John Dutton supporters. So Rip’s future in Dutton ranch is bright and dramatic too!

Some trailers could give a clue on what to expect. Unfortunately, Season 5 has no trailer. However, Paramount Network released videos behind the scenes. 

Who Is Playing in Yellowstone?
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Is Yellowstone Just A Fiction?

With the high number of viewers in the finale, everyone wants to know if there is some reality in the show’s drama.

John Linson and Taylor Sheridan are the minds behind the fate of the Yellowstone tales. Yellowstone showrunner, Sheridan, contributes much to the drama by writing and directing the series.

However, the show is fictional, and it’s an inspiring story from both creators. 

The Ranch has Actual Counterparts

Dutton Ranch portrays to be the largest in the States, which is true in real life. It covers 825,000 acres of Texas. W.T. Waggoner, a legendary rancher in Texas, is the inspiration behind the Dutton family.

Waggoner owned a ranch in North Texas covering 525,000 acres. Its the largest in America since 1849, since its first establishment. The Waggoner family and his generation have taken ownership in turns for decades.

Not until 2015, when they sold it for about $725 million to Stan Kroenke. Now that estimates the Dutton Ranch’s worth.

Filming is on a Real Ranch

Season four filming was in Montana and some parts of Missoula. The Dutton lodge is in Chief Joseph Ranch’s mansion, while the inside locations include the main room, back and front porch, kitchen, and helipad.

The outer parts are the arena, cabins, barns, corrals, bunkhouse, and armory. It’s worth noting that Chief Joseph Ranch has other activities other than filming the Yellowstone show.

There are cabins in the ranch that serves as a home to the owners. When there is no filming ongoing, the farm welcomes people to rent out the cabins.

Texas Four Sixes Ranch Is Real

Yellowstone has also filmed in Four Sixes Ranch. This Texas ranch is now Sheridan’s property, which will portray 6666 farms. The show has already featured it in season 4, where Jimmy visits to be a cowboy.

Kevin Costner’s Father Inspires Him through the Show

There is a chance that Sheridan had no clue about Costner’s father when creating the John Dulton character. Surprisingly, Kelvin Costner, the show’s patriarch, is the second version of his father, William.

He came from a family of 13 in Oklahoma. In addition, he grew up in the Great Depression era, where they depended on their wheat farm.

According to Outsider, Costner described his father as a tough guy trying to make it through the Great Depression that had filled the world.

He also admitted that he used his father’s gun in the show. John Dutton mirrors William, except for murder.


There is a high possibility of Yellowstone season 5 coming out soon. In addition, we expect most cast members to appear and maybe feature other famous actors.

The show’s creator may update the release information, and we will be back to do the same for you.