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Did Rip Die In Yellowstone TV Show 

Are you wondering did Rip die in Yellowstone TV Show? Well, we have a few answers for you. Since the series first premiered in 2018, Yellowstone has quickly become a fan favorite. And it’s easy to see why they mirror real life so closely, minus the murderous enemies.

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The Duttons always seem to be in a dance with death, from the very first season when Lee Dutton dies to the often coordinated attacks by their ever-growing list of enemies. This family proves that without the support and loyalty of family and friends, things go haywire very quickly.

And when it comes to the show fan-favorite Cole Hauser aka Rip Wheeler, his brooding, compelling character has had us reeling from the very first time we see him.

Not only does he plays an integral part on the ranch, but he is honorable and loyal to John, and his love for Beth truly knows no bounds, not forgetting he’s the only one who can stand up to her.

Loyalty to your family is what the Duttons look out for in whoever they hire. From the ranch hands to themselves, honor and loyalty take precedence in everything. Read on below to find out.

Who Is Rip On Yellowstone 

Rip Wheeler is not someone you ever want to meet in a dark alleyway if you’ve crossed him. He’s our favorite antihero, and you can’t help but love him. Never one to back down from a fight or lose a battle (except that one time with Kayce). He is the definition of a true badass. 

In addition, he is not afraid to do the dirty work, and we see this even before he joins the Dutton family when his father kills his mother and brother. Rip takes matters into his own hands, hitting him with a frying pan killing him, thereby cementing him as an enforcer, a role he gladly steps upto later.

When John is alerted about him by the local sheriff, he takes him in as a ranch hand. Rip works his way up to the ranch foreman. He has an on-off relationship with Beth, which started when they were teenagers. However, their connection proves the test of time as he continually protects and saves Beth from enemies.

He takes care of the ranch hands and is John Duttons right-hand man, with the older man looking at him as his son. It seems everything that Rip does is either for Beth or John and the love for the ranch.

Does Rip Die In Yellowstone Season 4

Rip’s death is possible, but no fan wants to think about a future without Rip. However, Beth’s brutal beating in season 3 shows that no one is safe. The foreshadowing in season 3 from John Dutton that it can be hard losing someone you love to Rip himself admitting to Beth that death comes to us all the show seems to be preparing us for a “Ripless” future.

He has been through a lot in the previous seasons, and although seeing him beat up those who come for him or his family is never a dull moment, a man living his kind of life is in doom to find his match someday. As the fourth season of Yellowstone kicks off, Rip has a thorn in his backside that he is looking forward to removing. Roarke.

The leading man for Market Equities, unbeknownst to him, is Rip’s target.

When he finds him fishing at the lake, he tells him he’s there to return his cooler. He throws a rattlesnake in his face, which instantly kills him as the Rip walks over to him to ensure the job is complete.

Rip has killed people for doing less than what Roarke did. However, the murder is to caution whoever tries to mess with the Duttons.

Season 4 Finale Recap 

Season 4, Episode 9, opens with Beth packing, ready to leave the ranch after a heated fight with her father. Rip acknowledges her feelings; however, he tells her she should abandon him. They are over. She goes back to John, apologizes, and asks if she can stay.

John tells her it’s her home and she doesn’t need permission to stay.

During the next few hours, on her way to the bunkhouse, she sees Carter, who calls out to her, “and without failing a beat, she replies, “hi baby.” However, she realizes her mistake and tells him he only has one mother, and no crying will change that.

She then makes her way to the bunkhouse to ask Walker about all things visits to the prison and how to conceal a weapon. Rip tries to question her on what she plans to do, but she brushes it off with a simple,” this one I gotta do on my own.”

Jimmy comes back from the Four Sixes Ranch with his fiance Emily. She and Mia get into a fight, with Jimmy ultimately choosing his life at the 6666 Ranch and Emily, leaving Mia devastated.

Kayce, still on his spiritual quest, sees a frightening vision question that has him questioning a lot of things, but he ultimately chokes it up to its” the end of us,” whether it is the end of him and Monica or the family legacy, we will have to wait and see.

Beth At The Prison

At the prison, Beth questions Terell Riggins as to who the mastermind behind the attacks on her family is, and satisfied with the response, she sets things in motion, leaving him to rot in prison for years to come.

Summer receives a long sentence with a chance for parole after 14 years. Thanks to the judge wanting to make an example out of her. However, John promises her he will continue fighting, and Caroline vows to take everything from Beth and turn the ranch into a public toilet after learning of her betrayal.

Upon arriving home, Beth asks her father, Carter, Llyod, and Rip to join her outside, where an impromptu marriage ceremony is performed by a kidnapped priest (Mc Greggor).

With the new information, Beth visits Jamie to let him know that she knows about everything.

Jamie crumbles; Beth tells him he has two options, she can either tell Rip about this together with the hand he played in her abortion and have him deal with him and Garett, or tell John and have him deal with him.

Jamie chooses to kill Garett, and when he is dropping off his body at the train station, Beth takes a photo of him, which she sees as her way of controlling him.

The season ends with John and Carter riding horses in the distance.

Did Rip Give Beth His Dead Mother’s Ring?

One of the most bone-chilling moments is when we see Rip exhume his mother’s body so that he can retrieve her ring.

Although it was meant to be romantic and a gesture of his love for her, giving Beth his dead mother’s ring seemed morbid.

Let’s hope she doesn’t realize how he came to be with the ring.

Who Has Rip Killed

From pummeling Lloyds hand in episode 4 and beating the living lights out of him to his calm demeanor when he and Kayce are covering up a murder, it becomes clear that he will make his hands dirty if need be.

He has taken a few trips to the train station. With a reputation like his, some for more grievous reasons and some not so much.

When the case involving Kayce threatens to move forward, John asks Rip to make a trip down to the medical examiner and deal with him. He finds out that he smokes embalming fluid now and then, and not wanting to deal with a drug addict, he kills him, making it look like a laboratory accident.

When two assailants gain entry to Beth’s office, they terrorize her and beat her to a pulp. She sends Rip a text, and he arrives to kill the last remaining assailant. 

Ray and Blake find themselves on the wrong side after they assault Jimmy’s grandfather in an attempt to retrieve money that jimmy owed them. They beat him up, and he dies of a ruptured blood vessel. Rip, Jimmy, and some other ranch hands blow up the boys’ mobile home.

Will we be seeing more of Rip in the upcoming seasons? Yes.

After confirming that Yellowstone has been renewed for another season, speaking at a virtual event, Cole said that fans would be happy and impressed considering how season 4 ended. The only way we see that happening is if our favorite badass remains.

It would be unfair if they took Rip from Beth and us, as this would blow out the little light left in Beth, and an unhinged Beth is not anything anyone wants to see just yet.


Rip proves time and time again that he is a real-life superhero, but one with impeccable leather boots and roping skills. Not only is he loyal, but his boyish everyman character continues to draw us in, and we hope to see him in more seasons of Yellowstone and cant wait to see his relationship with young Carter blossom into what it could be.