Does Jamie Die In Yellowstone

Fans believe that Jaimie may have come to the end of his rope but does Jamie die in Yellowstone? Read on to find out.

In the Yellowstone season 4 finale, John and Beth are on the hunt for those who attacked their family in last season’s 10th episode.

Despite having a lot of enemies, who would want nothing more than to see them six feet under? Dealing with the attackers is a personal mission, much like Tate’s rescue mission. Those behind the attacks have poked the big bear if that was anything. However, the Duttons always make sure they leave no casualties behind.

Who Is Jamie 

Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley, is the adopted second eldest son of John (Kevin Costner) and Evelyn Dutton.

Bentley plays the badass lawyer protecting the Dutton Ranch from greedy land developers, the state, and a bordering Indian Reservation.

Despite his sharp dressing skills and clean-cut hair, he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty.

There is a strain in Jamie’s relationship with John and Beth throughout the seasons. Beth feels an unfathomable hatred for him that knows no bounds.

On the other hand, John seems to keep him at arm’s length, with Jamie longing for his love and attention.

We don’t know much about Jamie’s childhood in the earlier seasons. However, in season 3, we find out that he is adopted.

After his father killed his mother when Jamie was only three months old, Evelyn and John took him in and raised him.

Although his adoption is kept secret from him until season 3, he proves to be reliable and loyal to his father, albeit with a few mistakes.

John appoints him as the Livestock Stock Commissioner long before Kayce gets the title.

Does Jamie Die In Season 4? 

In the third season, Jamie seemed spiraling and lost after discovering that he wasn’t a Dutton by birth. 

His whole foundation and existence had wiped away the only thing he had ever known. Thus, it was not shocking to see him reach out to his biological father (Garett) and start forming a relationship with him in season 3.

Although he distanced himself from the Duttons, things seemed to be looking up for him. He had bought himself a ranch.

Christina had come back with their newborn baby (still no name). With a little convincing from Garett and his baby momma, he would vie for the governor’s seat against John.

Things were starting to look great till he found out that Garett had been the perpetrator of the attacks on his adoptee family.

He had two choices: skip town, never look back again, sit back with the newly found information, and wait for John and Beth to see him.

And knowing Beth, she would kill him first, as she would assume that he was the one who had put the hit out.

Why Did Jamie Kill Garett? 

After Beth finds out that Jaimie had information regarding Garretts’ involvement in the earlier attacks, she backs him into a corner by giving him three options.

Either she tells John, who turns him and Garett into the police, or she tells Rip about his involvement in the attacks and has him rip them both to shreds.

Feeling like he is out of options, Jamie takes it upon himself to kill his father after what seems like their first real honest conversation about everything that has happened up to this point. 

Although Jamie didn’t have a hand in orchestrating the attacks, his believing and covering up the truth that Garett is the culprit is what upset a lot of fans and led to his demise and a way back into Beth’s blackmail corner.

Did he kill Garett to put his safety first, or was he re-pledging his loyalty to John after listening to Garett?

Although we won’t be able to find out the motivation behind his actions till season 5 premiers, the bunkhouse boys Jefferson White, Denim Richards, and Ian Bohen on Paramount Stories had some theories.

They range from Jaimie having the family’s interests at heart to trying to find a way from under John’s influence and starting his ranch and family.

Although all theories have merit, we will have to wait for season 5 to premier to find out.

Will Jaimie Dutton Get A Redemption Arc

In episode 1 of Yellowstone, Jamie didn’t seem like the worst guy. Of course, he killed Sarah Nguyen after giving her the tell-all willingly about his family and had Beth sterilized, as we later found out.

Still, it started to seem as if Jamie might be the bad guy after a while. Despite having a difficult childhood (imagine having John as a father), that doesn’t excuse all of the horrible things he has done.

However, seeing a remorseful Jamie trying to write the wrongs he has done and grow as a character wouldn’t be the worst thing.

After seeing Jamie “suffer” at the hands of his sister time and time again, it’s only fair for him to be able to redeem himself.

Maybe not with Beth because Lord knows she sure knows how to hold onto a grudge. However, he can do it with Christina.

After all, they have a baby together, and he knows best how challenging living in a one-parent household can be.

It wouldn’t also hurt if, in the following seasons, Beth and Jamie could tolerate each other and have family dinners without Beth going after the man’s manhood or telling him to commit suicide.

Whether or not Taylor Sheridan goes along with our suggestions, we cannot wait to see whether Jamie as a character develops or he stagnates now that Beth owns once more.

Is Wes Bentley Leaving Yellowstone 

In the fourth season, as Beth threatens to kill Jamie, it seems like a foreshadowing. Although Beth is not afraid to kill, especially when it comes to her family, it looks like Bentley was leaving Yellowstone.

With every season of Yellowstone coming to an end, a significant character usually dies. It seemed credible that he wouldn’t survive.

However, we can confirm that he’s still signed on as a regular cast member and will return for the new season. Would everyone have to hate on him if Jamie was no longer there?

What’s In Store For Jamie In Season 5 

From the aftermath of that shocking death to Beth and Rip finally having a wedding, it seems as if things are finally looking up for the Duttons, with one exception, Jamie.

Not only does Beth have blackmail on him that she plans on using, but he now has to live knowing that he killed his biological father. This murder would bring down even the happiest person.

Despite all these things happening, we are hopeful that things will look up for Jamie. Or at least he will be able to stand up for himself in the new season.

Might we see a future where he and Christina can live a quiet life on their ranch far from the Dutton influence? Christina has not been a fan of John throughout the seasons.

She knows all the dirty deeds that she has made Jamie do, and even before leaving Montana, she asks Jamie to move away with her.

However, Jamie used to feel a sense of obligation and loyalty. Now that he knows the truth about his lineage, is it possible for him to have a relationship with Christina and their unborn child?

Their relationship might go either of two ways. John can finally see that he hasn’t always been as accepting towards Jamie, and they can patch things up. 

A scorned Jamie might take it upon himself to kill John and, as Garett told him take the kingdom.

Although a bit far-fetched, Jamie is fed up trying to win his adoptive father’s love and acceptance, might be at the end of his rope and take it upon himself to finish the patriarch.

Hope For His Relationship With Beth

Despite being one of the more strained and toxic relationships between all three siblings, Kelly Reilley has hopes that they might be able to reconcile in the upcoming season.

When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she admitted that although their relationship is full of hurt, loss, and betrayal, there might still be hope for them soon if Beth can find some peace in her life by letting go of the resentment she feels towards him.

Now that Beth has acquired blackmail on him, will Jamie fold, or will he stand up for himself? For one, he knows where all the dead bodies are, and despite his lack of swiftness in his personal life, his legal prowess knows no bounds.

So it would be great to see him finally put all that Harvard grad tuition to good use.


It’s impossible to predict what will happen in season 5 of Yellowstone. However, one thing is for sure; it will be full of drama, action, and suspense.

We can’t wait to see what happens next for the Duttons and all the other characters in the show.

Will Beth finally get her revenge? Will Jamie be able to stand up to her? Or will things go from bad to worse for the family? We’ll have to wait and see, but we’re in for a wild ride.