Jimmy on Yellowstone

Does Jimmy Die In Yellowstone

The good news is that with the premiere of season 4, we finally got to find out what happened. So, does Jimmy die in Yellowstone?

The bad news is that there were a lot of deaths this season. Thus, it will be hard to say goodbye to some of our favorite and not-so-favorite characters.

One of the many reasons Yellowstone has hit a chord with so many fans worldwide is the incredible cast who brings our favorite characters to life.

Rip is the ruthless but still somehow soft enforcer of the ranch. On the other hand, Beth is the wise-ass, sassy daughter of John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

Yellowstone has it all, and that’s why it can be devastating when a favorite character exits or is killed off the show.

If you’re one of the millions of people who have been anxiously waiting to find out what happened to the characters on yet another explosive season finale of Yellowstone, we have some good news and some bad news.

Despite it all, one constant has remained; Jimmy.

When we first meet Jimmy, he’s a drug addict fighting for his life. Only after his grandfather gets him a job with John at Yellowstone do things seem to be going well for the young cowboy in the making.

At the ranch, when he starts, he is the butt of the joke. However, he proves helpful, a quick learner, and a fantastic friend.

Although he routinely messes up, makes wrong decisions, and sometimes lacks the necessary cowboy skills to survive living in the bunkhouse.

He does a great job of bringing out the comedic side in everyone he meets. And that is why it was scary to think he wouldn’t see another season after he falls off his horse for the second time.

Season 3 Recap 

In the finale episode of season 3, The World Is Purple, the Dutton clan is simultaneously under attack. After stopping by the side of the road to help a stranded woman and her son, John is shot up by shooters.

As she prepares to leave her office, Beth gets blown up by a suspicious package delivered to her office. Kayce is sent flying over his desk for cover after his attackers enter his office.

Meanwhile, the ranch is also under attack.

A gunman has cornered Monica and Tate while Colby, Llyod, and the other ranch hands are still fighting off the attack.

Jimmy can be seen lying lifeless on the ground, and Mia is rushing out of her eye to his side. It seems all is lost.

So What Happened In Season Four?

The first episode of season 4 was a doubleheader called “Half the Money” and “Phantom Pain.” In “Half the Money,” as John is being wheeled out of the hospital by Beth.

We find out that Jimmy did not die from his injuries. He is, however, in physical therapy following his fall. The second episode, “Phantom Pain,” focuses on the aftermath of the season finale events.

After both men have been discharged from the hospital. John plans to send Jimmy off to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas with renowned horse trader Travis Wheatley.

He does send him off in hopes of helping him become a better cowboy. John tells him that although this might seem like punishment, it isn’t, and it’s an opportunity only if he lets it be.

Jimmy resigns to his fate and leaves for Texas breaking things off with Mia. 

Does Jimmy Die In Yellowstone

There have been two instances where Jimmy has had a close call with death. In season 3, episode 3, “An acceptable surrender,” after he meets fellow rodeo competitor Mia.

They have a moment, everything seems to be going well for him. He is doing what he loves, rodeos. 

However, when he gets onto his bronco, he’s still in awe of Mia and not paying attention to the horse, he gets thrown off, and the episode ends with EMTs rushing to him.

We learn that he survived the fall without any lasting injuries by the end of the season. He, however, promises John he won’t get back to rodeoing, which is what made seeing him in the hospital again so hard for John.

Here Are All The Deaths That Happened In Season 4 Of Yellowstone :

After Rip believes Roarke to be the mastermind behind the coordinated attacks on his wife and the ranch, he finds him fishing at the nearby lake, where he throws a rattlesnake at his face, killing him instantly.

Garett Randall – after having a heart-to-heart with his son Jaimie about how he was sorry for not being there for him.

He’s gunned down by Jaimie as Jamie believes it’s his last option for not incurring Beths’ wrath.

 Is Jefferson White Leaving Yellowstone

John sends Jimmy with Travis to the 6666 ranches. The reason was to avoid firing him and having him back on the streets, which would betray the promise he made to Jimmy’s grandfather.

However, it seems as if Jimmy would be lost to Texas forever. In an interview with US weekly, Jefferson White reaffirmed that he was in season 5 and wasn’t going anywhere.

However, Jefferson leaving wouldn’t be good news for fans, seeing as Jimmy’s quirkiness and comedic relief make Yellowstone great.

In addition, his appearances might be limited to cameos, so we will have to wait and see what Taylor has in store.

What Will Happen To Jimmy In Season 5

There’s no telling what will happen to Jimmy in Yellowstone’s season 5. The show is known for its unpredictable plot twists, so it’s anyone’s guess what will happen to the young cowboy next.

However, fans can rest assured that Jefferson White will be back for Season 5, so they will at least get to see more of Jimmy’s antics.

We, however, can speculate what might happen and how his character arc might develop.

After ending his relationship with Mia and getting engaged to Emily, there’s a possibility that we will see a wedding in the future. Whether that will be in Texas or Montana, we will be watching.

Mia, a newly single woman, could find a shoulder to lean on in the form of Ryan (Ian Bohen), which would make for an exciting romance.

But seeing Ryan have a love interest and be his own man is something we have all been waiting for.

What Makes Jimmy A Lovable Character  

There are many reasons why we love Jimmy.

First and foremost, his character has developed throughout four seasons. In addition, throughout, he has made us laugh, cry, and everything in between.

Secondly, he isn’t perfect, makes mistakes, and isn’t the most intelligent person. However, he’s always trying his best, and that’s something that viewers can appreciate.

He’s also a bit of a goofball, which endears him to many viewers. Additionally, he’s fiercely loyal to those he cares about, which many people can relate to.

His childlike innocence and quirkiness are two of his most endearing qualities, making him such a lovable character.

Lastly, he’s a good person. Despite all of his flaws, Jimmy is a good person at heart. He’s always quick to help others, and he has a good heart. These are just some of the reasons why fans love Jimmy.

Whether you’re a fan of Yellowstone or not, it’s impossible not to love Jimmy.

Will Jimmy Be Moving To The Four Sixes Ranches

Jimmy might be back on the Yellowstone despite spending most of his time in season 4 on the 6666 Ranch.

At the end of season 4, Emily (his veterinarian fiancee) and Jimmy visit John and the rest of the crew.

It’s revealed that John told him he didn’t owe him anything. This information led many to believe that Jimmy would be leaving the Yellowstone Ranch for good. 

However, in an interview with US Weekly, Jefferson White confirmed that he would be back for Season 5, so Jimmy’s time on the 6666 ranches may have ended.

Is Jefferson White A Real Cowboy

No, Jefferson White is not a a real cowboy. However, while he may not be a real cowboy, Jefferson White is an excellent actor and does a great job of portraying the lovable character of Jimmy.

Even though he convincingly plays one in season 3 (the previous seasons don’t count), Jefferson admitted to never being on a horse before Yellowstone. Most of his stunts are performed by Bobby Roberts, a real-life rodeo cowboy.

Jimmy attributes his confidence to help him become a more confident rider when he and a couple of other riders took a 4-day cowboy camp. That is in addition to the cast and crew allowing him to ride before shooting days and even after.


Jefferson White plays a significant part in bringing out Jimmy. We see him rise from being the skinny butt of the joke to being a full-fledged cowboy who talks the talk and spits like one.

We cannot wait to see what the new seasons have in store. That is in addition to whether he moves to Texas or stays home. In addition, we cannot wait to see his adventure begin where he makes his own decisions and maybe regain his love for rodeos.