Does Spartan Die In Heartland TV Show

Does Spartan Die In Heartland TV Show?

There is Spartan, the series’ favorite and oldest horse. Talking about the horses, now the big question; does Spartan die in the Heartland TV show?

Well, there are tons of heartbreaking speculations about that. The good news is that we have the answer to the rumors. 

The Canadian Heartland TV Show has offered its fans tons to keep them tuned for all those seasons. First, who wouldn’t love the storyline of the two sisters, Amy and Lou, that spend most of their lives in the Heartland TV Show?

The other cast members are amazing too! They have shown commitment to delivering the story for almost two decades. 

Secondly, the Heartland landscape is more of a dreamland. The admirable water lands, the spectacular mountains, and the green forests are undoubtedly breathtaking sceneries. 

Lastly, the show revolves around the ranch animals, especially the horses. We can’t ignore the fact that they are admirable creatures. 

Who Is Spartan In Heartland?

Spartan is the horse of the show’s main character, Amy Fleming. Stormy is his real name and has been in the show for more than 14 years. He was there at the show’s beginning, just like its owner. 

Before Spartan joined Heartland TV Show, he had not ventured into the acting world. However, he has nailed it in his roles and kept the fans more glued.

It was not surprising when Amy Fleming, played by Amber Marshall, remarked, “He immediately fit right in and has learned so much about being a movie horse throughout the show.”

Spartan started his first role in the show as young as five. According to the directors and the show’s cast members, he was eager for attention and friendly to everyone.

He’s also praised for his intelligence, fun, and love the life in front of the camera. In Heartland’s first episode, you will see Amy and her mother saving Spartan from the hands of his brutal owner.

Unfortunately, Amy’s mom is involved in an accident and dies on their way home. Amy doesn’t give up on her mother’s legacy but carries it on. 

After the rescue, Spartan has grown to be so important to Amy. They became the best of buddies and so invincible. Every time Amy would need a horse for liberty performance or show jumping, it was always Spartan. 

Lucky for Spartan, Amy had inherited her special healing powers from her mother. So she could heal all the troubled horses on the ranch, including Spartan. 

Basics About The Cutie

  • Owner: Amy Fleming
  • Age: Around 20 years
  • Gender: Gelding
  • Breed: Quarter Horse
  • Color: Black
  • Eyes: Dark Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Occupation: Retired jumper
  • Favorites: jumping, carrots
  • Friend: Copper
  • First show appearance: Season 1 Episode 1 “Coming Home.”

How Did Amy Get Spartan Back In Heartland?

We encounter the mysterious disappearance of Spartan in Episode 16 of Season 2, “The Ties That Bind.” Amy felt uneasy while on one of her rides with Spartan.

Fearing that someone is following them, she hurriedly returns her horse to the ban. Ty tried to convince Amy to let him take the horse for a ride, which she still refused. 

Later in the night, we see an intruder taking Spartan from the barn. Ty and Amy desperately looked for Spartan everywhere, especially in the auctions, but to no avail.

They stopped at nothing until they finally found Spartan with Wes. He had bought it for $1800 in an auction. 

As we would expect, Wes was unwilling to give up the horse. He demanded a bill of sale, which neither Amy nor Ty had. Amy couldn’t prove Spartan was stolen from her.

Their hands were completely tied. They even tried stealing the horse from Wes’ barn, but it became disastrous. 

After a little conversation with Jack and Tim, with some threats and beatings (Wes was quite hardheaded about this, he even refused to be paid three times Spartan’s price), Wes agreed to give up Spartan to his rightful owner. 

Does Ty Go To Jail For Spartan?

Amy and Ty came up with desperate measures after finding Spartan Wes. He was the same man who had burnt the Heartland ranch down.

They tried sneaking into the barn to get the horse out, but he spooked and resisted them. The couple tried the second time, this time without flashlights.

They got him, but the door of the barn was closed. So Amy finds a way to unlock the door, and Ty is arrested. Ty was sentenced to do community service for 200 hours while Amy was grounded. 

What Happened To Spartan’s Leg?

In Season 6, there is a jumping competition with Lou as its host. In the show, we see Georgie riding Phoenix and Mallory riding Spartan.

When it was finally Mallory’s round, Spartan got an accident landing, leaving him with an injured left leg. 

Amy and Mallory can’t stop taking the blame on themselves, though it was purely nobody’s fault. In episode 13, Amy finds herself dilemma between letting Spartan get surgery or letting him down.

She had to choose the former since her mother died saving him too. Jack and Tim are left with a vet bill to clear. 

What Happened To Spartan In Season 13?

Spartan is the show’s veteran, given that he joined the show in the very beginning as a young horse. But season 13 reminds us that the young Spartan was the image more than a decade ago. Spartan’s old age is threatening his stay in Heartland. 

Spartan’s old age proves to be hit hard when he injures himself with just a simple jump. This injury leaves Amy in a tough situation about her favorite horse.

We see Spartan still recovering from the same injury in episode 9. Since Amy needed a horse to ride, Georgie advised her to buy Atlas. 

Amy had already met with Atlas when Lisa brought him over to the ranch. At first, she wasn’t willing to replace Spartan, but she was convinced, seeing how he suffered from injuries and old age. However, contrary to Georgie’s suggestions, she purchased a wild colt. 

Does Spartan Die?

In season 13 perspective, we can confirm Spartan is getting old but does not die. Amy allows him to retire and replaces him with another horse to do the heavy tasks.

Besides the injuries, Spartan has arthritis, which means he doesn’t fit for long rides and tiresome tasks. 

In Season 14, we meet Ty’s old horse, Harley. She rides on him as the main horse and sparingly on Spartan as she tames the wild colt. 

So, Spartan does not die. He is only enjoying living on the ranch as the old horse. However, we should expect fewer appearances in the future.

Though we missed the good old days when Spartan and Amy were the best buddies, we must accept the natural life cycle. 

Is Spartan Amy’s Horse In Real Life?

Heartland fans can vouch for Amy Fleming to be the best horse whisperer in the Heartland TV show. She deals with troubled horses and bonding with difficult or neglected horses.

She gained the special gift from her deceased mother, a role that has made her famous throughout the entire series. 

But what many people don’t know, Amy Fleming, played by Amber Marshall, is a real equestrian and trainer. Interestingly, her ranch is located a few miles from the filming location.

She has kept two beautiful Miniatures and four Quarter Horses on the ranch. You would love to know them:

  • Cash – Quarter Horse buckskin
  • Nitro – Quarter Horse Gelding
  • Hawk – Quarter Horse (he somehow resembles Spartan)
  • Cinch – Bay Quarter Horse
  • Talon – Miniature horse (he plays Monty in the Heartland TV Show)
  • Screech – Miniature horse (Talons’ best friend)

The Other Animals

There are many other animals that Amber Marshal has on her ranch. As you can see, Stormy, playing Spartan, is not on the list because Amber Marshal is not the real owner of Spartan.

She is only the movie horse, and Amber has known him as long as Amy has. It’s still hard to believe, considering the convincing bond between the two. 

So who is Spartan’s owner? John Scott is not only the owner of Spartan but all the main horses in the show. He’s also the head of the series wranglers.

John is not a new name in the film industry, as he has worked as a wrangler and stunt coordinator for years. He has also participated in The Revenant, The Lord of the Rings, and other major productions. 

As the owner of John Scott Productions Company, John supplies trained animals, filming locations, and props.

He has a ranch in Alberta, popularly known as Long View ranch, where he has kept 160 movie horses, including Stormy. 

How Many Horses Have Played Spartan On Heartland?

Spartan is great at jumping competitions, taking the first position most of the time. That calls for an energetic and healthy horse, always ready for athletics.

Stormy has fit the role well since he joined the Heartland family on the first day. He had many things going on around him, which was surprising that he caught up while still enjoying it. 

Unfortunately, Stormy is getting young no more. Besides, arthritis will be a disadvantage for athletic and liberty scenes. So it wasn’t surprising replacing Stormy. It’s normal in the film industry – multiple horses for main characters. 

The directors decided to bring in double stunts to keep Stormy’s spirit burning. These included Rocky, Stetson, Zyada, and Sunny.

However, no horse could match Stormy’s skills and behavior. For instance, they could get bored faster. Anyone could have noted that Spartan was switched. 

While John Scott is the owner of the main horses in the show, Niki Flundra owns Zyada and Sunny. They mainly appear in Season 5, mostly in the liberty scenes. Zyada, also called Zee, is a seven-year-old Quarter Horse, while Sunny is an eleven-year-old paint. 

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, Spartan doesn’t die in the show. However, he is aging and battling arthritis. That means there is a high chance of his image diminishing from the show. But the show still keeps him, letting him play scenes with soft spots. Plus, Amy rides him sparingly to try to keep it flawless.