Horse Boarding In Austin, Texas – Full List

Austin is the world’s live music capital, but that’s not all as a horse owner, finding a horse boarding facility in Austin, Texas could be challenging.

Thanks to the perfect weather and rolling hills. Austin provides the ideal place for nature lovers, especially those looking to enjoy equestrian activities.

The landscapes are filled with incredible rolling hills and sunsets that produce a pink-purple hue. 

Whether you choose a small family-run barn or stable or a larger establishment, Austin gives you just that.

When looking for your four-legged companions forever home or an overnight boarding facility, here are a few guidelines to help you choose the best.

  • What boarding options are available, and the maintenance put in place for the grounds and the stalls. 
  • Nutritional analysis of the feed the horses are given 
  • The amount of water and the system used to negate having a dehydrated horse 
  • There are policies in place for when a disaster hits, injuries, or any other medical emergencies 
  • A prior visit to the site, check for overgrown weeds or pastures and fly abatement systems
  • Whether they provide the period and what type of service they provide 

With most boarding facilities, you can choose either short-term or long-term boarding.

Depending on your needs, here is a list of boarding facilities that offer top-notch services and highly rated and secure facilities.

Spicewood Farms 

Located in North Austin, Spicewood Farms provides riders and boarders full-service boarding and English and Western riding lessons.

From the moment you step on the farm, you are greeted by the friendly and warm staff. Their top priority is the horses under their care. 

Whether you’re looking to get back into the saddle as you board your horse or have them in a caring environment.

You cannot go wrong with Spicewood Farms. Several facilities are open for full-time riders at the stables and borders: 

  • A lighted arena great for jumping 
  • 60-foot lighted round pen
  • A hot and cold double wash stall
  • Newly renovated tack rooms

In addition to being a full-service boarding stable, they still go above and beyond by doing routine nightly checks.

The owners, Mike and Florence, stay at the property for extra security in an emergency. 

The stables provide the following boarding options.

Stall Board 

  • Large ventilated stalls and floors covered with rubber mats, bedding, dutch doors, and automatic waterers
  • Cleaning is done six days a week, and bedding is changed as needed 
  • Feeding is done twice daily -grain and coastal hay 
  • Daily turn out six to seven days a week in large shaded pastures with shelter and board fences 
  • Mineral block (Trace) in each stall
  • A choice of coastal hay during turnout 

Pasture Board 

  • Four pastures with shelter and board fences 
  • Feeding twice a day. 
  • Blanketing for stall horses 
  • Trace mineral block in each pasture 
  • A choice of round bales of excellent coastal hay

Pen Board 

  • Large pens with automatic waterers 
  • Feeding is done twice daily- Nutrena safe choice 
  • Cleaning is done regularly 
  • Horses share a rail with their neighbour 

At an extra charge, they also provide:

  • Vet and farrier services.
  • Trailer storage.
  • Special feed programs.
  • Training and lessons for both horses and students.


  • Horses entering the farm must present negative Coggins papers and health certificates.
  • All breeds are welcome except for stallions 
  • Overnight boarding is available 


Address: 6607 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759, United States

Phone: +1 512-343-6220


Maverick Horseback Riding

When looking for your horse’s forever home, having a place where they custom makes the boarding fit your needs takes precedence.

Maverick Horseback Riding provides a unique opportunity.

Where horses boarding at the farm can run around other horses in the pasture and be horses.

The farm has numerous trails featuring water features, panoramic views, and hills perfect for riding, training, and boarding.

Regarding the facilities, a leveled grass field and a round pen are also available for use. However, you might find yourself spending most days outside on the trails.

Private paddocks, pasture boards, and stalls are available for short-term boarders. For the diet, a high forage, low grain feed is provided, and the horses are dewormed quarterly at no extra charge.

At Maverick Horseback Riding, there is adequate Maintainance and rotation of pastures to reduce the chances of diseases and malnutrition in horses. 

The charges are between $500-$850 per month.


  • The location is disclosed only after the reservation 
  • Horses boarding the facility need to have their west Nile, rabies, and Tetanus vaccinations


Phone: 512-230-8413:


Hunters Chase Farms

Hunter Chase Farms is a family-owned facility. Since its establishment in 1988, they strived to put the fun back into riding through its full-service lesson programs, summer camps, and boarding.

The farm sprawls across 45 acres. Thus, it allows you to get back into the saddle or have some alone time with your horse.

Whether you’re looking for a boarding stable or a training program to get your horse in tip-top shape, you’ll find the facility’s amenities more than enough. 

The facilities include:

  • A giant jumping arena.
  • An open hunter ring along a bridle path.
  • A small covered arena for flat work or lounging.
  • Mini Cross Country Course.
  • Bridle path throughout the 45 acres
  • Tack rooms with lockers 
  • Large round pen
  • Cross ties 
  • Wash rack

Boarding at the facility includes a daily feed of pellets and hay, deworming regularly, daily turnouts with other horses, and free access to hay.

Other available extras include private lessons, supervised farrier, veterinarian care, and blanketing. Boarding charges are $775. 


Address: 4909 Lone Man Mountain Road Wimberley, Texas 78676

Phone: (512) 697 – 9722

Text: 512-785-0120


Monarch Stables 

Ideally located 13 miles from downtown Austin, Monarch Stables provides its guests with 56 acres of equine haven.

From the trails that go through the hills down to Onion Creek to the state of art facilities made explicitly for your horse to prosper, you cannot go wrong with Monarch Stables. 

Horses at the facility enjoy daily turnout services in the outdoor arena or the riding field, a tailor-made training program for show horses, and stalls fitted with memory foam mattresses.

In addition, for hunter and jumper courses, the outdoor and the covered arena are perfect and large enough to minimize the feeling of being on top of each other. 

For the horses, the stables offer barns that come fully equipped with memory foam flooring systems and fans to cool them off during the hotter months.

Additionally, the tack rooms are climate-controlled with on-site laundry.


Address: 14605 Old San Antonio Road Buda, TX 78610

Phone: (512) 651-0484


Tri-Star Farms 

Established in 2003, Tri-Star Farms offers a range of training and boarding options, private and group riding lessons, and summer horse camps. Run by Kathy Ellerbeck, communicating with horses rather than commanding them is their priority. 

Through this instruction, horses can reach their full potential and thrive. The farm has 

  • Lighted jump arenas
  • Trailer parking 
  • Indoor and outdoor wash stalls 
  • A lounge 
  • Climate-controlled tack rooms 

The horses are treated to stalls floored with rubber mats, premium grain, free choice forage twice a day, blanketing during winter, and turnout times in the pasture. Charges are between $575 and $675 per month. 


Address: 6648 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78759, United States

Phone: (512) 956-1662

Weddle Training Stables

Specializing in training Arabian and half Arabians, Weddle Training Stables is headed by Dana Weddle, an experienced horsewoman with over 20 years of experience.

Boarding at Weddle Training Stables includes access to the 135 by 200 lighted arena and the 60′ solid wall round pen, which is excellent for riding.

The staff and owners who are available and on-site provide individual attention to each horse.

They ensure the horses are regularly exercised, feed high-quality hay and grain each morning and afternoon.

Also, have clean (12 by 12) stalls filled with soft pine shavings.

In addition, they provide vaccinations and worming on a consistent schedule, with farrier services also available.


Address: 12416 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Austin, TX 78737, United States

Phone: 512-657-8612,


Madrone Ranch Stables 

One of the things that stands out for Madrone Ranch stables is their location. It’s set in a gated community among rolling hills with spectacular views.

Madrone stables is a full-service facility providing lessons in hunter and jumper, horse sales, lesson leasing, and boarding.

They have created an atmosphere where riders feel safe and comfortable with enough room for all types of riding.

Madrone features top-notch amenities, which include, 

  • An outdoor arena, 
  • The main barn with seven crossties
  • Four wash racks, 
  • Climate-controlled tack room
  • A viewing lounge overlooking the outdoor arena 

When it comes to boarding, you can choose from the 50 stalls. They range from 12 by 12 stalls with large windows to stalls with 60′ runs and 12 by 14 stalls with mattress pads.

No matter the type of boarding option you get:

  • Stall cleaning
  • Feeding of quality grain plus water
  • Turn out six days a week
  • Laundry services
  • Blanket changes in the winter
  • Fans in the summer come complimentary 


Address: 8801 Madrone Ranch Trail Austin, TX 78738

Phone: 512-264-7100


White Fences Equestrian Center 

White Fences Equestrian Center location is in Manor, Texas. For the past 25 years, the center has been all about excellence.

The center provides:

  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Lessons in dressage, hunters, jumpers, and equitation

Set on 51-acre farm minutes away from downtown Austin, White Fences Equestrian puts the love and care for horses at the center of everything. 

In addition, the arena has a cover, and there are round pens and tack rooms. Thus, it’s evident that the safety of both rider and horse is center stage. 

Several boarding options range from pasture stalls to private paddocks, including the following.

  • Premium coastal hay 
  • Bluebonnet grain fed twice daily 
  • Mineral and salt blocks feeding is given as requested 
  • The stalls (12 by 14) are cleaned daily, and shaving is added as needed 
  • Daily turnout 
  • Annual twice-a-year vaccinations, worming, and Coggins


For Stall Boarding 

  • Legacy barn for $775 per month 
  • $950 show barn per month 

Private Paddocks 

  • $760 per month 

Pasture Boarding 

  • $600 per month 


  • Riders and horses in private paddocks are required to be in training 
  • Horses and riders in pasture board should take four lessons per month 


Address: 10908 Jones Rd, Manor, TX 78653

Phone: (512) 865-8281


It can get overwhelming when looking for the perfect Austin home away from home for your horse. However, with our list, we hope you will find your place and get to enjoy and explore Austin for all it has to offer, backwood nature trails and all.