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Does Scott Die In Heartland?

For all existing Heartland fans, Scott Cardinal is no new name. If the mention takes you back to the good old days, you are not alone. Scott has been dear in our hearts, and his plane crash left viewers wondering does Scott die in Heartland.

Played by Nathaniel Arcand, Scott Cardinal is a recurring character that has always been an eye-popping confection among viewers. He appeared regularly in the early seasons, courtesy of Lou’s relationship. But his appearance grows lesser every season and has remained a reminder of the early Heartland. 

This article will take a trip to the life of Scott Cardinal in Heartland and learn if he made it for season 15. 

Who Is Scott In Heartland?

Scott is a veterinarian in Heartland ranch, having a close friendship with the Bartlett and Fleming family. He shares a long history with the family, especially having a somehow direct line from Marion. 

As a teenager, Scott had a big crush on Lou. When he came back from New York to console Lou for her mother’s death, he realized that they both fell in love with each other. However, they broke up after a while.

Eye Of The Wolf: Did Scott Die?

Regardless of the tragic plane crash in the middle of season 3 that almost snatched Scott’s life, Scott is still in Heartland. In the 10th episode, “Eye Of The Wolf,” Ty accompanies Scott in his mission to save harmed wild horses, which was Ty’s last day of being his assistant, and he was determined that the trip would honor that. 

Luckily they managed to save a wild shot horse, and they left it standing on its feet. But on their way back, the worst happened. The plane crashed in the middle of a forest, which they knew nothing about. Ty survived with minor injuries, but Scott had a metal deep in his legs. 

Nights passed, with Ty having to survive the wolf howls and Scott fighting for his life. The place was so remote that it was hard for the search party in Heartland to trace them, leaving Amy freaking worried. 

When Scott realizes that the metal is consuming his flesh slowly, he has Ty help him remove it. Since they were in a forest with no first aid kit available, Scott had to bear the pain, but not for long. He knew the pain was going to make him pass out. 

And as everyone does on their ‘deathbed,’ Scott asks to be forgiven by Ty for his past mistakes. He also advised Ty to be true to his love for Amy so that he could make the same mistake as him. Scott could still be with Lou if he hadn’t let her slip away. It was a good bonding time for Ty and Scott, but Scott couldn’t hold any longer. 

Fortunately, Amy, Lou, and Peter managed to find them the next day and airlifted Scott to the nearby hospital. Scott survived and returned to Heartland. 

Heartland Has Cast Scott Since The Beginning

Since it was first filmed, Heartland has cast many actors, and Scott Cardinal was cast in the show from the first day. It’s also the longest-running character Nathaniel Arcand has ever played in his acting career. He has appeared consistently from the 1st season to the 14th. That said, we see more of his character until season 10. After all, Ty is now handling the ranch’s vet duties. 

Scott has a deep connection with the Fleming and Bartlett family. Marion Fleming, Lou’s and Amy’s mother, found Scott in the streets and rescued him. Unfortunately, Marion died in the first episode and didn’t live to see him earning as a ranch hand and successfully becoming a veterinarian. 

In the Heartland happy family moments, it saw Lou and Scott in a romantic affair. Lou joining University made them split up, however. When Lou returned to Heartland from New York, they resurfaced their brief relationship, but only for a few episodes. Meanwhile, he was a successful veterinarian and became a mentor to the new family members.

Did Scott And Lou Marry?

Scott and Lou were great friends since they were kids and supported each other even as adults. They joined the same high school and dated from when they were teens to adults. 

Despite the deep connection, they never tied the knot. Lou even proposed to Scott in season 2, but he proposed for a break instead. However, Scott lives regretting his move throughout the show. At one time during the plane crash, he confessed to Ty that it was the biggest mistake he had ever made. 

Fans, and the actor himself, rooted for Scott to end up with Lou, but they had to work with the writer’s sidelines. 

Who Did Scott Marry On Heartland?

Scotts’ love interest is not yet clear in the show. After Scott breaks up with Lou in the 2nd season, the vet’s love life is kept a low profile. We see Scott flirting with April in season 5, but nothing happens between them. 

Scott and Lou kissed during the reunion in season 11, showing Scott wasn’t yet married. If Scott married, the show would have to create a whole episode for the plot, considering Lou’s proposal in season 2. 

Scott has been in Heartland for a long time, and viewers are eager to see who he ends up with. 

Is Scott Leaving Heartland?

Though Nathaniel Arcand has been in the filming industry for three decades, Scott has been his longest-running character. He played as the Heartland ranch vet, becoming an important part in the early seasons. 

But Ty has enhanced his vet skills. Thus Scotts’ help in Heartland is not as crucial. His diminishing character started becoming real after season 11. Especially in season 14, he didn’t appear at all. Now that Ty is dead, we hope the character will rekindle in future episodes. 

Is Nathaniel Arcand Married In Real Life?

Arcand is a happily married man in real life. He shares a son, Griffin Powell Archand, with his first wife, Shar Arcand, but they got separated. After several years of dating, Nathaniel had a private wedding in December 2016, where he tied the knot with Jolene Arcand. They are parents to Jaden Arcand, Griffen Arcand, and Trisha Arcand. 

The couple has kept their married life a low profile. They are active on their social media, often sharing romantic pictures. In that perspective, Nathaniel and Jolene Arcand are leading a happy marriage. 

Nathaniel’s Passion For Acting

Like most veterans in the industry, Nathaniel started acting when he was young. Since he was a kid, his role model has been Bruce Lee, and he has grown to admire to be like him in the future. 

At 15 years of age, Nathaniel was already taking drama lessons and performing in theaters. Four years later, he began taking character roles to build his portfolio in the industry. He started with local filmmakers until he got a role in “North of 60”. In this CBC series, Nathaniel’s talent started taking off. 

In the mid-90s, Nathaniel started taking roles in hit shows as a guest appearance. Some of the films include Due South, Caitlin’s Way, and Jeremiah. His breakthrough started taking another turn when he acted alongside Nicholas Campbell, Luke Perry, and other Hollywood royalty. 

Other Films On Nathaniel’s Credit

“North of 60” was Nathaniel’s first big role, and he later landed a regular role in Blackstone TV Show. He has had other major roles in “Frontier,” “FBI: Most Wanted” and “Heartland.”

Nathaniel Arcand became popular on the big screens after appearing in “Grey Owl” as Ned White Bear. As a result, he got notable roles like in “American Outlaws,” “Pathfinder,” and “The Lone Ranger,” which have grown to be his favorite. 

There are many other films to his credit. Though Nathaniel has grown to be a big name in the industry featuring people in the First Nations, he prefers getting fewer aboriginal characters. 

Nathaniel Arcand’s Career

Naturally, Nathaniel’s passion for acting has made him active in his filming career. With four nominations and two awards in hand, his future in the filming industry is further promised. 

Nathaniel is so talented, and it turns out that he’s not only an expert in acting. He is also a director and producer, which he has experimented with in past stunts and recently in APTN TV Show as the director. . He also has his movie, “Sister, Daughter” as its producer and writer. 

Nathaniel Arcand And His Equine Life

Not everyone in Heartland came on board with horse experience, but Nathaniel is one of few. Thanks to his father, he was exposed to horsemanship when young, whose family has had horses for generations. It explains why Scott, the vet in Heartland, has so much love for horses. He would have thrived as a vet practitioner if he focused on vet school rather than acting. 

His passion for horses is why Nathaniel has been cast in Heartland. His character doesn’t allow him to ride horses regularly, but at least he takes care of them, which is Nathaniel’s favorite thing about the show. 

For this reason, Nathaniel has landed in many films related to horses like “American Outlaws,” “Caitlin’s Way,” and “Longmire.” For Nathaniel, any opportunity that concerns him exploring his passion for horses and acting, he doesn’t give second thoughts. 

Final Thoughts

Nathaniel Arcand’s work as Scott Cardinal is the best in Heartland. The show isn’t ready to completely cut off the character, especially now that the ranch’s young vet, Ty Borden, is dead. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Scott. It will also be exciting to see who Scott will end up with and whether he takes care of the ranch as he did in the earlier seasons.