Does Walker Die In Yellowstone 

Why do fans think that Walker will die in Yellowstone? Before he worked at the Yellowstone ranch, Walker was an ex-convict. Read on to see what happened.

If there’s one thing that Taylor Sheridan knows how to do more than writing the perfect scripts, it’s casting the best characters. 

We see Kevin Costner leading the way in Yellowstone. Luke Grimes plays the striking prodigal son of Kayce Dutton.

Kelly Reilley as Beth Dutton, the sarcastic educated lawyer daughter. Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, and Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, the ranch enforcer.

With such a cast, it’s hard not to get invested in the characters and their lives. Yellowstone follows the lives of the Duttons. They own one of the largest contiguous ranches in the United States. However, the ranch is always under constant attack by those who want to take it from them. 

Although the constant back and forths and Beth’s snarky comments towards their enemies make it lighthearted fun, fans of the show know that the fun starts and ends in the Bunkhouse. Here legendary cowboys Colby, Lloyd, Jimmy, Teeter, and Walker are either roughhousing each other or engrossed in your mama jokes.

The appeal of the bunkhouse guys comes from their everyday man roughness while still harboring a pain that they often feel through Walker’s songs.

After Rip offered him a job straight out of prison, he found himself at the Yellowstone. Although we don’t know precisely why he was behind bars, we would like to think that it wasn’t from any serious crime. In addition, seeing his squeamishness toward breaking the law might prove correct. 

Does Walker Die In Yellowstone?

After the events leading up to season 4 happened, all three Duttons were at a corner. It seemed like anything could happen. The attackers focused the attacks on destroying the Dutton Legacy, which meant that the guys in the bunkhouse wouldn’t be left standing. However, they can fend off the attackers, and all seemed to be okay until it wasn’t. 

Close Calls

Walker has had many close calls, from his time in prison, where death is as far as you shut your mouth. And now, being on the Dutton Ranch, he’s a magnet for everything wrong with this world. There are only so many close calls that one cowboy can have.

In season 2, episode 4, Walker is nearly killed by Rip after he becomes an involuntary accomplice to murder(when Jamie killed the reporter). He voices his strong opinions on not wanting to harbor the secret or be an accessory to murder.

Although he understands that the ranch harbors some dark secrets, being a branded man means he is not free to do as he pleases. Walker has been cautious not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The only time we’ve seen him color outside the box was when Rip and Kayce had him cut the brand off another ranch hand. However, this proved that he was still aligned with the Duttons and secured his life.

When persuaded into helping Jamie and Rip dispose of the reporter’s car, he lands in trouble with both men after he disagrees. They both agree a trip to the train station is just what he needs.

The Train Station

He gets his belongings together, seemingly saying goodbye to everyone. However, he is saved by Kayce when Kayce insists he is the one who gives him a ride outside of town, where he chooses not to kill him.

He makes him promise never to show his face around the ranch but still allows him to return when he’s in charge.

After a couple of episodes past, we see him back in the Dutton’s grasp. After a long day out and miles outside the ranch, Lloyd and Rip meet Walker in a bar where he is playing.

Seeing him alive shocked both men, and they kidnapped him, seemingly waiting for the right time to kill him.

In season 4, episode 6, Walker once again has a close call after Llyod stabs him in the chest. Laramie saves him at the last minute. So while Walker doesn’t die in Yellowstone, he certainly has some close calls!

Why Does Llyod Hate him 

The relationship between Llyod and Walker hasn’t been an easy one. They have been through a lot, from Walker mocking the older man to the latter stabbing him in the bunkhouse. However, after a couple of rounds in the “pen,” they seem to be in better shape than before. 

So why does Llyod hate Walker so much?

There are a couple of reasons and some fan theories regarding the animosity between the two men. After Mia (Jimmy’s girlfriend in seasons 3 and 4 ) and Laramie, a barrel racer, are hired by Rip as extra hands for the ranch, Laramie starts liking Llyod.

However, after Walker return from his hiatus, hiding from Rip, Laramie “dumps” Lloyd and goes for Walker. This breakup seems to sour the wound after Walker mocks him when he says he is the boss after the boss.

Bunkhouse Rule

Things turn for the worse in episode 6 of season 4 after they get into a fight at the bunkhouse. However, Rip intervenes, beating Llyod black and blue, using it as a reminder to enforce the no fighting in the bunkhouse rule.

The beating, however, goes over Lloyd’s head after he sees the new couple embracing each other. He follows Walker into the bunkhouse, where he proceeds to smash his prized guitar and stab him in the stomach.

Luckily there’s a vet around, and Laramie skillfully pulls out the knife as the vet arrives to stop the bleeding. Even though their rivalry seemingly stems from Llyod’s jealousy, there are other theories for their feud.

The guys at the bunkhouse pointed out that at the beginning of season 4, Rip said that he too disliked Walker, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Knowing how loyal Llyod is, he might have seen him dealing with Walker as him doing Rip a favor.

Is Ryan Bingham Leaving Yellowstone 

With Yellowstone season 5 expected to start production late in spring, we can’t help but wonder if Ryan Bingham will be reprising his role as Walker. Bingham has brought life to sad-eyed music lover Walker for the past four seasons. After his close call in season 4, we can’t help but wonder whether Taylor is gearing up to kill off another secondary character in the upcoming season.

After Jimmy goes to Texas, it seems that he will follow suit.

Following his many rifts with Rip and his nine lives above, almost running out, the only option left for Walker would be to go to Texas. Here he could focus on his music and step away from the Duttons for a while without disappearing forever. 

The Four Sixes Ranch, a new sequel to the Yellowstone, is also in the works, and there were talks of Jefferson White and Ryan Bingham moving. However, it’s also possible that he might be splitting his time between Montana and Texas just as Jimmy did in the prior season.

However, when talking to the press, he confirmed that he got the call recently confirming that the show would start back up. We cannot wait to see what’s in store for him.

Although all the details of his season 5 appearances are under wraps, one thing is sure. We can expect more of Taylor Sheridan’s electrifying writing and Bingham’s stellar performance.

Is Forrie J Smith A Real Cowboy

Having grown up in Hobbs, New Mexico, Bingham grew up ranching and working in the oil fields with his family. From an early age, he got used to the cowboy lifestyle, which proved helpful for the country singer turned actor. In addition, his skills in the rodeo and riding bulls were what got Taylor Sheridan interested in writing a part for him in Yellowstone. 

Although he started with a small talking part, the star would soon become an integral part of Yellowstone.

His Music Career 

In addition to his work on Yellowstone, Ryan Bingham is also a successful musician. Taylor Sheridan first got interested in working with him through his music. He pointed out that when he was writing Wind River, he listened to Binghams Hallelujah.

Through that, he asked the singer if he wanted to write any songs for Yellowstone. Before he was singing to Beth Dutton, Bingham was belting out tunes about life’s hardships.

He released his first album in 2007 and has since put out five more, with his most recent one coming out in 2017. In 2010, he even won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for The Weary Kind, featured in the film Crazy Heart.

He also sings his songs on the show, with the most recent rendition of his song Wolves, a song written for the school shooting survivors who bore the brunt of school bullies. He’s also known to grab his guitar when the cameras arent rolling and bring to life a concert in the bunkhouse.


Bingham’s work as Walker is some of the best on the show, and we aren’t ready to see him go just yet. In addition, he does a fantastic job of portraying Walker, and we are so happy that he has been brought back for season 5.

We are excited to see what the future holds for his character. It will also be nice to see how their relationship with the Duttons develops and whether he starts caring for the ranch as much as Rip.