Heartland Cast and Characters

Heartland Cast and Characters Season 1 to 14

Heartland premiere on Netflix with all glamour and the horses makes the show as heart-warming as it has always been. The writers and producers cannot go unnoticed for their achievements. But Heartland cast and characters receive all the applause for delivering.

In Canadian history, Heartland stands out as one of the most extended TV shows with a special place for horse lovers. As you would have thought, shows that have many seasons are prone to compromise the quality of the storyline. Well, Heartland’s cult status has proven contrary to the opinion.

This article will serve as a throwback from season one, answering common questions, if not all, about these Heartland’s living legends.

Film Information

Genre: Drama

Runtime: 45

Directors: Chris Potter, Grant Harvey, Dean Bennett

Producers: Tina Grewal

Heartland Cast and Characters

Heartland cast and characters are experienced actors who previously appeared in other TV shows. You will notice how young the cast is in the earlier seasons. But yes, most of them have featured in at least one TV show.

In addition, the Heartland cast has shown to be loyal since most of them have appeared in the show as it counts. Talking about the regular appearances, here are some of the actors featured in the show for more than a decade!

Other core cast and characters include:

  • Alisha Newton
  • Kerry James
  • Jessica Steen
  • Kevin McGarry
  • Alisha Newton

Amber Marshall (Amy Fleming)

Amber Marshall plays the main character Amy Fleming. She is a trainer in Heartland Ranch dealing with horses with difficulties. After losing her mother, Amy realized that the connection with horses was an inherited gift.

Amy and Spartan have a special connection with the horse her mom died rescuing. You will see her throughout the horse, as she turns horse to brave ones, hence the nickname “Miracle Girl.” Amy is wife to Boden and mother to Lyndy.

There is more to Amber Marshall’s life besides acting. She is a Canadian singer and equestrian, owning horses, rabbits, cows, hens, alpaca, dogs, and cats. Marshall’s ranch is 100 acres large, where he lives with his husband and raises her animals.

Marshall is the owner and publisher of Amber Marshal Life & Style. She is also a designer specializing in various products like jewelry.

Graham Wardle (Ty Boden)

Playing as Ty Borden, Graham Wardle serves as the Heartland Ranch’s ranch hand for probation. His mom and abusive stepfather raised Borden. Later, he is in juvenile detention for trying to ‘stop’ his stepfather from domestic violence.

After many years, Boden succeeds in becoming a veterinarian. He and Amy plan to marry, and they together proceed on treating horses with difficulties. In Season 10, they welcome their first daughter Lyndy.

Besides acting, Graham Wardle is a Canadian photographer and filmmaker. Before graduating in Motion Picture and Production, he featured in commercials from Capilano University.

Wardle has also starred in hits like Life as We Know It, The New Addams Family, and Supernatural. He is the author of Find Your Truth and owns Time Has Come, a podcast he hosts himself.

Michelle Morgan (Lou Fleming)

Mitchelle Morgan plays Amy’s sister, Lou Fleming, who relocated to New York after the death of their mother. Later, she starts other businesses, including running Heartland.

In Season 3, Fleming marries her first husband, Peter. They are the parents of Katie and their adopted daughter Georgie.

Morgan is a Canadian writer, producer, director, and actress. She studied Theatre and Classical Literature at the University of Toronto. In addition, Morgan is a wife and a mother of two in real life.

As a director, Morgan has participated in directing three episodes of Hudson, a spin-off series of Heartland.

Shaun Johnston (Jack Barlett)

Shaun Johnston, role name Jack Barlett, is a former rodeo star and grandfather to Lou and Amy. His home is the Heartland ranch, the Barlett’s inheritance property passed on to six generations.

Barlett plays as the show’s heart connecting the family as the older character. He is a man of wise quenching anyone in thirst for hope and is husband to Lisa.

Shaun Johnston is a Canadian actor, director, and singer. He graduated from Red Deer College with a degree in business. He has also co-founded a theatre in Edmonton called the Shadow Theatre.

You wouldn’t have guessed that Jack spends most of his time in a makeup chair before filming. Shaun Johnston is twenty years younger than Heartland’s Jack Barlett, hence the old man mask.

As a writer, Shaun participated in writing and performing some of the show’s background songs: When To Let Go.

Chris Potter (Tim Fleming)

Chris Potter plays the father to Lou and Amy, Tim Fleming. He had left Marion, his mom, competing for the audio. Later after her timely death, he tries to collect himself and reunite with his family.

Tim has involved himself in many projects throughout the series, like operating a rodeo school and participating in horse races. Though he has succeeded in his projects, he has had a series of failed relationships but eventually gets a woman to comfort his heart.

Chris Potter, a Canadian producer, director, and actor, is husband to Karen and father to four. He has directed 23 episodes of the show and The Good Witch.

Gabriel Hogan (Peter Morris)

Gabriel Hogan takes the role of Peter Morris, Lou’s ex-husband, working in the oil industry. He is not one of the favorites, especially Jack, but the family accepts him after some seasons.

Peter hasn’t been around for long with his family. That’s the main reason they quarrel with Lou in almost all seasons. It turned ugly in Season 10 to the point they signed divorce papers. But all is not lost for Peter as he remains connected to his daughter.

Hogan is a Canadian actor married to Inga Cadranel, an actress and a father to one. Growing up with professional actors had him doubt about choosing to take acting as a career. Besides acting, he has a passion for composing songs and playing hockey.

Jessica Amlee (Mallory Wells)

Jessica Amlee, as Mallory Wells, plays a family friend to the Heartland family. She does chores on the ranch and mostly gets involved in family affairs.

In Season 7, Marion relocates to Europe and starts life afresh in London. She later returns in Season 10, where Jack proposes to her.

Amlee is a Canadian actress and has been performing since she was 5. She has starred in Greenhouse Academy, Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story, and Beneath. You will find Amlee listening to music, dancing, or hanging out with friends outside the acting zone.

Alisha Newton (Georgia Fleming Morris)

Alisha Newton takes the character role of Peter’s and Lou’s adopted daughter, Georgie. She is a talented showjumper whose dream is to participate in the Olympics competition.

Georgia is a ten-year-old who escaped from foster care on her way to Heartland. It is the same day we recall Phoenix straying to the ranch. She develops a special connection with the horse and makes it her best friend.

Alisha is an equestrian owning two horses. She also participates in show jumping competitions when not busy. Alisha was raised in the show. And as an experienced horsewoman, she showcases her riding skills in most scenes.

Kerry James (Caleb Odell)

Caleb Odell has appeared a few times in the show as a rodeo cowboy and a ranch hand. He later becomes a coach in Tim’s rodeo.

Caleb and Ashley had a relationship until Season 4. He later married Cassandra, the veterinarian, and born him Carson.

Kerry James, who takes the role of Caleb, is a Canadian producer and actor. He joined Vancouver Film School and landed on the show right after graduating.

Unlike his co-actors, Kerry doesn’t act full-time on the show. He mainly focuses on construction, allowing him enough time to participate in the show.

Jessica Steen (Lisa Stillman)

Jessica Steen plays the owner of Fairfield Stables, Lisa Stillman. She first met Jack when she called Amy to help her with a horse. After a long romantic entanglement, Lisa and Jack got married.

Though Lisa has a part-time appearance on the show, she still captures the show. She has positive intentions and is always there when someone requires her help.

Jessica Steen is a Canadian producer and actress and has appeared in several TV shows like Flashpoint, NCIS, and Armageddon. Besides acting, she is an environmentalist and an advocate for animal rights.

Kevin McGarry (Mitch Cutty)

Kevin McGarry plays Mitch Cutty, a cowboy and businessman that serves Heartland ranch as the ranch hand. After Lou’s divorce, he has some distant romantic approach to her.

Mitch’s and Lou’s relationship has had some uncertainties, probably for their different perspectives. Even after their engagement, their plans didn’t go through. His performance as a stage actor in Shaw Theater and Charlottetown Festival became a kickstart for his career.

Kevin McGarry is a Canadian writer, director, and actor. McGarry has had several appearances in A Song for Christmas and Love at First Bank. In addition, Kevin is active in the When Calls the Heart and Heartland series. He is also the writer and producer of two comedy films.


Are The Heartland Cast And Characters Equestrians In Real Life?

Most of the actors joined the show with little skills in horsemanship. But there are exception characters like Amber Marshall, an experienced horsewoman who owns her horses.

Are Any Of The Actors On Heartland Related?

No. Most of the Heartland actors have their partners in real life. Some have put their relationship in private, while others are available to stock on their social platforms.

What Age Is Heartland Appropriate For?

Well-known sites like Dove and Common Sense Media have approved the show to be appropriate for age 12+. Parent reviews show that the show is a family-friendly show fit for 10-year-olds.


This list will now be easier to predict the actors who returned for Heartland season 15. However, we hope you enjoyed this Heartland cast and characters list. Now that you know their roles in detail, what are they up to in real life? Who was your favorite?