Does Lloyd Die In Yellowstone 

Should you be wondering if Lloyd Pierce will Die in the TV show Yellowstone? Lloyd’s wisdom and hard work, the farm would have fallen to the Beck brothers even before Market Equities had a run at it.

A few shows on TV properly mesh together cowboy life, its highs and lows, and family drama well the way that Yellowstone does it.  

Yellowstone follows the lives of the Duttons, an influential ranching family in Montana who own the largest contiguous ranch in the United States. The patriarch of the family is John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. 

He’s a powerful man who stands behind every one of his threats. Even though his cave-shattering voice and his kids are always there to aide him, the guys at the Bunkhouse and Rip enforce his strength as someone you don’t want to mess around with.

The show does a fantastic job of depicting what it’s like to live and work on a ranch. In addition, it incorporates many modern-day issues and does a tremendous job of showing the men behind the men.

Who Is Lloyd Pierce 

One of the best characters on the show is Lloyd Pierce. We are first introduced to him in season 1 as a horse wrangler. Even though he doesn’t have a solid line until season 2, he quickly becomes a fan favorite when we find out about his brand.

Lloyd Pierce, played by Forrie J Smith, is one of the oldest ranchhands on the Yellowstone. Even though we know very little about him, you can’t help but love his character.

He’s a tough, strong-willed, and opinionated cowboy who doesnt take it lying down, and through the seasons, we see him become more of a central character in Yellowstone.

From having a couple of lines in season 2 to having season 4 look at his love life, you can’t help but love him.

There isn’t much about Lloyd. However, from the interactions that he’s had with John Dutton, it would seem that he’s been at the Ranch for over 30 years. At one point, John references him telling him that he’s the only one, and Kayce remembers Evelyn (John’s wife)

Despite not knowing when he started as a ranchhand on Yellowstone, Lloyd has been with the Duttons for a long. He’s one of the most senior members on the ranch and is respected by everyone most of the time, including John Dutton.

The grizzly cowboy becomes a father figure to Jimmy. Igniting a love for the rodeo in Jimmy and his friendship with Rip surpasses that of a mentor-mentee. Although Rip is his “boss.”

How Did He Get His Brand? 

It’s a well-known secret that the guys and girls in the bunkhouse all have the Yellowstone Y branded on their chests. Lloyd is no different. In season 2, episode 4, we finally see his prized “Y.” 

Despite the storyline not going deeper on how he got it, we know there’s a possibility that he got branded during John’s senior time.

The symbol takes loyalty to the Duttons and the ranch. And for those who have it, it’s a second chance at life. Whether you were a convict or a sometimes druggie, this is your second lease on life, and if you mess around, it warrants its removal in a not so polite manner.

Lloyd and Rip 

There are few close relationships on the show that are worthwhile. One of those relationships is that of Lloyd and Rip. Lloyd is one of the few people on the show who knows about Rip’s past. 

The two have a deep understanding of each other. Lloyd and Rip have been working together for years, and their friendship is enviable. It was shocking to see him fight the “old man” in the season 3 trailer.

However, we got a closer look at what happened that made Rip fight him.


In season 3, after Lloyd gets into it with Walker after Laramie sleeps with Walker after she dumps him, Rip is forced to remind him of what happens when you break the rules of the bunkhouse, i.e., no fighting, and if it’s involved, you first have to take down the big dog himself: Rip.

Yellowstone is no stranger to pitting characters against each other. However, during season 4, things got a bit dicey and not good. Lloyd is at odds with Walker, the singing ex-con, after his love interest Laramie shows a liking to Walker.

Season 3, Episode 5, introduces Laramie as a barrel racer and Mia’s best friend. They end up at the Yellowstone after Rip goes out looking for extra hands for the ranch.

After a while, she and Lloyd seem to hit things off, seemingly becoming an item until she jumps ship for Walker.

Walker and Lloyd have had a turbulent relationship, especially with the former making snarky remarks after Lloyd tells him he’s the boss after the boss. However, things come to a head after he starts dating Laramie. 

They fight at the bunkhouse; however, things seem okay until Lloyd stabs Walker in the chest and walks away. 

When Rip and John find out about the ordeal, they are directed to the pen to square things out. However, things don’t go so well for Lloyd afterward.

Despite having better stamina and beating Walker, Rip steps up to finish the job and enforce the no fighting in the bunkhouse rule. He beats him up, even breaking his hand at one point.

Does Lloyd Die In Yellowstone? 

Lloyd’s death is a question that no fan wants to ask themself. Yellowstone is no stranger to killing off major characters. However, there haven’t had any significant storylines that would lead to his death.

We have seen him get into a few fights and get beaten up by Rip, but he always manages to get back up. So far, Lloyd hasn’t died in Yellowstone, and we don’t think that will change anytime soon. He’s one of the fan favorites, and with season 5 just around the corner, we hope to see more of him.

Is Forrie J smith Leaving Yellowstone 

After what happened in season 4, there was a lot of speculation on whether Forrie would be exiting the show. In addition, we would want to see what happened between him and Rip and if the ranch would land him at the train station. 

After Rip beats him in pen, John reminds him of what Lloyd means to him. However, he replies that he’s his closest friend. That’s why he held back. 

Even though this scene was gory, it worried fans that this might lead Lloyd to go against John by teaming up with one of his enemies, a sure ticket to the station. 

However, in the last episode of season 4, all things seem to have gone back to normal, with Rip asking Lloyd to be his best man at his wedding with Beth. And if the smile on his face is anything to go with, he is still with us.

The good news is that Smith is still a regular signing. In addition, his real-life son playing a younger version of him keeps him committed to the show. As such, he will continue to grace our screens. We cannot wait to hear what wisdom he has in store for Carter and maybe see him walk down the aisle with Jimmy as he did with Rip at his impromptu wedding to Beth.

Is Lloyd A Real Cowboy 

Few people can bring their real-life experiences as cowboys and rodeo stars to movie and TV show sets. However, Forrie J Smith has proven otherwise.

Having grown up in Helena, Montana, on a ranch owned by his grandparents, Smith started riding at six and competing in rodeo circuits at eight. Both his parents and grandparents are cowboys, which played a massive role in his upbringing and shaped him into a star in bronc riding and the rodeo.

However, he soon took his skills to Hollywood, where he performed as a stuntman in movies like Desperado, Stage Coach, and Rambo 3 with Sylvester Stallone. He also does his stunts on Yellowstone.

What’s In Store For Lloyd In Season 5 

Now that season 5 has officially been renewed, and the Duttons seem to no longer be in harm’s way, well, except for Jamie, there are a couple of storylines that we hope to understand better and explore. 

One of those is how Lloyd got his brand. We know that not everyone has a brand as a criminal, but this is their second chance. What did he do, or is he at the Yellowstone out of loyalty, like Kayce? Does he have any family outside of Yellowstone?

There haven’t been any stories regarding his life before Yellowstone, and seeing as an accomplished rodeo star, it would only make sense to see his life before, albeit in flashbacks. Is it possible that he was married and had kids who might reappear, hoping to reconnect one day? 

In his relationship with Carter, a few people seem to be able to get through Carter, and he is one of them. Their interactions are hilarious. However, Lloyd continuously proves that you can never have too many role models who can bail you out or give you a push or advice in the right direction. 

Either way, we can’t wait to see what Taylor Sheridan has in store for the guys of the bunkhouse, and whether that involves another dispute, we will have to wait and see whether that consists of another disagreement.


There’s no denying that Forrie J Smith does a fantastic job portraying Lloyd, making it hard not to love him. He’s been there for Jimmy when he needed a father figure and has stood by Rip even when he could’ve chosen to jump ship.

We hope to see more of him in the upcoming seasons, and we cannot wait to hear his interactions with Teeter.