horse tattoo ideas

Creative Horse Tattoo Design Ideas

So, you’re looking to get creative horse tattoo design ideas and want some inspiration? Of course, horses are calm and inspiring animals, and as such, a horse gives a tattoo a unique look making it an excellent tattoo design.

In addition, you can’t overlook the significance of horse tattoos. Thus, why are equestrians drawing inspiration from the barn for their new artwork?

Well, it’s worth noting that horses have various spiritual and cultural significances. Some cultures define horses as a symbol of grace, nobility, strength, freedom, power, fertility, beauty, rebirth, and intelligence. Additionally, other communities believe that horses symbolize death.

Hence, this post explores unique, elegant, and beautiful horse tattoos similar to art. But first, let’s see why it’s so important to have a horse tattoo.


All nobles used horses, especially the white ones. When you have such a design on you, it gives you a sense of nobility.

For centuries, horses carried noble people like Kings and Queens. Indians also believe that horses are gods. In either case, they signify nobility. 


Horse tattoos may mean freedom. Therefore, slaves and anyone feeling like one can have horse tattoos to help them express how much they want freedom.


Horses are considered one of the strongest animals due to their high speeds in cutting across rough circumstances. Depending on the breed, the strength may sometimes surpass a machine’s power. 

Therefore, having horse tattoos shows strength. The strength could be either emotional or physical.


Horses have a beautiful charm that no animal lover can withhold. So does a horse tattoo; it signifies beauty. Some people, especially women, print the tattoos to have a beautiful mark on their skin.


Horses are great companions; that is why their tattoos symbolize companionship. Thus, wearing a horse tattoo may mean that you like staying around people, just like horses.


Most of the horse significances mentioned are positive and admirable, but some cultures believe death comes in hand with horses. Black means death; therefore, when printing a horse tattoo in black signifies death.

Placements of Horse Tattoos

A horse tattoo is best for any gender and any age. With much horse love, one may prefer to draw the whole body. The best places to have it done are legs, back, and shoulder.

Who is it For?

Any tattoo enthusiast can have a horse tattoo. However, horses convey deep meanings. If you decide on having one, consider your belief, culture, and society you are in. Before getting a tattoo done, research which skin tone it best glows.

Types of Horse Tattoo Designs

There are realistic, black and white, colored tattoos, tribal and artistic horse tattoos. This list will help you decide on which tattoo design to choose:

1. Love and Heart Horse Tattoo

The design entails two elements; a horse and a symbol of love. In this, the horse’s head engraving is usually in the pattern. This tattoo design shows that the person carries love like a horse does. Alternatively, it may mean that the person is an equine lover.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, forearm, back, or neck
  • Color: black with any bright color
  • Size: small or medium size
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: females

2. Flying Horse Tattoo

A flying horse is such an incredible art to have on your physique. This tattoo entails a horse having wings and often drawn flying. This art has been recognized over the centuries since horses are believed to fly fairies and gods.

The flying horse tattoo symbolizes transformation. One can fly and reach higher heights as the flying horse, transforming their life.

  • Body Placement: shoulder or back
  • Color: black and grey
  • Size: big size
  • Skin Tone: fair
  • Suitable Gender: both females and males

3. Black Horse Tattoo

Black horse tattoos are such a masterpiece! Behind it are an art pro, patience, and time in finding a skilled and affordable person.

  • Body Placement: shoulders or back.
  • Color: Black
  • Size: big size
  • Skin Tone: fair and wheatish tone
  • Suitable Gender: male

4. Realistic Horse Tattoo

These realistic 3D tattoos are suitable for people who love portraying concepts. It makes one feel highly spiritual and has a sense of freedom. 

  • Body Placement: calf or shoulders
  • Color: preferred color
  • Size: big size
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

5. Iron Horse Tattoo

Iron and horsepower symbolize power, speed, and freedom.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, back, ribcage
  • Color: black and some bright colors
  • Size: medium size
  • Skin Tone: fair or wheatish
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

6. Horse Shoe Tattoo

You might prefer having one of the horse’s elements rather than itself. Shoes are typical in horses, therefore falling under the horse tattoo category. It doesn’t have to appear like a horse. Most horseshoe tattoos have feathers as decoration.

A horseshoe tattoo may symbolize equine love.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, thighs, back
  • Color: black or brown
  • Size: medium or big size
  • Skin Tone: fair and whitish
  • Suitable Gender: male

7. Tribal Horse Tattoo

This type of design entails horse tattoos with curls and curves. Most tribal horse tattoos are black, but you can incorporate other colors. Some designers put it in different designs, but for it to be tribal, there have to be curls and curves.

  • Body Placement: neck, back, or shoulder
  • Color: black 
  • Size: medium or small size
  • Skin Tone: fair
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

8. A Galloping Horse Tattoo

A galloping horse symbolizes strength and power. Besides, it’s a classic and fantastic design. Most tattoos and paintings portray this kind of design.

  • Body Placement: calf, shoulder, back, and forearm
  • Color: grey and black
  • Size: medium size
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

9. Flaming Horse Tattoo

A flaming horse tattoo signifies how wild a horse is. The tattoo entails a horse having flames on its body. This fantastic tattoo design makes one feel untamable, powerful, and strong.

  • Body Placement: rib cage, back, and shoulder
  • Color: black and the perfect shade of flames
  • Size: big size
  • Skin Tone: fair tone
  • Suitable Gender: male

10. A Black Horse with Colored Mane

These tattoo designs are beautiful and convey a deeper meaning. Some may be to portray beauty, while others may be from inspiration. 

The design is typical in ladies for its beauty significance. However, before wearing the tattoo, one should consider matching the desires with the tattoo.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, forearm, ankle, ear back, neck back, and wrist
  • Color: black and any bright color
  • Skin Tone: fair tone
  • Suitable Gender: female

11. Watercolor Horse Tattoo

This design feels dominant, especially for the black color. Mixing black with brighter colors make it more social and fascinating.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, back, forearm
  • Color: black decorated with multiple bright colors
  • Size: small and medium-size
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

12. Giant Horse Tattoo

Having a giant horse tattoo feels magical. It makes one feel different and with high spirits and positive changes.

  • Body Placement: shoulder and back
  • Color: black
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

13. Funny Horse Tattoo

If you are the naughty type, this design fits you perfectly. It also portrays an easy-going person. If you prefer such designs, you may include funny horse concepts but use terms to describe yourself.

  • Body Placement: shoulder, neck, forearm, and back
  • Color: black in addition to any other color
  • Size: any size
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

14. Running Horses Tattoo

If a horse is enjoying the walks with the rest, that means the horse is free. Therefore, this design symbolizes enjoying a free spiritual or physical life.

  • Body Placement: shoulder and back
  • Color: black and any other color
  • Size: small and medium-size
  • Skin Tone: any tone
  • Suitable Gender: male and female

Best Horse Tattoo Colors

Pet tattoos are best on you if it’s in your preferred color. Here are the most preferred colors and what they symbolize.

  • Black horse tattoo – black holds several significances, including mysteriousness, maturity, and strength. 
  • Brown horse tattoo – brown symbolizes strength and emotions. Having a brown horses tattoo shows your capability of withstanding and dealing with difficult situations. 
  • White horse tattoo – white always shows good spirits. It signifies purity, freedom, and wisdom.
  • Colorful horse tattoo – bright colors such as green, blue, red, and pink show you are an outgoing person that enjoys life.

Myths and Misconceptions about Horse Tattoo

Horse tattoos are now getting popular, with many celebrities embracing their designs. However, myths and misconceptions surrounding them limit people from having one. 

Horse tattoos aren’t only about being extraordinary and outstanding; there is a commitment to having a permanent etching on the skin. Here are some explanations on various beliefs to help you have peace of mind when deciding to put on a horse tattoo.

They Cause Cancer

A tattoo doesn’t pertain to any health risk. However, ensure that the tattoo tools are sterilized before use.

The myth comes from a one-time tattoo ink case containing cobalt, aluminum, and other chemicals. There is neither report nor evidence of any cancer caused by a tattoo. According to dermatologists, tattoos are safe as long as the handler observes safety measures for the whole tattoo process. Therefore, invest in a reputable tattoo artist.

It Fades Under the Sun

Yes, the sun has UV rays that do ruin tattoo ink. But your body has some natural process that may result in a fading tattoo. The best way to keep your tattoo glowing is to ensure that it has some moisture. Some of the treats include sunscreen and moisturizer. 

White Ink is Painful

After the tattoo process, the tattoo artist does some final touches to highlight the horse using white ink. That means another piercing on the former one. That’s has contributed to the myth that white ink is painful.

Tattoo is Permanent

It’s possible to remove a tattoo thoroughly through laser removal that gets rid of any tattoo. However, the process is uncomfortable, time-consuming, and, most of all, costs a fortune. Therefore, it’s essential to make a permanent decision on which horse tattoo design to wear. But if circumstances demand you remove it, the laser treatment gets you covered.

Tattoo is for Adults

Some rules don’t allow tattooing in children under a specific age limit. However, the parent or guardian should go through a legal process if necessary. Furthermore, they should be there during the entire process.


Making tough and permanent decisions search as printing your skin can be intimidating. That’s why you should choose a design that inspires and makes you enjoy it. We hope that the mentioned horse tattoo concepts and designs will help you decide which horse tattoo to wear.