Horse Movies Free With Amazon Prime Video Membership

Horse Movies Free With Amazon Prime Video Membership

Amazon Prime Video is a fantastic streaming service. Its content library is huge and there’s something for everyone. That said, it can be a bit disappointing when you find a movie on Amazon Prime Video, only to see that you have to pay to rent or buy it. So, this post is all about horse movies free with Amazon Prime Video membership. 

If the way Amazon Prime Video works is a little confusing to you, you’re not alone. You sign up, search for a movie and then see “$0.00 with a Prime Membership” or something like “From $2.99 to rent”. If your mind goes “What?! I thought you could just sign up and watch anything you want.”, that too has happened to the best of us. 

Before we get into our horse movies free with an Amazon Prime membership, let’s talk a little about exactly how Amazon Prime Video works. 

How Does Amazon Prime Video Work? 

Amazon Prime Video works a little differently from Netflix. On Netflix, you buy a subscription and everything you find on Netflix is included in that subscription. On Amazon Prime Video, only some content is free with your subscription. For some movies and series, you will need to pay a fee to rent or buy them. 

Luckily, it doesn’t cost much as a rule to rent a movie on Amazon Prime Video. For example, our favorite horse movie, The Horse Whisperer is $3.99 to rent. Some rentals are even less. Amazon Prime Video members don’t get the entire content library for free, but they do get access to a lot of free content that non-subscribers can’t get. 

Also, bear in mind that the movies included in this post are on Amazon Prime Video U.S. They may not be available in your country due to regional restrictions. Hopefully, that has cleared up any confusion. 

Horse Movies Free With Amazon Prime Video Membership

Without further ado, let’s get into what we’re all here for — horse movies free with Amazon Prime! This is not an extensive list, so if you don’t find something that strikes your fancy, be sure to check out Amazon Prime Video for more. 

#1. Useless (2020)

Bereaved teenager Jessie is living with her aunt and uncle in Montana following her mom’s death. Jessie and her mother shared a love of barrel racing, something Jessie wants a future in. Despite her aunt and uncle’s concerns that she may waste her life “chasing a dream”, Jessie persists. 

When she gets her own horse, it is one that his previous owners considered “useless”. Contrary to expectation, this is the horse that gives Jessie her focus and drive back after the tragedy she has experienced. We’ve got a strong feeling that this horse will turn out to be far from useless.

#2. Horses of McBride (2012)

Horses of McBride is a 2012 TV movie based on true events. Set at Christmas time, it focuses on Matt and his daughter Nicki as they battle to save two snowed-in, starving horses’ lives. Nicki simply refuses to let them die, in spite of their condition. Soon, other community members start showing up to help. 

The real events unfolded in 2008 when McBride residents found two abandoned horses on Mount Renshaw. Their names were Belle and Sundance, and the residents were at first unsure whether they should try to rescue them or shoot them to prevent further suffering. Fortunately, they decided to rescue the horses. 

Horses of McBride is ultimately a story of a community pulling together to show how much they care and do what’s right. This is a movie for which you may need an ample supply of tissues, so get ready. 

#3. The Horse Dancer (2017)

Samantha Wick is a teenage gymnast fired from her team as a result of her bad attitude and unfriendliness. Without gymnastics to keep her busy, she signs up for a summer at Black River Horse camp to explore something new — horseriding. 

At camp, the unfriendly teenager develops her equestrian vaulting skills and builds friendships in spite of herself. When the camp is financially threatened, she is determined to save it from closure. This movie is sure to be a winner with young equestrians, horse lovers and teenagers in particular. 

#4: A Horse Called Hope (2020)

Another troubled teenager is in the spotlight in A Horse Called Hope. Lizzy is sixteen years old, has been expelled from school and is rebellious and angry. In a last-ditch attempt to get the turbulent teen to turn her life around, her parents send her to spend some time with her grandmother, who owns a peaceful ranch. 

At the ranch, Lizzy meets Hope, a sickly horse. Her grandmother asks Lizzy to be a friend to Hope, believing the friendship will do them both good. Like in The Horse Dancer, the ranch comes under threat and Lizzy throws herself into saving it. 

A Horse Called Hope is a heartwarming horse movie for all ages to enjoy. 

#5: Windstorm (2013)

Windstorm is a German movie about a girl called Mika whose parents send her to spend summer with her grandmother. Her grandmother owns stables and warns her off a wild stallion called Windstorm, telling her he is dangerous. 

In spite of this, the two form a connection and Mika discovers her true passion — riding. Mike never gives up on the apparently untameable Windstorm and appears to have a special gift. She can use her senses to communicate with the troubled horse where others have failed. 

As Windstorm is free with an Amazon Prime Video membership, why not check it out? And we have to say, the horse playing Windstorm is absolutely stunning. 

#6. Hidalgo (2004)

Hidalgo is a western epic drama based on Frank Hopkins, an American distance rider. In Hidalgo, Frank Hopkins and his mustang, Hidalgo, have earned the title “world’s greatest endurance horse and rider”. This is disputed by Sheikh Riyadh, who challenges the duo to a desert race to prove themselves worthy of the title. 

It’s a complex story in which Hopkins must constantly watch his back lest his chances are sabotaged. He is also tormented by his involvement in the Wounded Knee Massacre — Hopkins had previously served as a government rider and personally delivered the message authorizing the massacre. 

If westerns are more your thing, Hidalgo might be worth checking out. It’s $3.99 to rent but totally free for Amazon Prime Video subscribers! Hooray!

#7: Jappeloup (2013)

Lawyer-turned-showjumper Pierre Durand. Jr inspired this French-Canadian drama. In Jappeloup, Pierre Durand Jr., disenchanted with his law career, quits his job to pursue a career in showjumping. His father in particular encourages him, pleased to see his son fulfill his dreams. 

The horse he chooses is called Jappeloup, a gorgeous thoroughbred cross he initially considers too small to ride. The movie follows Durand’s journey in his work towards becoming a champion showjumper and the development of his bond with his underdog, Jappeloup.  

Fun fact: The real Jappeloup’s retirement ceremony took place beneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris. He sadly died just three years later at sixteen. 

#8: Midnight Stallion (2012)

Jack Shepherd and his wife, Rita, risk losing their farm for financial reasons. Their daughter, Megan, takes a shine to a wild stallion that she finds in the woods. The family comes up with a plan to capture, tame and train the mysterious horse up as a racehorse. If they can succeed in horseracing, they may be able to save their farm. 

Megan bonds deeply with Midnight, but unfortunately, the family aren’t the only ones with their eyes on him. The bank owner with the family’s future in his hands has spotted him and wants him for himself. But can free-spirited Midnight ever really belong to anyone? 

This is another easy-watching horse movie suitable for horse lovers of all ages.

Horse Movies Free With Amazon Prime Video Membership: Sum-Up 

  • Amazon Prime Video is a movies and series streaming service. Non-Prime members can buy or rent content, but an Amazon Prime Video membership gets you access to a lot of content that comes free with your subscription. 
  • Although you do get a lot of free content as an Amazon Prime member, you still need to buy or rent certain movies or series. 
  • You can get plenty of horse-related movies with your Amazon Prime Video subscription. If the movie you want isn’t free with your subscription, you can still pay to rent it. Rentals are usually between $1,99 and $3.99. 
  • Amazon Prime Video content can change depending on your location. 

Horse Movies Free With Amazon Prime Video Membership: Final Thoughts

And there we have it — eight horse movies free with your Amazon Prime Video membership! Don’t forget that Amazon Prime Video has a 30-day free trial, so be sure to claim yours if you want to give it a whirl before subscribing permanently. 

We hope that this post has been helpful in giving you ideas for a horsey movie night. Which one will you be watching this weekend? 

Happy streaming!