Does Monica Die In Yellowstone

As we close in on the season 4 finale, fans are starting to wonder will Monica die in Yellowstone. Will one of our fan-favorite characters meet their end in the upcoming season?

We have known and loved the Dutton family throughout four seasons. Whether you’re a fan of the show or this is your first time hearing about it, one thing is sure Yellowstone is addictive. 

The Duttons are a powerful family that owns the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. However, it’s under constant attack by those wishing to take it from them. The family patriarch is John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, and his children include Beth, Rip, Jamie, and Kayce. 

From John’s cut-throat sense of justice in protecting what he believes to be his, the Yellowstone Ranch, to Beth skillfully and lethally taking out their enemies, Yellowstone gives us some of the most badass characters on television. 

Playing by Kelsey Asbille, Monica Dutton is one of the main characters in Yellowstone’s hit tv show. Monica not only portrays Kayce’s wife. She is also a professor and a Broken Rock Native American tribe member. 

Beth almost died because of an epidural hematoma. In addition, the invasion on the ranch feels as if there’s a dark cloud following her around.

SPOILER ALERT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE NOT SEEN UP TO THE END OF SEASON 4 – Do not read any further if you do not want to know what happens next.

Season 3 And 4 Recap 

Season 3 geared up to leave fans in mental panic and distress.

Kayce had been attacked at his office by masked gunmen who sent him flying over his desk for cover.

Beth was supposedly blown to smithereens after an unmarked box was delivered to her office. In addition, John had been left for dead after being gunned down on the side of the road.

Kelsey Asbilles (Monica Dutton) was also not in the clear as she was fighting off an attacker who had invaded the Dutton home.

It seemed like one of the members would meet their end at the start of season 4.

However, in episode 1, season 4, we soon learn Monica and Tate can escape. After Tate shows up at the last second with a shotgun in hand, killing the intruder, they flee to the bunkhouse.

At the bunkhouse, Colby and the rest of the boys are finishing off the rest of the attackers. All seems to be well with Kayce, John, and Beth, with a few scars on Beth’s back as proof of what happened to them last season.

Although everything is upended in season 3 after the coordinated attacks, the Duttons emerge stronger as ever with a new lease on life; to find those responsible.

Why Is Her Character So Important

  • She is the voice of reason and the most forgiving when it comes to the Duttons. It’s not every day that the Dutton name is seen as compassionate. However, Monica can do just that.
  • She serves as the mediator between John and Chief Rainwater. Even though Monica hasn’t been any reason to arbitrate or come between the two men, having her there serves a purpose. She shows that the two worlds can co-exist without one destroying the other. 
  • She is a great mom. In season 2, when she feels the Yellowstone is not safe for her and Tate. She moves out to make sure that her son is thriving. When speaking to the press, she also revealed that one of the essential things for Monica is to be a great mother. Even though some fans might disagree after what happened in season 4, episode 1, she makes sure that Tate is interested and that safety is her priority by moving back to the reservation for healing and reconnection.
  • She is morally sound and always puts her family first, even if it means she might ruffle a few feathers.

In season 2, after she gets accused of stealing at a boutique. Beth comes to her rescue, where she criticizes the owner, and if it were not for Monica, things could’ve escalated more.

So, Does Monica Die In Yellowstone? 

Monica has had some pretty extreme scenarios throughout the season. however, these are some of the more extreme ones 

In season 2, when she’s in the middle of breaking up a fight between two teenagers at the school, she works.

Monica gets (clobbered) hit in the head where it’s discovered that she suffered a subdural hematoma, leading to her needing brain surgery.

In season 3, after Chief Rainwater laments over the attacks and deaths of the women living on the reservation, Monica offers herself to serve as bait to catch the serial killer and rapist.

Even though this plan succeeds in the end, a lot could’ve gone wrong and led to her demise.

In the season 4 opening episode, Monica can be seen running away after the attackers gain entry to the ranch. However, one of them gains the upper hand on her and almost kills her before Tate intervenes.

Does It Happen?

At this point, it’s impossible to say for sure what will happen. While nothing has been confirmed by either the cast or crew, a few theories floating around could indicate that Monica may not make it to the end of the series. 

One theory is that Monica will be killed to fuel Kayce’s revenge plot against his enemies. This theory makes sense, as Monica’s death would be the perfect motivator for Kayce to go on a rampage and take down anyone who gets in his way. 

Another theory is that Monica will die in childbirth, a tragic turn of events. However, it would also allow Kayce to step up and be the best father figure (not saying he’s not a saint) to both Tate and the newborn child. 

Of course, there’s also a chance that Monica will make it to the end of the series alive and healthy. After all, she is a fan-favorite character, and it would be a shame to see her go. 

Only time will tell what happens to Monica. However, Yellowstone fans will be keeping a close eye on her storyline in the upcoming seasons.

Is Kelsey Asbille A Real Gowgirl? 

Despite playing one on TV, Kelsey Asbille is not a real cowgirl. Having grown up in South Carolina, being involved in the western lifestyle isn’t something she has been exposed to.

However, she does enjoy being out in nature. One of her favorite moments filming season 4 was when she was shooting Monica’s scenes where she rides horses with Rip.

Is Kelsey Asbille Leaving Yellowstone? 

As of now, there’s no confirmation that Kelsey Asbille is leaving Yellowstone. However, fans were concerned about her possibly leaving Yellowstone after she had signed on to co-star in Gaslight, the Miles Joris-Peyrafitte created murder mystery TV show.

Production has already wrapped up on the show, and unless Klesley Asbille decides to leave Yellowstone for a different reason, she is still signed on as a Yellowstone regular.

Only time will tell if Kelsey Asbille decides to leave Yellowstone. For now, fans can enjoy watching her on the show.

What’s In Store For Monica In Season 5 

After the explosive end to season 4 for Monica and Kayce, their story goes a couple of ways. Monica is no stranger to leaving the Dutton for the sake of both her and Tate.

And now that she is pregnant, she might feel much more inclined to protect her kids even though she loves Kayce. Seeing Tate connect with John is something she wants, which might be the last straw for her.

Things might become too complicated for Monica at the ranch with Avery back. In addition, she might want to raise her kids away from all the drama.

We see her jealousy streak in season 2 when Avery and Kayce talk. Kayce saw her in his vision. She might go off the rails if Kayce lets her in on the vision.

Kayce’s vision might also play a role in how her character moves forward.

From the moment Kayce talked to her about what his vision meant, “the end of us,” it becomes a high possibility that Monica and Kayce might go their separate ways.

Kayce might choose to stay in Yellowstone with his father and siblings. He may also choose Tate and Monica, thereby abandoning his family, leading to the end of the Dutton legacy. 

Monica might want to permanently move out of the ranch, and Kayce might see that as abandoning his family.


So, does Monica die in Yellowstone? As of now, there is no confirmation one way or another. However, with the few theories floating around about what could happen to her character and Kelsey Asbilles’s hope for a better future where Monica and Kayce make it work.

In addition, we can’t help but hope that she will make it another season. Only time will tell what happens to Monica, but one thing is for sure: we will be keeping a close eye on her storyline in the upcoming seasons.