Does John Dutton Die On Yellowstone Tv Show

Does John Dutton Die On Yellowstone Tv Show

Many viewers are wondering does John Dutton Die in the TV show Yellowstone. Owning land that is big and refusing to sell to the highest bidder brings about some big enemies with deep pockets. They would want nothing more than to see your fall.

From Kevin Costner’s time on Dancing With The Wolves to now being the hard-headed and stern. But the lovable patriarch of the Dutton family, Kevin Costner continues to win the hearts of fans globally.

Not only does John encompass what a true cowboy is. John’s character on Yellowstone is that of a man trying not to break his promise to his father. Keeping a tradition that would otherwise be erased alive, something that surpasses gender, sexuality, and religion.

In his quest to protect the Yellowstone, he has had his hand in killing many people. This is morally wrong makes us wonder if he is the bad guy. However, all he wants to do is keep what has been in his family for generations.

If you happen to be one of the few people who don’t know who John Dutton is. Here is a simple refresher. He is a fourth-generation ranch owner, heading one of the largest ranches in the United States.

Before we cant answer whether it’s the last call for john Dutton or not, here is the recap.

Season 4 Recap

As season three came to a close. All three Dutton clan members had been fatally attacked and left for the dead.

John stops to help a woman and her kid stranded on the road. He was ambushed by shooters, and was left on the road clinging to dear life.

Kayce was in a shootout, too, after masked shooters ambushed him in his office. After receiving a bomb disguised as a package, Beth had her office in chaos.

Season 4 opens with John in a coma. Kayce going after the men who gunned down his father and Beth on the sidewalk covered in blood.

Although the Duttons are out of commission for a minute, it doesn’t take them much time to figure out who the mastermind is.

A trip down to the prison and a sultry gold dress later, Beth has all the information she needs on the mastermind behind the attacks. It’s Garett. Everyone saw that coming.

Meanwhile, John tries to convince a judge that punishing Piper Perabo’s Summer (hippie vegan by day, fierce activist by night) isn’t a good idea.

The judge sentencing Piper to an incredibly Ludacris sentence won’t change how fast things are changing in Montana, and we just might be seeing a less ruthless John.

The season ends with Jamie back in Beth’s hands. That is after murdering his biological father. Kayce questions where his and his family’s life is headed after his vision quest. Rip and Beth finally get married (yay), and Jimmy finally leaves Yellowstone behind.

Is John Dutton Dead

When he was 60 years old, John was diagnosed with colon cancer in season two. A tumor was making its way to his colon, and by the end of season two, he had a perforated ulcer which led him to pass out.  

Not only does he get operated on without anesthesia, but this is the first time we see John acknowledge his mortality.

And with him being shot up in season three and almost dying were it not for Rip, there are only so many times he can escape death.

Who Would Benefit By John’s Death

Considering the number of enemies that he makes, at times inadvertently, it only stands to reason that a couple of people will benefit if he dies, either out of natural causes or otherwise. 

As the series begins, we are introduced to chief Thomas Rainwater, the leader of the Broken Rock Reservation. 

He believes that the ranch rightfully belongs to him and his people and will go to the ends of the earth for it. However, in season two, after the Beck brothers launch an attack on the Duttons, he and John decide to call a truce which seems to end after the abrupt arrival of Angela Blue Thunder.

Angela Blue is a corporate lawyer who plays dirty and has double-crossed. John will have his work cut out for him if he comes back into future seasons.

Market Equities 

Market Equities have proven they are the big bad wolf, but with unlimited finances right off the bat. First introduced in season two by Willa Hayes and Roarke, it did not seem like they would be that big a threat to John.

I mean, the man had seen worse. However, when John refuses their initial buyout offer of 500 million. Beth had her hand in embarrassing the company. They are at the top of the list as the number one benefactor should John die.


Okay, hear me out, not only has Jamie been frustrated with not being John’s successor but by John going full steam ahead for the governor’s seat to end his adopted son’s aspirations. This process doesn’t sit well with the said son.

In addition, Beth has incriminating evidence (his dumping of Garrett’s body) that might lead Jamie into taking matters into his own hands. As such, making sure that he is the only living adult Dutton, therefore fulfilling his biological father’s wishes. 

What Would It Mean To The Show If They Killed The Main Character

In a world where John was no longer alive, not only would the show’s ratings take a hit, with some fans’ threatening’ to boycott, but would throw the whole ranch into chaos.

From Beth’s and Jamie’s innate need for their daddy’s stamp of approval to John being a father figure to Rip, the possibility that the ranch would end up as a retail outlet triple and who would we look upto for sick one-liners.

What Will Happen To The Ranch Should He Die

Here is what we think about the death of John is how it would play out if he dies, and Yellowstone is up for grabs.

Market Equities Gets Their Way 

In previous seasons, when Market Equities wanted to buy out John, Beth was for the idea, and it wouldn’t be all that shocking if, after John’s death, she decided to sell the ranch and move out of Montana entirely. No one would blame her.

Despite her blinding love for her father and doing everything in her power to protect the ranch, she is not blind to how divisive the farm has been to her family, and without John there, she wouldn’t have any reason to keep it, sorry Rip.

Rainwater Becomes Owner Of The Ranch

Rainwater is becoming more of a frenemy than an obligatory antagonist despite their arguments as the season progresses. Both men want the same thing and have even called a truce when needed.

So it wouldn’t be shocking to see there’s a provision in John’s will to sell the ranch to Rainwater for 10cents on the dollar to avoid any developments on the land. 

Some fans have gone as far as proposing that the two men might be half brothers making way for Rainwater’s claim on Yellowstone.

Tate inherits Yellowstone

Kayce would be the obvious choice since he is John’s second-born child. However, his path on the ranch is unclear after his vision quest. Coupled with the latest attacks on Monica and Tate, the farm isn’t his favorite place to be.

As such, if we figure that John had made all the necessary arrangements in his will before his death. John names Tate as his heir.

Not only would Monica feel more comfortable moving back, but thanks to Tate’s Native American heritage, the ranch would fall under the Broken Rock and out of the states and developers’ jurisdiction. 

Season 5; What We Know And Are Looking Forward To 

After season four record-breaking ratings, numerous awards, three spins off (1923,1883, 6666) in the works, and an explosive season 4 finale, it only seemed logical for Paramount to renew the series.

Paramount announced that Yellowstone had been renewed for season five. However, with the current covid restrictions, filming is slated to begin in May 2022.

We can look forward to a two-part seven-episode special premiering in summer with Teeter {Jen Landon} and Emily {Kathryn Kelly} promoted to the series regulars.

We expect to see John’s and Summer’s {Piper Perabo} romance kick into high gear. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she teased about turning up the heat.

Not only is John’s run for governor going to help Summer’s sentence, but if the media reports on their blossoming romance, it would cause more harm to his campaign.

We also expect to see Jamie and Beth’s relationship either break off completely{blackmail does that to someone} or become better.

Either way, this coming season will answer many of our questions, and we can’t wait to see what the Duttons get up to.


We have seen John’s near-death experiences in the past series, even with the cancer scare, but nothing has prepared us for his demise. So we are hoping that there is no way the showrunners will try to “exit” John’s character.