heartland season 14 episodes recap

Heartland Season 14 Episodes Recap

Heartland did premier in 2007, and there was no way to know what a hit it would be. Here is a doing a recap of Heartland season 14 episodes.

It does not only cover topics about loss, friendship, and family. Seeing Amy grow into her own and help all these amazing animals, you can’t help but feel fuzzy inside. Thus, read below if you haven’t watched the new season and are looking for a quick recap.

Keep Me In Your Heart 

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After an explosive end to Season 13, where Ty gets shot, Season 14, Episode 1, picks up with Amy and Ty working on the ranch. However, Ty collapses, and they rush him to the hospital, where he dies. We jump to one year later, and the whole family is struggling with the loss, but Amy struggles the most.

Tim feels that she is getting lost in her grief and wants to help by decoding what she wants to do with the house she and Ty were working on. However, Jack tells him that everyone grieves differently and offers to take her to the fishing cabin.

On the trip, Amy sees Ty throughout, freeing a couple of horses stuck on their first trip to the cabin. Through being there with Jack, we see Amy start her grieving process and agree to host Ty’s memorial, which she had second thoughts about.

Meanwhile, Lou struggles to balance her mayoral duties and her personal life back home, especially introducing a new young environmentalist foe hot on heels. 

Georgie and Quinn visit the ranch for Ty’s memorial. In addition, Georgie reconsiders her dreams of going to the Olympics after a brief competition with a girl that Quinn is coaching. 

The family holds Tys memorial where each of them flashes back to a time with Ty, and the scene ends with Amy telling her dad that she’s not going to finish building their house. 

The Last Goodbye 

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As the episode starts, we officially meet Parker, the smart, fearless step-sister to Jade or the annoying tween as Jade famously calls her. Jade isn’t afraid to tell it as it is, and we see that as she laments to Amy that she’s not a horse person despite her father gifting her horse, Mickey, which she sees as a bribe.

Amy, who hasn’t worked with horses in a while, steps up, even offering her riding lessons but not before understanding why Mickey isn’t up to the task. Together they track down Ibrahim, Mickey’s last “owner” and the reason he’s been so downdraught.

At the ranch, Jack, Tim, Jade, and Quinn all head out to a cattle drive where the men hope to speak to Quinn about taking Georgie to Florida for her training. Jack is unusually mean to Quinn despite losing three cattle on the drive. Tim points out that maybe it’s not that Quinn is there but that Ty isn’t.


Quinn can redeem himself with Jade’s help, and Jack rides down to the river where Ty had an accident during their first drive, and he lays down his cowboy hat in the water.

Meanwhile, at the Hudson mayoral offices, Lou gets scrutinized for repairing a leak in her office. Here it’s suggested that she made renovations instead of repairs, with the COA Rick telling her that she could avoid the whole situation had she consulted him. He further advises her against changing the beef to be used at the Fall Harvest dance.

In the end, both Amy and Jack start the process of grieving. Jack apologizes to Quinn for his behavior. Lou seeing that she can still do some good in Hudson as mayor, pledges to the Canadian Bee research fund and promises to set up a committee to research the use of damaging bee pesticides. On the other hand, Amy wants to go to Florida with Quinn for better facilities for her Olympic training.

Making Amends 

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The episode starts with a visit from an unexpected guest, Lily, Ty’s mother. Although Amy is cold towards her at first, it makes sense considering she hasn’t seen her in over one year, with the latter not attending Ty’s funeral.

However, considering that Lily had been in rehab for that period, you can’t help but understand what she was going through. As the two are talking about a racehorse belonging to Wade, Ty’s stepdad arrives at the ranch where Wade was hoping Amy would work her magic on him and have him racing and winning the money in no time.

Amys is reluctant at first, but she gets him out of the trailer upon hearing the agitated horse. As Amy works on Howler, she discovers that he has post-traumatic stress after seeing another racehorse killed during a race. As Amy is busy with the horse, Lou tries to get Hudson a must-visit trophy from Chad’s popular blogger.

The town manages to secure a spot. However, the Hudson Times frames it as a business venture for her family as her family owns business-related businesses; she feels like a bad sister to Amy for not helping her grief and a bad friend for not dealing with the loss of Ty.

The episode ends with black smoke billowing from the train tracks.

Through The Smoke 

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Episode 4 opens with Lou and Peter trying to mitigate the effects of the explosion, especially after they discover that one of the tankers has chlorine. Lou has to make a difficult decision in which she might come off as the villain; however, Peter reassures her that it is the right choice.

As Lou deals with the explosion, Lily and Amy find themselves trying to save the horses at the rodeo. Despite Lily choking on the smoke after ridingint0tree, they manage to keep all the horses. In addition, they have a heart-to-heart where they promise to be there for each other.

Back at the ranch, Jack goes to the woods to try and find Parker, who had gone to walk Mickey after her fight with the jack. Luckily he finds her, and after some convincing, they get the horses into the trailer and plan their getaway to the Okotoks.

We finish this episode with Lou and Amy mending their relationship. Lou realizes that she hasn’t been there for her sister and she’s let her work get between the two of them but promising to do better, starting with telling her about her engagement to Mitch.


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As the episode starts, Amy tries to find a home for one of the black stallions kicked out of the herd by their new leader. He’s hurt, and Amy knows he won’t survive, considering his old age.

She considers asking a couple of people who could house the horse, and since she was working with one of the horses for Sam, she figures he wouldn’t mind taking care of the horse.

With Amy dealing with her rehoming issues, Lou has an inconvenient ranch guest, Jessica, the woman who got her fired from her job in New York. Although Lou is hesitant to hear her out, she finds out that maybe giving people second chances isn’t such a bad thing.

Jack and Tim hold a celebrity softball match to save the rodeo grounds damaged during the fire as the sisters deal with their issues. They invite a couple of celebrities from the town and divide the teams into two, one led by Sam, a pro athlete who was down on his luck, and one led by Lou and Amy.

They can raise 13000, and they agree to spread the difference of 7000 dollars between Sam and Tim.

The New Normal 

All through season 14, we haven’t seen Amy working with horses as she normally did. However, now that the wilds have a new leader, Caz, more horses keep getting pushed out of the herd.

Jack and Amy decide that rehoming the horses would be best for them; however, Tim suggests doing a two-day clinic. Amy is against it at first, but she’s in with a pep talk from Jack.

At first, it’s hard for her, seeing as people feel sorry for her. That is the last thing she wants. However, she knows how much the horses need her and knows the ‘magical’ power, and the clinic becomes a success.

Just as things settle down, Katie has a hard time after Mitch, and you talk about getting their nuptials ready. Peter discovers that Katie is having a hard time after Ty’s death. She’s scared of losing her father, which is why she’s been acting out. They talk it out, and Peter can also help out Caleb, who’s been out of it as a new parent with Cass working most of the time.

The episode ends with Tim and Jessica having a heart-to-heart, sharing a kiss. So maybe we might be seeing more of her in the next episodes.


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Courage, our favorite family, learns that each of them will have to be courageous for life to continue when it comes to many things. From Amy wanting Lyndy to graduate from riding her pony to riding Ty’s horse to Tim having to learn polo all because he wanted to impress Jessica, this episode is nothing short of perfect.

Lou also deals with her wedding planning process, which she gets a sidetrack from Quinn and Georgie’s visit from Florida.

Lou is worried that Quinn Plans to propose after seeing a ring box. However, the only diamond in there are his cufflinks, and she realizes that she needs to rely on Lisa a lot more when it comes to decisions about the wedding.

This episode dealt more with Lyndy missing her father, but we see her being brave in the end.

Changing Gears 

One of the more beautiful episodes of Heartland, Changing Gears, is aptly named. Caleb visits the ranch with Ty’s old motorcycle in tow. When he saw them and knew Amy would appreciate it, he got it for her.

Amy and Jack get to fixing it up to sell it. However, it stirs more painful memories for Jack and Amy, who decide to keep it. On the other hand, Caleb is also struggling with his career at Tims’s rodeo school.

He goes back and forth after a nasty fall from a bronc. However, after he coaches Jade on the proper riding techniques with Amy, he decides that maybe coaching the new riders is not bad.

Find Me In The Dark 

One of the last episodes, find me in the dark, looks at the different relationships, each having ups and downs. Quinn’s father, Clyde, visits Heartland, where he tells Quinn he needs to step up as a partner in the family business or get cut off and, in the same breath, asks Amy to work for him. Thankfully she declines.

Tim decides to take his relationship with Jessica to the next level by building a dark room that spooks her, and she runs off. Mitch and Lou discuss having a family of their own after Peter spends some time with Lyndy and Katie.

Our favorite eco-friendly vigilante Parker also has some wars of her own, to sell her horse or not, thanks to her mom being back in Toronto and her wanting Parker to be with her. She talks with Amy, who tells her that whatever she decides, her mom wants her to be happy, and thankfully, her happiness lies with the Heartland Ranch.

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Staying The Course 

Although this marked the end of season 14, this is the beginning of a new era for Mitch. You realize that they might not be all that perfect for each other. However, with Jessica and Tim reconciling and maybe traveling the world together. Amy reviving Ty’s old jumping course, the season ended very high, especially for Quinn and Georgie. Their dreams of going to the Olympics materialized when an observer from Equestrian Canada showed up at one of her competitions.

Things seem to be looking up for the Bartlett family.


This season was truly one of a kind; from losing Ty to Amy getting back to helping heal horses, this season is the beginning of something for the main characters and the whole family, and we can’t wait to see what happens in season 15.