Horseback Riding San Antonio – Best Trails And Locations

Recognized as one of the most visited cities in Texas, it boasts a thriving art scene. So where is the best horseback riding in San Antonio?

Thanks to its rich history that spans decades and the different cultures that call it home.

Although most people who travel to San Antonio are drawn in by the city’s history, the perfect weather. (mild winters and long summer)

The incredible terrain that varies from steep hills to flat land makes this city perfect for horseback riding. 

The hill country region provides its visitors with clear rivers, overflowing blooming wildflowers, and the chance to go out into the wild without the blistering Texan weather. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best locations in San Antonio, home to some of the most beautiful horses and trails, so read on to find out more. 

Gypsy Farms LLC

Why did Mallory leave heartland

What started as a rescue, rehab, and rehome center for horses soon became an oasis for horse lovers. Offering a lesson program for its guests,

Gyspy Farms looks to cater to new riders with their horses and established riders who want the joy of horseriding without the extra costs and risks. 

Regarding horses, the folks at Gypsy understand that everyone is different and has different capabilities. As such, they take their time with everyone.

Whether you take private lessons, lease a horse, bring in your horse for training or hold a birthday party with them, you will be in the right hands.


Address: 27747 Ramblewood, st San Antonio, TX 78261 United States 


Phone: +1 443 472 5169 

Blue Berry Creek Stables 

Founded by Jessica Hungerford, Blue Berry Creek Stables is a hill country gem. Get to experience first-class horseback riding lessons at Blue Berry Creek Stables. 

Whether it’s your first time on a horse or you’re looking to refine your riding skills, the instructors at the stables work with each rider independently in whatever area they desire.

You can choose between private, one on one lessons or group lessons. 

Their lessons center on :

  • Western riding 
  • English riding 
  • Jumping 
  • Roping 
  • Horse training 
  • Drill team 

The group lessons are charged at $45 per hour, while the private ones cost $60 per hour.


Address: 1703 Creekview Dr, San Antonio, TX 78219, United States

Phone: (210) 867-8037


The Trails

Equestrian trails allow riders to get out into nature, bond with their horse, and get on trails that suit their experience level.

If you’re starting, you might feel overwhelmed with the number of choices.

This list should search more accessible so read below to find out some of the best trails that are out there.

Guadalupe River State Park 

Located 45 minutes North of San Antonio, Guadalupe River State Park offers 5.3 miles of equestrian trails. You might be wondering what makes this park unique.

Not only does the fall foliage make the park look stunning, but the park is teeming with a lot of wildlife that can be seen along the trails and on the river bank.

  • The Guadalupe River runs through the park and offers incredible kayaking, swimming, and tubing opportunities.
  • At the park, the terrain is rocky, perfect for riders looking for more of a challenge.
  • The equestrian trails don’t have a restroom.
  • You will find that the equestrian parking area is primitive, with no running water or restrooms. 
  • Features one picnic table and two benches 
  • Well-marked trails that are easy to follow 
  • Open daily
  • Affordable 7$ entrance fee into the park
  • Overnight camping is available at one of the 85 water and electric campsites. 

Reservation for the park’s day-use is highly recommended. 


Address: 3350 Park Rd 31, Texas 78070, USA

Phone: +1 830-438-2656

Land Heritage Institute 

See a side of San Antonio that few people get to see and revel in. The Land Heritage Institute is a 1200-acre museum dedicated to conserving cultures, histories, and natural resources.

Not only do they promote environmental literacy, but the institute is home to some of the best-kept trails for anyone looking for an outdoor excursion. 

For horseback riders, the Los Caminos Naturales trail provides 20 miles of trails that pass through the woods and the Medina River.

Need To Know 

  • The institute usually is open on the 2nd Saturday of the month. 
  • They require an updated Coggins for your horse. 
  • Guests are to schedule an appointment outside of the institute’s open days. 
  • Upon entry into the institute, riders are encouraged to provide donations/fees and email their Coggins to (210) 846-9403.
  • The fee is $10 per rider and $3 per non-rider 
  • It would be best to clean up your horses’ manure in the stalls and day-use area. 

Some of the amenities include :

  • Trails are well marked 
  • The trail is primarily sandy and flat
  • Lots of wildlife sightings 
  • The trail features Medina River access providing your horse with an opportunity to cool off. 
  • It has a mounting block at the trailhead 
  • Electric hookups 
  • Water pens 
  • Restrooms and showers are located at the headquarters 
  • Bunkhouse 
  • Overnight camping for RVs and trailers 


Address: 1349 Neal Road San Antonio, Texas 78264

Phone: 210 629 1734

West Creek Trail Rides

When looking for the perfect opportunity to celebrate a birthday or unwind after a very long week, Westcreek offers the perfect getaway.

They provide their riders with incredibly well-mannered horses, and instructors are always on call from the moment you step on the ranch. 

The ride takes you through a shaded and wooded pathway, where you get the opportunity to see and enjoy the beautiful San Antonio backcountry.

Friendly, knowledgeable wranglers ensure you are paired with the correct level horse, minimizing the amount of stress on your ride.

The trail ride takes you through shaded pine trees and is well-paced for most beginners.

If having the wind in your hair seems daunting, the ranch features a petting zoo perfect for some bonding great for both kids and grown-ups. 

The Charges 

  • 1-hour trail rides – $40 per rider 
  • For group rides of 6 or more people, the fee is $30 per rider 


Address: 12230 Westcreek Oaks, San Antonio, TX 78253

Phone: 210-968-1524

Oak Valley Stables 

In providing riding lessons to experienced and novice riders, Oak Valley stables pride themselves in teaching everyone in western and English disciplines.

Whether you board your horse or take lessons, these stables will become like your family.

Amenities offered include: 

  • A tack room
  • Two sand arenas 
  • A round pen 
  • Covered stalls 
  • A hot walker
  • Jumps
  • A large group turnout

The private lessons start at $60 per and take 45 minutes to one hour, while the group lessons take 1 -1.5 hours and are charged at $60 per lesson.

In addition, they provide hauling services to shows for $45 per horse. 

Need To Know

  • Riders are required to wear helmets, which are provided at the stables 
  • Closed-toe shoes are required for riding 
  • They are open during the afternoon Mondays to Fridays and mornings on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only.
  • Jeans with either full chaps or long socks 

Boarding Services 

  • Prices start at $450 per month per horse 
  • The horses are provided with high-quality alfalfa or coastal feed, depending on the season. 
  • Open-air stalls with cover or group turn out 
  • Freshwater
  • Access to all facilities 
  • If you have your grain and supplements, they feed your horse with it
  • Tack locker 
  • Blanketing is $15 per on or off 
  • Electrical services for fans $35 per month 
  • Hay wafers 

The stables run horse camps for aspiring cowboys and cowgirls aged 6 -18 during winter, summer, and fall.

They are taught grooming, saddling, riding, feeding, and overall horsemanship. Pricing is $275 per child for one week’s session. 


Address: 234 Holbrook Rd, San Antonio, TX 78218, USA

Phone: (210) 216-9422

Hill Country State Natural Area 

Things are more significant in Texas, and Hill Country State’s natural area holds to that.

With an area measuring 5,369 acres, this area is filled with plateaus and canyons that offer different terrain for hikers, bikers, and birdwatchers. 

With over 36 miles of rugged terrain for equestrians, this location is a sure way to quench your thirst for the outdoors.

Several historical buildings, including the Bar O Ranch House, built-in 1892, will keep you company on your ride.

The trails and park come fitted with the following amenities 

  • A primitive campsite is available. 
  • Wildflower pasture pathway 
  • Trails vary from flat grasslands to challenging canyons. 
  • The equestrian area has a water trough, mounting posts, and a toilet.
  • An overnight equestrian campsite 
  • A group camp comes complete with a barn and nine stalls. This camp features a vault toilet and water for the horses.
  • The park is dog friendly. 

Note: The equestrian area is available by reservation only. In addition, you must keep pets on a leash no more than 6 feet. 


Address: 10600 Bandera Creek Rd, Bandera, TX 78003, United States

Phone: +1830-796-4413


When it comes to the San Antonio area, there are numerous opportunities and places for you to go horseback riding.

Whether you trailer your horse, lease a horse from a riding site, or decide to start taking lessons, there is no wrong way of exploring.

Remember to have fun, bring the correct documentation and enjoy the incredible San Antonio weather.