What Horses Are Used in Yellowstone TV Show?

How Many Episodes In 1883 TV Show?

After a huge cliffhanger, fans wonder how many episodes are in the 1883 TV Show. It’s challenging to understand the whole story in the Yellowstone series.

However, looking back, you will see it all the story of Yellowstone, yet to unfold and soon to come in 1883, the prequel series fans eagerly await. For now, there is only season 1, but how many episodes are there?

Yellowstone Prequel: How Many Episodes In 1883?

The first season of 1883 is officially a wrap. It was announced on December 19, 2021, that Paramount Network would air the limited series based on the events leading up to the foundation of Yellowstone – in 1883.

The series was created and written by Taylor Sheridan and starred in Costner alongside Isabel May, Tim McGraw, Sam Elliott, Dawn Olivieri, Eric Nelsen, and Faith Hill, averaging 4 million total viewers per episode.

The series follows the story of John Dutton (Kevin Costner), his family, and their ranching empire as they battle against land developers, Native Americans, and each other in the years leading up to his owning the largest ranch in Montana and Yellowstone’s creation.

In addition, the show will also introduce new characters to the world of Yellowstone, including Jules Landry (Kelly Reilly), who will play an essential role in Dutton’s life.

There are currently ten episodes in production for season 1 of the 1883 TV Show. There have not been any announcements regarding a second season.

However, if it performs well enough, we’ll likely see more episodes coming out soon.

What Is The 1883 TV Show About?

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family as they try to make a life for themselves on their ranch in Montana. John’s grandfather, James Dutton, set on a journey to Montana for greener pastures, away from their impoverished life in Texas.

The journey was also not a bed of roses since the land was wild and uncivilized. It was one of the State regions still under the colonization power of the western settlers.

Will There Be New Episodes Of 1883?

In the wake of the recent news that 1883 has ended, there has been much speculation about whether we’ll see any new episodes of 1883.

While it’s true that there are currently no plans for new episodes, be assured that this isn’t the end of your favorite show.

Taylor Sheridan is working on a plan to bring more of your favorite characters back in an exciting new way. Paramount+ confirmed 1923, the next installment continuing the same period. However, the storyline will not overlap.

Episode Recaps

After going through the Yellowstone Prequel 1883 TV show, you probably wonder how to recap it. The Yellowstone Prequel 1883 TV show episodes had many twists and turns that will make it hard for you to remember all the details.

Here is a quick recap of the episodes:

Episode 1: “1883”

The first episode of 1883 was a slow burn, but that’s not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. It did a great job of setting viewers up.

Elsa Dutton observes as a band of Native Americans massacres a group of settlers on the Great Plains. However, she managed to kill one before they surrounded her.

Months later, Shea Brenna’s wife and daughter die of smallpox. He cremates them but is left with too much agony till he attempts to commit suicide.

Fortunately, Thomas, his partner, prevents him from the attempt and informs him of a job opportunity in Fort Worth, Texas. They meet James Dutton killing thieves attempting to rob him.

James and his family embark on untamed America via his covered wagon, searching for new opportunities and building a home in the Great Plains.

On their arrival, they book their stay in a hotel, where James rescues Elsa from a rape attempt. James ends up partnering with Shea, who convinces him to head the wagon to Oregon.

With a strong plot and excellent acting, the dual emphasis, switching between James and Shea, illustrates these two opposing forces uniting.

Episode Two: “Behind Us, A Cliff”

Shea and Thomas enlist James and other neighborhood cowboys to gather cattle. The caravan encounters some of the many perils they will encounter along the route as they set out on their journey.

Claire, Mary’s daughter, has experienced the most pain in this episode. Losing all her seven children was painful, and she shot herself to end it.

James is left behind to dig a grave for Claire, and the rest of the caravan continues with the journey. Shea acknowledges how he admires Claire’s bravery and joins with the digging.

Episode Three: “River”

Remember the caravan? They suffer rattlesnake bites, fallen wagons, and dysentery. With many men and women dying, it seems most won’t make it to Oregon.

After reaching the Brazos River, James and Shea must decide which option to cross. Unlike James, who wants a quicker route, Shea opts for the long way to keep safe.

We see Ennis flirting with Elsa, and James allows him to court Elsa.

Episode Four: “The Crossing”

The caravan experiences yet another trouble crossing the river with their possessions, especially for the immigrants who have yet to experience swimming.

The following day, James and his family try to cross the river with them and help the group swim.

The ones that survive continue to the west. Elsa starts adapting to the cowgirl lifestyle as she gets closer to Ennis.

Episode Five: “The Fangs Of Freedom”

This episode is all about a fierce fight for freedom. There is a food shortage after the huge loss during the crossing.

The group realized they were being robbed of the remaining supply from within, thanks to Josef. James, Thomas, and Shea confront the thieves and banish them after returning the stolen supplies.

Elsa’s and Ennis’ love grows stronger daily until Margaret witnesses them making love from afar. John confronts Ennis about the affair, while Elsa’s mother harshly criticizes her.

Meanwhile, Wade informs the group of the bandits roaming in the nearby area, who later stage an ambush. They first killed the banished group, which alarmed the remaining group to prepare for a fight.

The fight is fierce, as expected, and Ennis has to save Elsa. However, Ennis is shot in the ensuing battle, and Elsa kills the shooter to avenge his death.

Episode Six: “Boring The Devil”

Elsa continues to mourn her lover, as Shea’s attempt to comfort her remains futile. However, Shea works on replacing Ennis by hiring Colton.

Meanwhile, Thomas is growing affectionate for Noemi. He buys her a mirror as a gift, and they confess their love.

A group of catcalling men approaches Elsa, who in turn threatens to shoot, which causes a dead heat. However, James intervenes and defuses it immediately.

After drinking with Carolyn, a local shopkeeper, Margaret discusses with James about Elsa and ends up arguing about how she is changing.

Episode Seven: “Lightning Yellow Color”

To cross Comancheria, the group has to pay tax to the officers called a Comanche. One of them, Sam, befriends Elsa and challenges her to a horse race.

Elsa wins, which delights Sam, naming her “Lightning with the yellow hair” as a nickname.

Much later, tornadoes and storms threaten the place, forcing them to take shelter together, incurring another huge loss. However, the storm scatters the livestock and wagons.

Some rustlers attempt to get away with the cattle, but Elsa, James, and Thomas confront and acquire them back.

The rustlers manage to attack Elsa since she is alone until Sam and Charles Goodnight comes to her rescue and kill the rustlers.

Season Eight: “The Weep Of Surrender”

As the group continued to experience food shortages due to the continuous attacks and losses, Shea came up with an alternative to settle in the nearest region, at least near Denver, Colorado.

John needs to respond better to the idea and declare a firm decision to continue to Oregon with interested settlers.

On the other hand, Elsa and Sam share a great bond; even Elsa adapts to the Comanche culture and marries. Elsa’s decisions keep bothering Margaret, but Elsa doesn’t consider them.

Though she agrees to escort her father to Oregon, she announces to go back to Sam in the Comanche territory.

Episode Nine: “Racing Clouds”

The group land in Lakota territory when Josef gets a rattlesnake bite, and his wife falls off a horse, getting fatal injuries. James, Shea, and Thomas encounter massacred women and children.

To escape the blame, they decide to track the culprits and kill them, while the rest remain and explain to the warriors. With so much tension in the air, the left group started fleeing to the nearest Amy fort.

The Lakota warriors catch up with scattered settlers, killing most of them and badly wounding the rest. Elsa is one of those treating severe injuries, and James fears that she will die.

Episode Ten: “This Is Not Your Heaven”

The wagon arrives at the Wyoming territory, but there’s no surgeon to Elsa’s rescue. After Elsa realizes she will die, she chooses her burial ground, which the Duttons will reclaim in the future generation.

James takes her to her daughter to the spot, where she succumbs to her wounds. 

On the other hand, Shea, Thomas, and James amputate Josef’s leg. As Shea had promised her late wife, he shoots himself on the beach of the Pacific Ocean. Thomas and Noemi make it to Oregon, where they build their home.

How To Stream All 1883 Episodes

Paramount Network moved the series to Paramount+ to promote its affiliate program, as it has done to most of its series. That means you have to pay a subscription fee to watch the episodes.

There are two subscription packages, the first for around $5.99 (with commercial breaks) and the other for $ 9.99 (without commercial breaks) per month. New members can take advantage of the free trial 

for seven days.


Next time you wonder how many episodes of the 1883 TV show you have to watch and if there are more to watch, remember the series has concluded with ten episodes.

Note that the prequel series is very different compared to the main show. You will not see some of its main characters, but you may see others. There is more to it, and we hope to see Season 2.