Does Tim Die on Heartland

Does Tim Die In Heartland TV Show?

Heartland Season 11 reveals the brain tumor Tim Fleming is suffering from. The probability that Tim will die in the Heartland TV show was a scary hit for the fans. 

The saddest announcements Heartland fans hate hearing is one of the Heartland casts leaving the show. When Tim Fleming is mentioned, all that comes to mind is the worse days of his illness.

Talking about Tim’s death, it was a time we expected the worst again. But this time, it was not a misconception – the end of Ty Borden. After Ty’s death in season 14, Tim stays on Amy’s side to try to make her overcome the pain. 

This article will cover everything you need to know, from Tim’s postulated death to his future in the Heartland TV Show.

Will Tim Die?

Before Season 15 was out, there were widespread speculations that Ty was planning on quitting the TV show.

Rumors had it that he resided quite far from the shooting place and wanted more of his family time. 

It was apparent to predict Tim’s death after the illness. The good news is that Tim does not die in the show.

Suppose he does quit; it’s up to the producers to announce it. Meanwhile, let’s hope for the characters to stay in the show. 

What Happens To Tim On Heartland?

Finally, Season 11 last episode turned the plot to Tim and his worsening health. Contrary to our expectations, we see Tim accepting the brain tumor.

Episode 9 opens with Tim driving to the hospital for a test. There was no good news! Tim had a few weeks with cancer.

If nothing changes, he will have to undergo an operation. That means no option for Tim but to decide on the next move as soon as possible. 

The tumor was a secret but not to Jack, who knew the symptoms. Everyone thought Tim to be a moody one, leaving him battling cancer independently. 

We see Tim taking Jade to college to learn rodeo stars. It was one way of dealing with the illness so that in case the worst was to come, Jade would be in a better position to move on with life.

Next, we see Tim and Amy moving to Mongolia. There’s no doubt he wanted to have more time with her. Chances to lack it was high. 

Finally, Tim calls it quits with Casey. Yes, it’s another way he tried to move on with the shadow. If he decided to keep on with Casey, he would have to leave her with the loss pains of losing a loved one. Remember, Casey had just lost her brother. 

It was heartbreaking to watch the heartbreak, especially since Casey didn’t know what was happening.

All we can hope for in the future episodes is to see Tim gather his confidence and let everyone know about the illness.

Who Does Tim Fleming End Up With?

Tim has had a series of love affairs; Janice Wayne, the ex-fiancé, ex-girlfriends Casey McMurtry and Callie Philips. Marion Fleming, the ex-wife, and now the wife, Jessica Cook. 

We first meet Janice Wayne in the fourth season, where she joins Tim’s Lightning Dexter as the racehorse. Next, Tim introduces Janice to Jack, Amy, and Lou for approval.

However, Janice isn’t happy about making the relationship public. Dating the boss could be a bad reputation for Janice. 

In another episode, Janice joins Dan Hartfield’s racehorse competing team. While she saw it as an opportunity to boost her career, Tim was afraid she would get closer to Dan as they did in past years. 

Tim had an ongoing joint custody case, so he engaged with Janice to make it stronger. After Janice finds out about it, they end their relationship.

Casey McMurtry is another of Tims’ love interests. She is a professional barrel dancer and an inspiration to Tim for starting a rodeo school. 

Break up

Before moving to Mongolia with Amy, Tim tells Casey that she needs space. Thus, they break up. After their return, Casey confronts him about the sudden break-up.

But Tim fakes a lie and tells her he doesn’t want to continue. Later, he tells Casey of the tumor and that he didn’t want to let her suffer the pain of losing his husband to cancer as she did before. Caseys’ late husband died of cancer. 

Callie Philips and Tim Fleming’s relationship was relatively brief. It was Jack who introduced Callie to Tim but in business terms. After exchanging numbers and having a few calls, they get so close. 

Tim’s family knew the two were dating when Casey looked after him after being shot. However, Tim keeping the relationship a secret upsets Callie and is probably the source of their break-up. 

In the early ’80s, Tim and Jack’s daughter, Marion Fleming, got married. They are the parents of Lou Fleming and Amy Fleming. 

Tim’s Accident

After Tim gets into an accident, he starts taking pills and sometimes gets drunk. This behavior upsets Jack to the extent he throws Tim out of the house for the family’s sake.

Contrary to Jack’s expectations, he never returned to his family until a decade later. While Tim was away, she took care of the ranch and wrote many journals about horses as she taught Amy the same.

Though Tim left Marion by herself for the longest time, she still held him, dear. She confessed her love for Tim when Victor started getting close. 

Marion died in a car accident, saving Spartan and Amy. After her death, Tim was reluctant to remarry until the fifteenth season.

But Tim wasn’t comfortable with the whole Marion and Victor scenario even during the memorial. Victor admitted that he wanted to be more than a friend to Marion, but Marion only loved Tim. 

The fifth episode of the last season finally reveals Tim’s love of life; let’s say the last of Tim’s love journey. Tim and Jessica had a colorful wedding as witnesses with family and old friends. 

However, the new couple still had hurdles in their relationship before the wedding. Tim had thrown a party for the marriage celebration.

Jessica was hesitant about the idea, but Jack convinced her until she agreed. After all, the writers wanted to end the journey somehow. 

Does Tim Fleming Return For Season 16?

We can expect the main Heartland cast to be back for the 16th season, Tim Fleming being one of them. He has a bright future judging from season 15, at least when not counting the tumor. There is no news on the show writing out the character.

Who Is Tim Fleming? 

Tim Fleming has proved to be one of the characters that make the heart of the Heartland TV show. Chris Potter does more than play Tim’s role.

He is a director and has contributed to writing, directing, and producing the series. We all know that being in both camera fonts is not easy as writing and reading it out. 

Chris Potter as a Film & TV Industry Veteran

Chris Potter became a television personality as early as the early 80s. He was first a commercial spokesman before he started acting in Material World, which was his first gig from CBC. 

In addition, Chris Potter got another role in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues as Det. Peter Caine. David Carradine acted alongside Chris, who was also his former mentee. 

We can conclude that Chris is skillful in irritable roles. He’s famous for appearances on prime-time shows such as ‘Pacifier,’ ‘The Good Witch,’ ‘Queer a Folk,’ and ‘X-Men.’

In addition, Chris has played lead roles in eight TV series, ten feature films, 20 movies, and more than 450 episodes. 

Chris Potter as an Award-Winning Actor

Chris Potter is one of the hardworking in the film industry. So, the first Best Actor award for the Red Glare at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival was no surprise.

He also won a Gemini nomination with recognition for Best Performance. In addition, he had a role in Sex Traffic as Tom Horsburgh. 

Chris Potter as a Talented Director and Producer

Potter has directed some TV Shows in which he acted, like ‘Silk Stalkings,’ ‘Heartland,’ and ‘The Good Witch.’ As for the latter, he co-produced for some time and then focused entirely on Heartland. 

Besides, Chris has also written and produced some of the Heartland episodes. All the work, including fitting the CBC budget, dealing with the animals, underage actors, weather, and availability, cannot go unnoticed. 

Chris Potter’s Passion

Judging from the devoted acting life of Chris Potter, you could have well guessed that he has a deep passion for acting.

The contrary is true. His father was a footballer, which made his sports ambitions high. Baseball, football, and hockey were his best games back in school. He even aspired to be a professional athlete once he was of age. 

Chris was also a music enthusiast. He even dropped out of college to focus on music. Later, he started acting in theaters, where he realized his passion. Choosing acting as a career came later in life. 

Chris Potter’s Take On Tim Fleming

Did you know that Chris Potter initially declined to play on Heartland as Tim Fleming? When CBC approached him, he didn’t accept the offer at first, probably because his agent was expecting a leading role. 

But seeing how devoted and loyal Potter has shown throughout the show means he has grown overly enthusiastic about the character. 


In conclusion to Tim Flemming’s death on Heartland TV Show, there is no news on his departure. Concerning Chris’s many contributions to the show, he’s yet to leave us.